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The Various Steps Of Bone Marrow Transplantation

The Various Steps Of Bone Marrow Transplantation

It is quiet possible that the bone marrow becomes damaged or defective by any form of infections or chemotherapy. Then a transplant is performed where the damaged or the weak cells is replaced by healthy ones. In simple terms a healthy bone marrow goes on to replace an unhealthy one. In a way it is referred to as a medical procedure where the healthy blood cells travel towards the bone marrow. This in turn goes on to produce new red blood cells and enhance the production of new bone marrow. A bone marrow is more like a sponge, where a fatty tissue is present in your bone

The procedures associated with the best bone marrow transplant hospitals in India


Detailed planning has to be done before you go on to give your nod for the surgery. Just keep in mind that you would need to manage the personal issues and focus on the plans in the same manner as then you can give full attention to your recovery.


One of the crucial stages of development is that you would need to prepare a donor who has to donate. This could be an individual or a donor as well.


When both the patient along with the donor does become ready for a transplant, the doctor is going to start off with the regime of conditioning. It does point to the fact that you will be receiving total radiation, chemotherapy that kills the bone marrow and deceases the unhealthy bone marrow.


It has to be stated that the transplant is going to take place after the full conditioning has been over.


In medical terms engraftment is a procedure where you do go on to receive healthy cells from a donor and this goes on to develops. What it does mean is that the cells of the bone marrow in combination with the immune system are developing. At this point of time you will be closely monitored for any complications or side effects that could arise from the procedure. The transplant team along with the nursing time is going to support you at an emotional level at this juncture.

How to Recover after Engraftment

Once an allogeneic transplant is undertaken, the recovery period is for 3 months and when it is a case of autologous transplant it is for hardly a month. The patient is expected to be under strict observation and regular blood tests are going to be conducted at the same time.

The Recovery Phase

In case of an allogeneic transplant, the recovery period is long where you would need to stay in the hospital for an extended period of time. Any resources on a lifelong basis are going to be provided to you during this procedure. The doctors are going to sit with you and provide you with the discharge evaluation. On the other side of the coin if it had happened to an autologous transplant there would be no issues at all.

Brain Test App Sets The Bar High For Cognitive Screening Apps

Brain Test App Sets The Bar High For Cognitive Screening Apps

BrainTest App is a useful brain-training application for iOS and Android users to keep their aging cells active. If you are confused about how brain training is stimulated digitally, don’t think too far. Remember the age-old crosswords in newspapers? It’s only the format that has been digitalized, but the methods and techniques are still very much practical.

That being said, these apps are not new in the market to challenge your brain cells and put them to work. There has been a separate brain-training genre for decades in different forms to address the grey cells of your brain. It was first introduced with the name Nintendo DS and was later translated into various handheld devices. Today, our smart gadgets – including tablets and smartphones – are no exception.

This phenomenal app that helps with cognitive screening is based on a familiar format. However, the idea behind this particular app is not to put your brain to some exercise but for assessing your brain’s functionality for symptoms of cognitive issues.

While the idea behind this and the various similar apps is to boost your brain performance, the question is how worthy and useful they are? Let’s dig deeper into a BrainTest review and see what the app actually is and how it sets the bar higher for cognitive screening apps.

The idea behind BrainTest app

BrainTest app is one of the many cognitive screening apps that are earning so much popularity. The application is an effective and revolutionary way of keeping up with one’s brain health. The app was designed and introduced at the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, under strict guidelines of the experts to derive actual results from its usage.

The app features a quick assessment task that engages key brain functions to determine the signs and symptoms of mild cognitive impairment (MCI). The different phases of the app help detect if the user is experiencing any cognitive ailments or dementia. However, the assessment of the app should always be confirmed after a detailed examination carried out by medical professionals.

An in-depth analysis of the application was carried out to determine the performance and results of the BrainTest app. Read on to learn more.

How does the app works?

The most popular instrument used for cognitive screening is the Self-Administered Gerocognitive Exam (SAGE). This instrument helps in identifying various types of mental and cognitive impairments. The BrainTest app is inspired by this constructive tool and is considered to be the digital version of it.

