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Get Cool This Summer: 7 Tips To Keep Your Air-Con Unit Function With Efficiency

Get Cool This Summer: 7 Tips To Keep Your Air-Con Unit Function With Efficiency

It’s almost that time of year again when the sun shines the hottest. For sure, you’ll drop lots of sweat because of it. If there’s something that you need during this season to beat the heat, it’s your air-conditioning unit. While you sweat the hardest, your aircon also works the hardest to keep you cool.

But did you know that you can make it a little easier for your air-con and save money if you know of the various ways how to run it efficiently? For a little help, here are some tips to keep your air-con unit with efficiency and save money on your summer electricity bill.

Take A Check Of The Filters

It’s essential that you examine the air filters of your aircon unit once a month, and have a replacement if there’s any problem with it. As you’ll know, dust and allergens proliferate during the hot season. If there’s a clog in the air filters because of this, your aircon won’t produce the required amount of cool air in your house.

Since your aircon unit will now run efficiently after the filter replacement, you’ll save energy as well as money because of it. Filter replacement is also an effective way to prolong the life of your air conditioning unit.

Keep Your Thermostat Away from Heat

Another way to make your air conditioning unit run with efficiency, keep your thermostat away from your heat-producing appliances like your TV and radio. It’s because there’s a heat sensor in the thermostat, and if it keeps on sensing heat, it will operate longer than the required time in your home.

Consider Buying A Smart Thermostat

There are times when you forget to tweak the thermostat before you leave your house. As such, your air-con unit will run longer than necessary to cool the house, and it will have a significant increase in your power bills. Thus, for you to prevent it from happening, you should consider buying a timer or a smart thermostat for your A/C unit.

Seal The Leaks

For sure, you don’t want the cold air from your air-con to go out of your house. Aside from the fact that it will not produce the required air inside, you will also increase your power consumption.  

Thus, it’s essential that you take some weatherization steps to prevent cool air from getting out of your house. You can consider weather-stripping or caulking for that purpose. Or insulate the ducts of your air conditioning unit.

Provide The A/C Unit With Proper Shading

If you want you air conditioning unit to function with efficiency, it’s high time that you provide it with shading. An air-con unit with shade will produce cooler air around your house. Due to this fact, you’ll not waste running power on it.

Don’t Set The Thermostat Too Low

Get Cool This Summer: 7 Tips To Keep Your Air-Con Unit Function With Efficiency

Studies show that we have the capacity of adapting to cool or hot temperatures at a fast rate like within a week or two. Thus, if you want to reduce energy from using your A/C unit, you need to increase a little bit the temperature.

After a week or more, your body will get used to it. Not only that you can save money from this step, but you’ll also contribute to preserving the environment.

Think About Replacing Your A/C Unit

Perhaps, the solution to a lousy air conditioning unit is to replace it with a modern one. You can find a lot of energy-efficient A/C unit on the market nowadays that can help you have an excellent air conditioning while saving you from exorbitant energy expenses. Plus, with your energy-efficient A/C unit, you can avail of federal tax credits and incentives.


It’s essential that your air conditioning unit can provide you the right amount of cool air this summer. You need to know the various tips how to make your A/C unit run with efficiency. You can take some cues from the tips above, or you can consult Classic AC Services for it.



Having a dream house is on almost every single human’s bucket list who is still breathing. You spend days and nights working hard and putting together enough money for that house of your dreams where you envision yourself living the rest of your life with your kids and grandkids. And finally, the day arrives when you break open your piggy bank and invest your savings for that house you fell in love at first sight.  However, when you finally get there, you are hit by a new reality of life because moving to your dream house is certainly a huge milestone. After unlocking this achievement, you wonder what is next.

More often than not people are unprepared for this phase of the move. Micro-focusing on just getting there makes us forget that we need to have a plan for later too. During this time, you should know what steps to take because getting it right the first time is the only option for that peaceful life you always imagined in your new house.

