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6 Ways to Run a Successful Cancer Fundraising in India

Cancer is one of the most dangerous diseases that has handicapped a majority of the human population. It not only comes with a high fatality rate but also an unimaginable amount of financial distraught, which is why not many people are able to survive the onset of cancer. But just because we, with our single efforts cannot battle cancer, doesn’t mean that we are not powerful enough to battle the disease together. If humans don’t help each other to survive, in times of need, then who else will? Therefore, it is very essential for various groups and people to host fundraisers to raise money that will help in combating cancer. This is essential especially in a time like this where India is seeing an internet boom and we can use this to popularize crowdfunding for medical treatment.

To help and guide people who are interested in starting a cancer fundraiser’s themselves, here are 6 tips that are likely to help you out.


  1. Plan an Event:

This is the first and the most crucial step, in which one has to decide on how exactly do they plan to collect the money and how will they utilize the collected money. Online events like the ALS ice bucket challenge which was a trend a few years back, shows how the events need not be offline and physical.


  1. Make It Easy For People To Donate:

      It is extremely important that people know where exactly they have donated. There shouldn’t be any ambiguity about the donation gateway, it is very advisable to use a concrete platform that solely exists to help with crowdfunding India.


  1. Show How The Donations Are Making An Impact:

      When potential donors see that the donations are actually being used to help people in need and is making an impact in society, they will be in a much better state of mind and thus donate more generously. No-one wants to donate their hard-earned money to some shady organization that might or might not be legit.


  1. Have A Deadline:

      People are very lackadaisical in nature and that is exactly why one should always set a deadline for their fundraising campaign. This will make people donate at the very moment and they won’t keep delaying their donations.


  1. Incentive:

      Providing donors with some kind of incentive like giving them access to certain offers, makes them more interested in donating.


  1. Spreading Awareness:

      This is yet another crucial step, where the organizers need to explain and educate potential donors about how cancer cripples millions of Indians. Proper education on the matter won’t only help in raising donations but also enlighten the masses.

These are few steps with which one can easily setup up an event to facilitate crowdfunding for cancer in India. So, go out there and help raise money for people who need it.


Health and Beauty: 6 Relaxing Spas in the World’s Airports

Tedious hours of traveling, long wait for connecting flights, as well as crowds of hurrying people in the terminals and an endless journey to your final destination always create additional stress for the body and soul. How to get rid of stress while waiting for your flight? Everything is very simple: you can spend time at a local cafe, or rent a car here to explore local attractions.

However, an equally attractive option is to enjoy the spa-procedures in one of the spa-centers located on the territory of the world’s airports…

Elemis Travel Spa at London Heathrow Airport

First-class passengers along with British Airways club card holders are offered quick and free procedures that can be provided at terminals 3 and 5 of Heathrow Airport, where Elemis Travel Spa is located. Such procedures are created to restore the travelers’ strength in a short period of time, and to refresh their skin, which lost a lot of moisture during the flight.

Elemis Travel Spa at Heathrow T5 - British Airways

(photo by Matt@TWN)

A 15-minute massage of the legs and shoulders will bring you back to normal, and you will be able to continue your flight or go on a new journey. All the drugs with which the procedure is done, you can purchase at a discount. For those who are not first class passengers and don’t have a British Airways club card, Elemis Travel Spa can also arrange a number of procedures, but for the additional money. The average cost of one procedure is about $70.

Back to Life Spa at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

One of the most interesting spa centers is located at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. There’s one unique procedure that is not only curative, but also quite funny. Guests are dressed in a special “space” costume and are given an aqua massage. In this case, the client enjoys massage while being in the same clothes in which he came to the spa-center.

Zen SPA Japanese pool

36 jets of pulsating water will help to relax and restore lost strength. Also, you can take there a small massage course, try an oxygen cocktail and learn little secrets about aromatherapy.

Timeless Spa at Dubai International Airport

Timeless Spa spa-centers are located in Terminal 3 of Dubai Airport and owned by Emirates. They can be found in the lounges for passengers of the first and business class, as well as on the third level of the terminal. The combination of the best equipment, the work of international-class specialists and the peaceful atmosphere makes Timeless Spa a refuge, where you can escape from the bustle of the airport. These centers employ cosmetologists, who have international certificates in the field of cosmetology, massage and therapy.

Timeless Spa, Wolgan Valley

(photo by Vaughan Dunn)

Timeless Spa uses only the latest techniques that have been recognized as the best and most effective at the moment. Airline passengers are offered a wide range of procedures to help relax and rejuvenate just before a flight.