SAGE, however, has gained worldwide popularity for its effectiveness in identifying mild cognitive, memory, and thinking impairment. The test was further validated by the researchers of the Ohio State University. The experiment involved around 1000 people from different backgrounds, age groups, and genders. The research had all the participants take the test for at least 45 times to deliver accurate results. More than 70% of the candidates showed normal cognitive condition, while around 10% indicated MCI and 18% had symptoms of dementia.

The results were derived based on the test range for different conditions. The course was based on a five-year period.

The target market for the app

While anyone can use the app for cognitive screening, it is specifically for those who:

  • Experience symptoms of cognitive issues and suspect suffering the condition
  • Have a family history of cognitive problems
  • Need to ensure clarity of thinking or memory impairments.

Among numerous inevitable aging factors, a decline in brain function is one of them. However, the natural aging decline is very minor, and the changes are not extreme or worrisome. However, if you can significantly point the changes out, it may be an indication towards symptoms of cognitive ailments.

Before you go for a clinical assessment, an app as effective as BrainTest can help you with an instant assessment. It will further validate if you require proper diagnosis.

It’s the lack of awareness and acceptance towards mental health ailments that keep people from seeing their healthcare professionals until the damage is done. If you also suspect that you may have some cognitive issue but are perplexed about visiting a professional, BrainTest app can be a game changer.

It helps you with an early diagnosis so that you can take a proactive approach towards your treatment. Identifying the problem in its initial stages gives you better opportunity to address and fix it.


The user-friendly app is easy to run and control. In addition to guidance at every step, you can also enjoy an audio soundtrack that makes the app engaging. You can pick your language from a vast selection to make the test easier for you.

With minimal user-interface, the app is easy to understand and use.

About the test

The test is short and highly effective. It only takes 15 minutes to carry out your initial assessment of cognitive disorders. Patients can take this test themselves for a proper self-assessment and more authentic results.

Adding to the efficacy of the app, the BrainTest program allows the app to adjust the results based on age, gender, and education level of the individual to offer reliable outcomes.

A study shows that the results derived from BrainTest app can offer 95% accuracy. It implies that if your result falls out of the normal range, you must immediately seek professional medical help.

The test results will appear along with what they indicate. There are three basic categories to assess your test scores. These are:

  • Score within the normal range: indicates no present concern
  • Score towards the lower end out of the normal range: constant monitoring required
  • Scores significantly lower than the normal range: symptoms present for a further diagnosis

The test is also suitable for people who know people with cognitive issues. As caretakers, they can take the test on behalf of their loved one to gain more awareness of their condition. The science behind the app has also been featured on CBS News and the New York Times.

Added Features

There are many beneficial features of the app that help people with detailed self-assessment, resource material, test logs, and updated news on the subject. The test log enables you to access the history of scores gained over time. It could help you assess how an individual’s cognitive efficiency changes with age and situations.

You can use this information for reference in future. The resource material includes information on different types of cognitive issues, their symptoms, and guidelines for caretakers on how to take care of such patients.

The app also features latest updates on the subject and keeps you updated on more studies, research, and development in this field of brain health.

Use the ‘physician location’ feature of the app to find medical professionals you can consult in your area. All of these features make BrainTest app one of the most reliable and versatile cognitive screening app as compared to others.


The application is free to download on iOS and Android with the following pricing for in-app purchases:

  • 30-day free trial wellness plan – $24.99
  • Single BrainTest Plan – $39.99

The price is comparatively high, mainly because there are other free apps available out there. However, keeping in mind the SAGE accuracy of the app, the cost is absolutely worth it.

Final Word

BrainTest is not just any another app to help you figure out your brain’s power. It is a science-backed, highly-researched application that offers an effective and easy way to carry out home-assessment for brain functions.

Once you are done with the test, consider the results and see your doctor if your score recommends.

Mom Life: Non-Stop Coughing – What Are Your Options?

Mom Life: Non-Stop Coughing - What Are Your Options?