House fixing can be exciting and stressful simultaneously. And this is why jotting out a blueprint of your plan can be immensely profitable for you. Here are some things you should keep in mind while dealing with your new house.

 Safety First: Change Your Locks

The very first thing you need to absolutely do when the house is handed over to you and before you bring your family home, is to change the lock and passcode (if the house comes with an alarm system). Make sure every door has locks including the garage. When the house is up for grabs in the market, there are a lot of people who have access to the place including selling agents, maintenance workers, and the listing agents. The previous owners may also have many people in their circle who would have had access to it.

Know the Essentials: Circuit Breaker Box

In case of short circuits, you should know where the breaker is placed and exactly which corner you need to dash to in your house. It is best to invest some time in labeling the plugs and switches (if they aren’t already). It takes two to tango and two to label the board. It will be a game of a lot of hollering back and forth while you figure out which switch belongs to which room so it is best to be prepared by fully charging your cell phones or walkie-talkies.

Replace cooling and heating filters

You can save an arm and a leg by foreseeing required replacements especially the filters. Changing a disposable filter costs 4 dollars whereas changing a system (due to bad maintenance) would cost you 5k!

Closet System Installation

Make sure you know how much space your stuff is going to need and whether or not the existing closet system is good enough. It is best to redesign the closets according to your custom needs before moving in to avoid any unpleasant hassles later. You can install hanging rods, drawers or shelves so everything you own has a place in your new closet. If you are moving to New York City, then you’ve got a lot of options for reliable NYC Movers that would move your items safely.

Paint the House

Painting the house in advance before moving in can save you from all the arm days you will have to go through in moving and covering your furniture. Also, you will get some time to let that painful odor of fresh paint out of the house before shifting. If you are worried you do not know enough about the lighting in your new rooms that could affect the color of your paint, you can always apply swatches to test the shades and see if they work out with your walls.

Bonus: Deep Clean the Carpets

Experts recommend an annual appointment with the pros to deep clean carpets. What better day than the first day in your new house to begin the annual tenure? Spending a couple of hundred dollars to hire professional cleaning services to give your carpet a spa day is going to be worth it. Pros are equipped with better technology like steam-powered machines that can kill dust mites and germs. Make the most of your empty house and call them now.

Things To Consider When Buying Mini Fridge

Things To Consider When Buying Mini Fridge

It is a good idea to have mini fridges in your home, because they are convenient and can save a lot of space in your house. There are ideal both in your office and home. One big advantage of mini fridge is that the appliance is small, starting from 1 cubic foot to 4 cubic feet of internal volume. You may choose different designs, such as tall or square. Even if mini fridge is small, you should make sure that you measure the available area in your house correctly. There should be at least 3 inches of empty space between the fridge and the surrounding wall. This will ensure that the refrigerator is properly ventilated. After you are sure that you have the correct available space, then you can determine the proper dimension for your fridge.

Another thing to consider is whether you should have a freezer in your mini fridge. This is an important feature that you should think of, if you want to freeze or only cool something down. Because mini fridges are small, the freezer compartment would be small too. In fact, you may only have enough room for an ice tray. It is important to know that freezer will increase the overall power consumption. So, if you want to reduce the carbon footprint of your house, it is a good idea to choose a mini fridge that doesn’t have a freezer inside. You will use less electricity, which will be a great thing in reducing the overall energy bills. Just like when choosing other appliances in your home, it is a good idea to use your own common sense.

Doors are also essential considerations when you are looking for a mini fridge. In general, your mini fridge should have door that offers strong insulation, because it will ensure that your fridge will consume less power. Without a good insulation, it is possible that some heat will enter the fridge slowly, especially if the surrounding temperature is relatively high. There are fewer shelves inside the mini fridge, but they are still quite essential for your requirements. Transparent plastic shelves are better, especially compared to wired ones. You will be able to prevent spill and you will be able to see any kind of stain. Because shelves are removable, you should be able to maximize the overall space of the mini fridge. You should be able to arrange food in the most efficient manner.