Massage of the body and especially a foot massage are in demand – it helps to get rid of pain that occurs during blood circulation disorders. First class passengers receive a 15-minute course of procedures for free, business class passengers are offered a 25-minute course for a small fee, and a special pricing policy has been prepared for economy-class passengers, where there are both high-cost and low-cost procedures are available.


Absolute Spa at Fairmont Vancouver Airport

Absolute Spa is a luxury oasis of health and beauty situated in Fairmont Vancouver Airport Hotel. The staff of the center offers you more than 130 aesthetic, cosmetic and health treatments. The most popular are hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, scrubbing and stone therapy.

absolute spa

(photo by Century Plaza Hotel & Spa)

Also, you can swim in the pool, visit the sauna and enjoy fitness in a specially equipped room. For regular customers, special discounts on almost all procedures are provided. Also, there are special “gift cards” that you can give to your near and dear ones, who often fly through Fairmont Airport in Vancouver. Prices for procedures start at $15.

D Parture Spa at Newark International Airport

In the terminal C of the Newark Liberty International Airport, the D Parture Spa was opened. Its main principle of work is keeping environmental-friendly concept. Therefore, branded procedures are performed by using only natural components, and all the tools that you want to take with you are packaged in a bamboo bag.


Procedures that are made faster than the others and help travelers to get into a state of calm for some time are in special demand. Among them are a special massage of the head and eyes, as well as an acupuncture massage of the sinuses, which will allow you to feel much more comfortable when changing pressure. The pricing policy at D Parture Spa is moderate. For 20 minutes of a head massage, you pay only about $25.

OM Spa at Hong Kong International Airport

Regal Airport Hotel has a cozy OM Spa, where you can plunge into the soothing decor of bamboo and Thai silk pillows. Fresh flowers and courteous staff will help you see Hong Kong from the other side. There’s no any fuss – everything is measured, calm, and beautiful.

Vi är på #Lögnäsgård söder om #Laholm #Hotell #Restaurang #Konferens #Spa Öppet året om. Läs mer på.

(photo by Svensk Vagguide)

The menu of services includes: scrubbing, hot stone therapy, jasmine and milk baths. For $20, those who are not stay in the hotel, can also work out in the hotel’s gym, as well as use the swimming pool and steam bath.

The Complete Guide to Moving to Phuket

Phuket is one of Thailand’s most sought-after destinations and the stuff of dreams to many. And in many ways, it truly lives up to its reputation. However, it doesn’t mean that you can just book the next flight and find the perfect spot to live in, just like that. You have to be prepared for the rules and regulations surrounding the real estate market there, so you can find the best accommodation possible. Here are a few tips for people relocating to Phuket.

Choose the Best Place to Stay

If you think Phuket is all parties and sunshine, you’re partly right. But where you live in Phuket will have a huge difference on which kind of lifestyle you can expect. If you’re looking for something more laid back, then you could consider somewhere like Kata or Karon. While you’ll be just a stone’s throw away from the beach, you won’t have to deal with the craziness of Patong. This is also a better place if you’re a couple or with a family.

But if you’re here for the party and don’t mind the crazy atmosphere, then Patong is the place to go. However, be prepared to see a lot of tourists there. And you have to consider if you’ll be able to actually like it there long-term as well.

Phuket town is a great place if you want to live the authentic Thai experience and rub shoulders with locals. It also has tons of great shopping options and a huge Chinatown that serves as the city’s economic center. Chalong or Katu are also two prime destinations you should consider if you’re looking for a nice place to stay.

Finding Accommodation

If you want to find a good apartment in Phuket, we suggest you work with an agency that offers long term rental Phuket. Trying to find accommodation on your own will be too much trouble, and your money will be safer if you’re dealing with a reputable agency.

If you’re still unsure of where you want to live, it would be a good idea to check a few places by bike first so you can get a good sense of the neighborhood. Also, go at different times of the day.

Cost of Living in Phuket

While Phuket will be cheaper on average than most cities in America, it is still the most expensive province in the country. Housing and food will be your main expenses. As a reference, the cost of living in Phuket will be roughly 50% less than in New York. But with 35,000 THB per month, which is around $1,200, you should have more than enough to get by. But you should aim at something around $2,000 per month if you really want to enjoy yourself.


Phuket is a great place to live in and is one of the most beautiful provinces in the country. Make sure that you come prepared and know what to expect to make the most out of your time there.

How Much does a safe room cost?

In the event of a thunderstorm, you have roughly 13 minutes to lock yourself up in a safe place as the winds strike. You are most likely going to think of your house or a sealed room in your home as the safest place to survive.