You’ve just tucked your toddler in bed and are getting ready for a movie night with your hubby when out of nowhere you hear a soft cough. You ignore it thinking it’s nothing, but suddenly your baby’s sleepy and soft humming turns into dry, loud coughs. Their drowsiness soon turns into irritation, and you don’t know what to do.

If you’re looking for simple ways that can provide instant relief from a cough in situations like these, you’ve landed at the right place with sufficient information about cold and flu! Take a look at some simple cough relief solutions that you can try at home.

1.Lemon and honey

Do you know that the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends honey for treating cough in children above 1 year? Yes, that’s true. Honey has proven extremely effective in suppressing cough. It contains an ingredient called dextromethorphan that is widely used in OTC cough medicines. It helps break up mucus.

However, you can’t just use any honey. Search for raw, dark amber, or buckwheat honey. Studies show that dark-colored honey is more effective for cough treatment than light-colored ones.

To make a cough syrup from honey and lemon, mix 1 tsp. of lemon juice with 1 tbsp. of honey. Give it to your little one once a day. Lemon’s astringent properties help clear up mucus and also simultaneously provide vitamin C.

Avoid purchasing honey cough syrups from the drug store as they contain preservatives. You can also make ginger tea, and add a tsp. of lemon and honey to it. It will act as a soothing syrup and provide relief from a cough.

2.Rub essential oils

Rubbing essential oils on chest provides relief from nasal and chest congestion. Despite its healing properties, essential oils should not be applied directly on the skin of children younger than 6 years.

Mix a drop of any essential oil with 1 tbsp of organic olive oil and slowly rub it on your baby’s chest or on the cloth covering the chest. Also, read the labels on essential oils for safety purposes. Avoid using salves that contain petrochemicals. Go for the ones that have all-natural ingredients.

3.Cut out dairy and fatty foods

In traditional Chinese medicine, mucous is considered an alternate form of dampness. Foods that are rich in fat, fried foods, and dairy items like cheese, yogurt, and milk can trigger production of excess mucus.

Therefore when your baby is sick, exclude all dairy items and fried, fatty foods from their diet especially if their cough is wet and phlegmy. It will decrease the mucus and reduce the pressure of removing it through a cough. Nevertheless, if your infant is completely dependent on milk, do not eliminate it from their diet.

4.Keep them hydrated

What’s the first thing that the doctor tells you when you’re down with a cough and go for a checkup? Drink more fluids. Staying hydrated benefits children as much as it benefits adults. Why is that so? Drinking plenty of water suppresses cough symptoms by moistening the mucous membranes and thinning mucus secretions. In dilute form, mucus is easier to pass through the body. It becomes exceptionally effective when coughing is a result of a postnasal drip or dryness.

Therefore, keep your child hydrated as much as you can. Keep a water bottle by their bed, so that they remember to stock up on fluids.

5.Steam it up

Steaming is one of the most ancient and effective remedies for treating cough. Breathing in steamy, moist air can loosen up the mucous and relieve cough symptoms. Boil a pan full of water, make your child sit near the pan, use a towel to cover their head, and ask them to take long deep breaths. Continue the practice for 3 – 5 minutes.

If your child is not at ease with this method, help them take a steamy shower before bedtime. Start a warm shower, shut the door, and let the washroom get steamy. If available, add a few drops of sage or eucalyptus to the hot bath or shower and let them inhale the steam. It provides instant relief from a cough.

6.Breathe in the fresh air

Cool, the fresh night air is good for loud, barking cough. If your child is suffering from ‘barking seal,’ a type of a cough, take them out for a stroll. Or better yet take a drive in the car with windows cracked open. If it’s cold outside, make them wear layers to stay warm. Fresh air will not only provide relief from a constant cough, but it will also relax nerves, make them feel calm, and ease sleep.

Know when you need to see a doctor

Home remedies work most of the time, but in case they are not working, it’s important to see a pediatrician right away. Here’s when you should contact one:

  • Your toddler makes a musical or noisy sound (stridor) when breathing in
  • They have a barking cough
  • 102 degrees or higher fever accompanies a cough
  • A cough has been going on for over 2 weeks
  • They’re coughing up blood
  • A ‘whooping’ sound comes up when they try to breathe in after coughing
  • Their breathing out is synonymous with panting

If your kid is having difficulty in breathing and their face is getting blue, call 911 immediately.