Ebergy consumption is also essential if you want to ensure that choosing a mini fridge is really an efficient thing to do. If you choose things improperly, it is actually possible that the mini fridge consumes equal or more energy compared to regular refrigerator. A standard fridge has a fan and condenser to dissipate excess heat, but mini fridge often only has its exterior to dissipate heat. It means that there’s a good chance that mini fridge doesn’t insulate itself well enough and will become less efficient.

How To Effectively Remove Molds From Your House?

How To Effectively Remove Molds From Your House?

Many houses are affected by mold problem. Fortunately, you can fight back with a number of possible methods. Mold spread into many houses due to the presence of spores. This will have an effect on your immune level and it is possible that you will be inflicted with different kinds of diseases. Spores could exist in higher concentration and the stagnant indoor air can easily disperse spores throughout the house. Direct sunlight is often considered as a normal cleansing mechanism to remove bad particles in our indoor environment. The presence of UV light will produce small amount of ozone, which can neutralize small organic matter.

Water problems could make the mold problem becomes even worse. The high degree of humidity will cause spores to germinate and mold itself, may float on the water. You should know whether there are potential mold foods in your area, such as old newspaper, wood that loses its finish layer, cotton clothing and others. Mold could thrive well in normal room temperature and you also need enough water in the area. Mold can start to germinate when the humidity level is above 55 percent. There are various potential problems that can happen, as an example, water could leak into the basement floor from the upper floor.

You should be aware that mold can be seen as a pathogen. In fact, it can grow on our skin and inside out body. Dermatological problems could happen on people who live inside a house with some type of mold infestation. You should check whether you have rashes and blotches, when there are mold problems in the area. Even the typically non toxic mold should be considered as opportunistic, because it may cause problem with your health, when your immune system is significantly weak. As an example, people who are recovering from surgery can be affected by mold more easily.

Fortunately, it is easy to fight back, as an example by using an ozone machine. It is proven to be a powerful tool to kill mold in your house. Investing on such as device is a good thing, if you have a large basement or other enclosed spaces in your property that are easily infected by mold infestation. Ozone is 3000 times more toxic to mold, compared to chlorine bleach. The gas is strong enough to penetrate the strong shell of the spore and kill the seeds inside. It’s a highly reactive oxygen molecule that can punch a hole in the mold spores. Ozone is also be able to break down toxic chemicals into harmless, simpler substances.

You should check whether you should get mold inspection with the help from a professional. You should know that professional mold clean up can be expensive, if you need to do this regularly. You should have a permanent solution and the ozone generator device should help you to achieve that. Ozone is also able to breakdown mycotoxins, which are the toxic substances produced by molds.

How To Choose Parts Of The House That You Want To Renovate?

How To Choose Parts Of The House That You Want To Renovate?

It can be quite a challenge to restore your house and make it aesthetically pleasing. You should also consider how to reclaim the original functionality of your house and this should be among the top requirements of house renovation. Bricks, mortar and wood will degrade. You should also make sure that your house is ripe for rehab; because, if your house is still relatively new and in a good condition, a rehab project may be a waste of time and money. If you are sure that you should proceed with the project, you need to be selective with what you want to restore and repair in your house, so you can gain profit for the effort, money and time you invest. As an example, electrical, heating, plumbing and insulation may lose much of the functionality and it’s time to repair or replace them.

When you perform renovation project on our house, it is important that you will create more values upon resale. Unfortunately, homeowners can’t always determine the best type of renovation project that they need to perform. There could be essential components that are buried somewhere inside your structure. They are essential and need to be replaced. It is important for you to fill out the disclosure form, so you can be sure that all defects will be covered by the warranty. If you want to ensure that you repair the most appropriate components of the house, it is essential to check the structural integrity, foundation and roof. If you want to resell the house, it is also important to quickly gauge the house based on its appearance.