3 Lifestyle Changes That Can Keep Your Stress Levels Under Check

3 Lifestyle Changes That Can Keep Your Stress Levels Under Check

Truth be told, stress is rooted in our systems. You can’t ignore stress but you can ignore the situations or people who cause it and control how you respond to it. Psychologists reveal unique strategies that can help you overcome stress by tracking down the trigger points of your stress, your response and your coping mechanism.

Remember, your emotions don’t control you, you control them. The moment you allow your thoughts and emotions to take over you is the point you destroy your mental health and make yourself sick. Managing stress not only improves your mental health but also boosts your immune system, promotes good health and helps you become more productive. We further discuss the science of how stress takes over and affects your physical and mental health.

Science behind Stress

When you encounter stress, your body undergoes both physical and mental changes that affect the overall functioning of your body. During high levels of stress, chemicals like, dopamine, epinephrine and norepinephrine are released from the body causing the fight or flight hormones to release from the adrenal glands. The release of these hormones acts as triggers for rapid heart rate, high blood pressure, and other psychological effects. If these problems are not looked after then they further end up transforming into chronic diseases like stomach ulcers, extreme weight loss, depression, and strokes.

Examine your lifestyle

The choices and decisions you make on daily basis influence your stress level. They may not be contributing to your stress directly but can hinder your progress to overcome it. The factors you need to keep in mind are:

Maintain a balance

Balancing friends, family, work and yourself can be very difficult. You can start small by prioritizing your attention and what you look at first. There might be things that are irrelevant and don’t add value to your life you can always skip them or leave them for later. However, it’s crucial you invest your time in doing the important tasks first and not procrastinate as it only adds up to stress.

Know your purpose in life

Most people find true connections in the family, loved ones, a profession, music, arts or serving humanity. To get rid of all the negativity in your life, you need to surround yourself with positive vibes, positive people and positive thoughts that contribute to your well-being rather than causing you stress.

Get enough sleep

Sleep plays a major role in recovering from stress. If you have trouble sleeping because of your worries, keep a notepad, or a recorder to record your dreams every night. Letting things out of your brain and sharing with someone helps you feel lightweight and makes moving on easier.

Establish healthy habits

Let go of all the unhealthy habits, be it drinking, smoking or gambling. Spending a lot of money on things that destroy your health will only cause more stress and more debt.

Find Support

Having a strong support system in your life helps in overcoming all the bad times and negativities in life. A strong support system motivates you and believes in your ability to do great things in life. Recovering from stress is always easier when you are surrounded by people who push you forward and help you in all situations.

You don’t always require support financially or physically, but mental and emotional support plays a crucial part in one’s life too. Although some people might hesitate in asking for help that doesn’t mean they are weak.

Change the way you think

Overthinking, extra stress and anxiety make you feel bad about yourself. You might blame yourself for everything that’s going wrong in your life and focus only on the negativities. This leads to chronic negative thoughts.

Constant negative thoughts can make you feel depressed, insecure or anxious. You can reach out to a counselor to help you control your thoughts and teach you different techniques to stay in control of your emotions.

The good thing is that you can contact mental health professionals using your laptop and smartphone without having to visit a healthcare facility. This is because like most medical practitioners, counselors also have incorporated telemedicine into their practice.

Solve the riddle

Digging into the core of the problem will help you identify the real reason for the stress. There are things you can’t control but you should try your best to change the things that are on your hands.

6 Easy Ways to Save Money Effortlessly

Chances of saving money should be among the top list of any individual looking for opportunities to grow financially. Most people tend to use pay increases and monetary windfalls as a way of justifying in an increase in expenditure. There are some ways on how you can save money effortlessly. The following are some money saving tips that does not require you to struggle much every month.

  1. Food Portion Control

Most people spend a lot of money on food than the necessary. Whether you typically cook or order your food from a restaurant or café, food portion control is a crucial way of saving money effortlessly. You should only cook or order an amount of food you can eat in one sitting unless you are a fan of leftovers. You will save hundreds and thousands of dollars through portion control. According to a research study, about 20 pounds of food is thrown away each month by an average U.S citizen. This translates to about $43 which is a lot of money that can be saved for other things.

  1. Avoid pricey membership programs

You need to do a cost saving analysis before considering some programs such as gym membership. For example, if you pay $ 100 monthly for a gym program and visit the facility ten times a month, it means that you are charged $ 10 per visit. Why should you spend more money on a gym membership program if you can get fit without visiting the gym?

  1. Consider selling some stuff

Several valuable items are lying around your home or house that you are not using or have no intentions of using. You can sell them online using channels such as Craigslist or eBay. Through these mediums, you can sell just anything you want, ranging from used furniture, fine art, jewellery, gift cards and many others. If your items are less valuable, you can use a flea market or yard sale. You can also pawn your car for some quick money. Pawn shops have become among the best ways of accessing emergency loans. You can pawn variety of items, ranging from watercrafts to cars. However, truck and car pawn programs are the most common.

  1. Have Some Negotiation Skills

Ranging from the market to service contracts, Negotiation skills are essential energy saving skills in almost every business transaction. You should always learn to negotiate for goods and services whose prices are not fixed. Similarly, you can save much money by purchasing your foodstuffs, groceries and other goods from local shops and vendors compared to supermarkets. This is because local stalls and shops allow you to negotiate for the prices of their products while supermarkets have fixed prices for the goods they sell.

If you are overpaying for your services such as cell phone, cable, pest control and others, you need to re-negotiate Service Contracts with your service providers. You should reach out to the vendor and inquire from him/her about available cost-efficient options on the services they are offering you. Are they unwilling to give you a cost-effective solution? Kindly threaten them that you are going to change your service provider. Your threat will apparently move them and offer you better solutions. If they fail, make a move of your risk and change to a cost-effective service provider.

  1. Reduce your energy consumption

Reducing your energy consumption enables you to save on energy expenses. The best way to go about this is through doing an energy audit. If you are tired of spending an excessive amount of money monthly on energy, then you need to call your utility provider for an energy audit. You can also consider doing it yourself by putting off energy appliances when not in use. For example, switch off the fridge and lights when you are not using them. Such devices attract higher electric bills.

  1. Stop smoking drinking and going out

You can save thousands if you quit smoking or drinking. Apart from contributing to your health problems, alcohol and cigarettes waste your money. Smoking and drinking are two habits that are hard to kick out. However, you can always refer to ways of stopping cigarette smoking or drinking. A typical tobacco addict spends a lot of money on cigarette products whose prices keep on rising. If you calculate the real cost of smoking, you can effortlessly boost your financial savings.

Setting saving goals is one of the steps towards generating wealth. Committing to ambitious saving goals can be easy if you can learn on ways of saving money effortlessly. The above are just a few of many methods of saving money. Though they may seem difficult to achieve, trying them consistently will make you perfect and enable you to save as much as possible. You need to decide on the duration you will require reaching each of the methods.

How To Handle Food-Based Allergy?

How To Handle Food-Based Allergy?

If your thoughts grow fuzzy, sinuses get clogged and abdomen are very painful, until you are writhing on the floor, you are not about having growing extraterrestrial parasite inside your stomach like in the Alien films. This could simply be caused by wrong type of food that you consume. The problem could be associated with food allergies, related to legumes, wheat, nuts or soy products. These symptoms may remain even after you have removed dairy products from your diet. You should know whether you are allergic to soy. An allergist may prescribe blood or skin test. This should be useful when the true cause of allergy needs to be determined. You may experience various sensitivities due to full blown soy allergy. So, you should know how to handle food-based allergy cleverly to avoid further health issues.