When you want to check your house, you should only stand from across the street. You should be able to find faults of your house that can be repaired. In fact, you can find out more serious damages, such as the sagged roof in the middle. Another way to determine whether your house needs repairing is to see its condition during rainy days. Check all the flat areas and make sure that water is drained quickly. Dampness and rot are equivalent to cancer in your house. You may need to consult the contractor to know about things that need to replaced or repaired. In many cases, you can solve many problems by repairing with the shingles. You should be aware that some contractors may use the old roof as the bargaining chip.

If you renovate the house quickly enough, it is possible for you to significantly reduce the overall costs. As an example, it’s only the plywood that becomes rotted and you need to fully repair all the spots where water seeps into the roof structure. You should not quickly trust the contactor if they say that your roof needs to be ripped off and completely rebuilt. Problems like rotten fascia, wavy roof structure and sagging eves don’t require complete roof rebuild. It is true that you need to correct all the underlying deficiency, but it doesn’t mean that you should make major repair.

How To Reduce Costs Of Roof Repairs?

How To Reduce Costs Of Roof Repairs?

After some inspections, it can be quite clear that your coatings and shingles need to be replaced. Things can become even more serious when there are further damages underneath. When it happens, you need to have at least basic skills on negotiating for lower costs. Often, this is something that you need to dwell on, because roofs are essential to protect everything inside your house. In fact, the water leakage could seep into the foundation, making it crumble more easily. You should check whether seams of your house are coming apart, which could be the reason why water leaks into the interior of your roof. With proper inspection, you can also tell relatively quickly whether the overall roof is stressed out by the element, such as heavy accumulated snow, strong winds and intense rainfall.

The best way to reduce the costs of roof repair is to repair it as soon as possible. A small crack could develop into something very serious after 5 to 10 years. Steady drips of water could lead to the spread of mildew, mold and rot inside the roofing structure, causing widespread damage. Instead of spending much money and time on intense repair, you should get used to entering the dark and restrictive area inside your roof. If you are not comfortable, ask a contractor to check the roof and if possible accompany him. You will know how to enter the roof area in a safe and convenient way. If your roof area hasn’t been cleared for years, you can find that it’s infested by all sorts of animals and insects, such as rat, squirrel, wasps, ants, spiders, bees and others.

These animals could contribute in degrading the condition of your roof. You will become more prepared. You may need to invest on the service of exterminator to remove and prevent animal infestation inside the roofing structure. Professional home inspectors in the area should be able to protect your roof and you will be able to reduce the overall costs. With a strong flashlight and a professional who accompanies you, you should be able to become more convenient in inspecting your roof regularly. The contractor or inspector will check where the wall meets the roofing structure to see any fault or damage. A good time to check the roof is when the sun is directly above the house. At this time, it is more likely for you to see small streaks of light that indicate the roof leakage.

You need to ensure that the contractor check the roofing structure for water damage, separation, cracks, misalignment and rot. The roof must be structurally sound and find out more about possible discrepancy that could warrant further investigation. In fact, a unusual smell is enough to indicate that is something wrong with your roofing structure. When checking for the general condition of the house, you need to use common sense. You should ensure that nothing serious about your roofing structure has passed your keen eyes.

How To Choose A Water Filtration System?

How To Choose A Water Filtration System?

Your house may require good water purification solution and if you are already thinking about it, then you are on the right track. Fortunately, there are various types of water purifying solutions that you can choose, but many may not be as good as the others. You should have a good idea about what you are looking for and things that you need to avoid. The tap water usually already goes through multiple filtration processes, but in some areas, the water isn’t pure enough. It is possible that there are still plenty of contaminants in the tap water and you need to perform a number of things to properly clean your water. The problem could start with the water treatment facility in your municipal area.

Many water treatment plants sanitize their water using chlorine, which is quite effective in killing small organisms that reside in the water. However, constant ingestion of chlorine through drinking water isn’t really a safe thing to do. Chlorine is known to increase the risks of cancer and you need to safeguard your health by using activated carbon filter to remove any unwanted chemical. However, you should know that the effectiveness of purifier can be quite different. Depending on the system, the percentage of chlorine removal is between 75 to 99 percent. You need to refer the performance data sheet to make sure that your water purifying system is working properly. If not, your family may not be fully protected against continuous consumptions of chlorine.