How To Handle Food-Based Allergy

Symptoms of soy allergies may include joint pain, brain fog, excess phlegm, mood changes, slow thyroid, acne, altered menstrual cycles, breast tenderness and stomach pain.  When you have these symptoms, you should know that you have various health concerns and you need to treat them whenever possible. Complete soy abstinence could be the only thing that can solve the problem. You may also need to take a specific type of food enzyme, so you will be able to get the intended outcome. You should know where you obtain the protein and you don’t really need regular consumption of soy to stay healthy. You may need to cleanse your system if you are having a kind of allergy. Your kidneys, lungs and liver could be badly affected by the condition. Exposure to chemicals and pesticide may cause an overall problem to your situation.

Distressed body can’t keep up with the detoxification process and your internal system may go haywire. It is important to ensure that your body is able instinctively reject dangerous substances and aggressive immune responses should be prevented. If your body is healthy, it should be able to properly digest wheat and soy. Herbal remedies should be able to support your internal system with no or negligible side effects. As an example, you can get better liver condition by using milk thistle and burdock root. Nettles and red clover are able to support your kidney, while the former could also open the bronchia. It is a good idea to fast one day a week, by drinking only an adequate amount of water for 18 hours between normal meals. This should give your digestion system a much needed break.

Oftentimes, emotions can have a role in the management of our allergic symptoms. In this case, you need to focus on your breath and relay your mind consciously. You should remind yourself that you need to get healing and nourishment. Meditation should also allow your body to relax better. You should notice any image, memory, feeling and thought associated with the condition. Dealing with symptoms of allergy may take practice and doing this can really help you a lot. You should implement enough effort so you are able to recover. You should focus on your attention, so you can heal your body.

How Commercially Grown Produce Can Be Risky For Your Health?

How Commercially Grown Produce Can Be Risky For Your Health?

Fruits and vegetables are healthy, but industrially grown produce may not be the healthiest for you. The way they are processed and stored could reduce vitamin content. Pesticides are the most likely chemicals that contaminate your food. They are intended to kill bugs and you may ingest chemicals that are intended to eradicate living organisms. When pesticides enter your body, they could stop at anywhere. Other than for killing bugs, commercial growers also need to eradicate weeds and other unwanted plants. They steal nutrients from the soil, which are intended for the actual vegetable plants and fruit-bearing trees. Excessive uses of herbicide could be linked to prostate cancer, breast cancer and other cancer types.

Preservatives could also be used to ensure that food remain usable longer. It is not only intended to slow down the natural decay, but also the visual appearance. The shelf life of the food could be reduced by the contamination of bacteria and the effects of enzyme. Foods with sulphites added are preserved. People who have allergic reactions to preservatives could suffer from sneezing, breathing difficulty, swollen throat and hives. Sulphites neutralize thiamine or vitamin B1, which is essential for the prevention of diabetes, inner working of nerve impulses and the metabolism carbohydrates. Genetic modification could be implemented to make plants grow better and produce more food. Some variants of canola, corn and soybean are genetically modified, which could have an effect on our body. Protein and fatty acids from these plants could also be slightly modified as unwanted side effects, which may cause problems in our body.

Processed fruits and vegetables could have food additives to lower costs, enhance flavours, improve appearance and increase shelf life. The FDA already approved more than one thousands of additives. Constant consumption of food additives could cause brain damage, birth defects, kidney damage, liver damage, migraine headaches, allergies and cancer. The sheer availability and common usages of food additives make it very hard for us to avoid them. However, we could be able to significantly reduce exposure by consuming fresh produce. If we need to eat processed food, as an example during camping and emergency situations; you should read the ingredients on the labels. A general rule is that if a substance has numbers in its name or difficult to pronounce, then it is likely artificially manufactured or heavily processed from existing natural sources.

Food can also be irradiated to destroy insects, viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms. In reality, irradiation also degrades texture, smell and flavour of the food. Studies have shown that animals fed with irradiated foods could cause various health problems. Risks of consuming irradiated food may include stunted growth on toddlers, immune system failure, organ damage, mutation, stillbirths, tumor, cancer and premature death. Food storage and transport could also reduce the nutritional values of food, especially if they are stored for a prolonged period of time in specific places. Because eating commercially grown fruits and vegetables are risky; you should know where you get them.