Another factor that could be poorly addressed by the plant is the possible bacterial contamination. The water may come out of the treatment plant with acceptable level of microorganisms, but there could be problems along the distribution line. Tough microorganisms, such as cysts, are quite small and difficult to eradicate. It means that eradicating them can be quite difficult. It is a good idea to have a micron-sized filter in your house, so cysts can be removed effectively from your water supply. Substances like MTBE, TCE, benzene, atrazine, alachor, lindane, VOCs, THMs and lead may also be very difficult to remove. So, in a nutshell, you need to make sure that to combine various water filters in your house. A good solution is to use both micron filtration and activated carbon filter.

Regardless of what filter you choose, it is important that it fulfils standards, based on information that you get from the performance data sheet. If you want to choose a reverse osmosis system, you may need to reconsider the decision, because it may remove various useful minerals and the price can be quite expensive. Also, mineral-less water actually has less than desirable taste and trace amount of minerals could give water its familiar taste. However, reverse osmosis is a good system to choose if water in your area is particularly high in mineral content. You need to de-mineralize hard water, so it is safe for daily consumption. With a good solution, you should obtain the kind of water that you want.

How To Increase The Lifespan Of Your Refrigerator?

How To Increase The Lifespan Of Your Refrigerator?

Many fridges die unexpectedly and this could happen more often during the summer, when the temperature and humidity increase. You need to use common sense to make sure that your fridge can last much longer. First of all, you shouldn’t leave the fridge door open, hoping that it will cool down the room a bit. Refrigerator isn’t an air conditioner and you shouldn’t use it to cool yourself. People often sit in front of the fridge, when the temperature is unbearably hot. Another way to ensure that your fridge will last longer is by putting just enough item inside the defrost system.

Containers of juice and water should be tightly sealed. Open liquid will increase the level of humidity inside the fridge and more moisture will be deposited onto the cooling coil. If it happens, the compressor will run longer. The normal run time for refrigerator is about 16 hours a day, but if there’s extra moisture inside the fridge, it may increase to 20 hours per day. You should also make sure to turn off the icemaker, if you don’t need it. You should make ice cubes only when you need them, because keeping the ice cubes frozen for days will cause the fridge to run longer and harder.

You should also check the fridge door to ensure that it has been sealed properly. Gaskets that are full of cracks and holes will allow some warm air to enter. The seal should be cleaned regularly with warm water mixed with light detergent. A good way to test the sealing ability of the door is to close it while letting half of the one dollar bill inside the fridge. If you feel resistance when pulling out the bill, then the seal is working properly. You should test the full perimeter of the door and the resistance should be felt uniformly. If the seal doesn’t seem to work and you have cleaned it, it is possible that the sealing is already warped out of alignment.

If this is your situation, you should call the service company. It is also a good idea to avoid overloading other compartments of the fridge. A standard fridge shouldn’t accommodate more than 50 pounds of food. If your fridge is overloaded, food won’t be cooled down properly. Many fridges have big door shelves that can be overloaded easily. You should move heavy items, like large soda containers or glass bottles into an inner container. When the door is overloaded, it will become heavier and the gasket will be stretched, allowing a small opening to allow warm air to enter.

It is also a good idea to avoid blocking the air circulation. There should be enough room between the refrigerator and the wall. Trays, brooms and bags may block the airflow and the compressor could overheat and it will burn out more easily. When the compressor is overworked, the internal temperature will become quite erratic.

Choosing Between Gas and Induction

Choosing Between Gas and Induction

It is often asked by homeowners, which one is better – gas or induction that is better for our cooktop. However, the answer often depends on your situation. Regular gas cooktop is often more difficult to clean and many people have said how they scratch the stainless steel and porcelain surface of the cooking surface, when they are trying to clean it. We should also consider the typical heat discoloration that can be visible quite easily after regular uses. It is also quite difficult to keep grates on to look new. In general, it is not advisable for you to wash the grates, because you may potentially wash out the rubber grommets. Also, it is quite likely that the grates will become rusty, when you let them inside the dishwasher. For many homeowners, induction cooktops may spark their interests. They are relatively easier to clean. Magnetic induction operates on the molecular level.

Magnet is used to create friction and you need to use ferrous metal pans and pots, so magnet can stick to them. Then, you will have a highly efficient heat source with about 90 percent efficiency. As comparison, gas cooktop is only about 60 percent efficient and it depends on the model. Also, it is a breeze to clean, because heat doesn’t pass through the ceramic glass. You often need to use only water and soap to clean any induction cooktop. If you want to boil water, induction cooktop is also quite fast. Depending on the technical specification of your induction cooktop, you may boil one quart of water only in 30 seconds. On the other hand, a gas cooktop may achieve the same results between 2 to 3 minutes. If you want to instantly simmer something while cooking, the induction cooktop will speed up the overall process quickly. However, there are some reasons why people don’t choose induction cooktop and switch to the gas version instead. The same thing may apply to you.

First of all, induction cooktop usually needs more power to operate and if you have a 30-inch induction cooktop, it means that you need a 30A breaker. In some houses, you will need to call an electrician to ensure that your kitchen can work using the induction cooktop. You should also know things that can be shared with the cooktop, so you are able to manage the power utilization. Without the right electrical arrangement, you can only cook one pan at a time and this will slow down your cooking process instead. So, choosing between gas and induction cooktop depends on your special situation and it’s up to you to fully decide it. Induction is a better choice if you want easy cleaning and higher performance. You will be able to use many pots simultaneously, but you need to make sure that your electricity system is able to cope with the demand. But, if there are occasional blackouts in your area, it may be better to choose gas cooktop. You will be able to cook even if the electricity has been cut off for hours due to extreme weather or other unusual situations.

How To Maintain Basement Sump Pump?

How To Maintain Basement Sump Pump?

You need sump pump to ensure that water can be diverted away from the basement. The structural integrity and foundations of your house will be maintained. Sump pump is needed in different times of the year. As an example, snow melts during early spring and there are usually heavy rain during summer. When the weather is dry, it should be a good time to check the sump pump to make sure that it is working properly. At this moment, it is a good idea to plan ahead to ensure that the pump will run as needed. If the sump pump fails, you may end up with a flooded basement. That is the reason you should maintain basement sump pump.

It takes no more than ten minutes to complete the sump pump maintenance task and you need to make sure that you have everything you need. There should always be a cover on the sump basin. This should prevent animals and children from entering it. The cover should also prevent debris to fall into the basin. The cover may also reduce the level of evaporation and smells. Before testing the pump, you should always remove the debris. The inlet screens should be free from any kind of residue and debris build up. This will ensure that the operational efficiency of your sump pump is kept high.

You may need a pressure washer to wash down the debris, so it won’t cause clogging. Electricity and safety are also things that you need to consider. The system should be protected electrically using GFI or ground fault indicator. This should allow you to remain safe. You need to examine the cable routing to make sure that it is correct. The cable should be in a perfect condition and if it’s still in good condition, you need to ensure that the cable doesn’t touch the water, which can be a dangerous situation. Cables should be secured and not loose, because loose cable could fall into the sump.

Discharge pump should be checked and the check valve should always be fitted. If the arrangement doesn’t work properly, it is possible that the sump will be refilled. If the sump is refilling, the pump may run quite frequently. Discharge line should be checked frequently for damage and leak. It is important to ensure that everything looks intact. The next step is to water test them pump and you can do this by slowly filling the sump. This should allow you to evaluate how the sump pump works. Watch the float switch and make sure that it rises along with the water level, freely and easily.

The float switch should be checked and it is considered as among the weak points of the sump pump. You should make sure that the switch is operating normally. You also need to listen to the pump and determine whether there’s no funny noise. Rough noise and excessive vibration could be an indication that the internal mechanism has work out. If this is the problem, then you need to replace the sump pump.