These may help. However, in the event of a powerful tornado or hurricane that encourages the winds to dance at more than 250 miles per hour, the odds of survival in a wooden house go down. Such fierce winds can tear the house from its foundation.

This is why a safe room is helpful. It is designed to help you survive a catastrophic event or an intruder attack by holding you and your family members securely. Safe rooms, also known as panic rooms, can be both above the ground or under it.

It is best to get them constructed when you are getting your house built. However, you can also get a panic room installed later on. But what are their prices? Let’s walk you through the costs of a safe room and the factors that determine the final investment.

The average cost of a safe room

According to Home Advisor, the national average cost of a safe room stands at $5,847. Since several factors such as the size impact the final price, the expense can range between $2,082 – $9,613 with the low-end investment totaling to only $500 and the high end jumping to $19,700.

However, this isn’t a cost that you should worry about since it is a necessity. More than 1,000 tornadoes strike in a year on average as per the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). In 2018 alone, a total of 1,406 tornadoes hit the US. This sets the need for a properly-constructed, safe panic room.

Typically, there are two sizes of a safe room – 8 by 8 foot and 14 by 14 foot. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) says that an 8 by 8-foot safe which can double as a utility room or closet comes between the price of $6,600 to $8,700.

A larger version of the panic room that is 14 by 14 foot is tagged for a cost between $12,000 to $14,300. Naturally, you will have to decide how big a safe room you need in your house or outside of it.

This chiefly depends on the number of people in your family. Large families need larger safe rooms to beat the raving winds or a theft. The main purpose of this room is to hold you until the weather calms. Or, in the event of an invasion, until the police arrive.

Factors that affect the price of a panic room

In addition to the size of the safe room, several other points chip in their role to determine the final amount. These pointers are:

  • The type of the door used
  • The location of the room in your home
  • The type of foundation on which the panic room in constructed
  • The number of exterior walls used in the construction of the room

Costs can also vary as per your state. Getting a panic room constructed in your existing house typically costs more than getting it constructed for a new house. This cost will vary as per the size and the construction type of the safe room.


If you use more existing walls in your home, then your cost is generally lower. Put simply, the cost of a safe room for an existing house isabout 20% higher than a safe room construction on a new property.

You can refer to this safe room cost calculator for a better estimate. As per this calculator, an8 by 8-footpanic room with concrete walls costs $8,100 new cost and $10,600 forremodeling cost.

Similarly, a 14 by 14 safe room with concrete walls costs $13,100 new cost and $15,900 for remodeling in an existing house. Cost estimates for other wall types such as a wood frame with CMU infill, insulating concrete form, concrete masonry unit (CMU) walls, and so on are also given.

When to get a safe room constructed on your property?

As mentioned, the costs of a panic room that is built on a new property are lower than remodeling an existing wall in your home. Keeping this in mind, it is best to get the room constructed when the blueprint of property is under preparation. Unless you already have a house and are considering a panic room now.

During the construction phase, you need to keep your panic room’s addition to your property under wraps. Bring in a security firm and work with an architect who works on secure facilities.

Your safe room is intended to protect you in events of theft or intrusion too. Therefore, you need to keep its construction hush. This is why the designer often doesn’t tell the contractor about the panic room. Moreover, the blueprint of the house may even show the room as a mechanical room.

You can also ask the architectural and security firms to sign confidential agreements. If you don’t want built-in safe rooms, you can opt for a reinforced concrete box, costing $7,000. All these options are Above the Ground Safe Rooms. However, you can also choose underground safe rooms too.

Underground bunkers tend to be costly though. A minimal bunker can take more than $38,000 in expenses. Besides, such an investment in a worthy one. After all, it is the security of a person that is at risk. What’s more, safe rooms can also add to the value of your property.

Some types can be removed and moved to your new property. The in-built panic room types can boost the property’s value by 3.5%according to Simmons. High-quality tornado safe rooms can return as much as 84% of their investment, making it a solid expenditure.

Bottom line

You can always get an estimate of a safe room’s price. However, the exact cost surfaces after you factor in multiple pointers. You may also obtain funding from FEMA to get a safe room constructed if you are short of cash.

Expanding your Casual Wear

Due to a fusion of comfort and fashion, combined with the ever increasing popularity of streetwear. Casual wear is becoming acceptable, fashionable, and most importantly an absolute pleasure to wear. If you are wanting to get some more comfort wear, or perhaps you are only just starting on this comforting journey, here a few pieces to keep in mind.

A multitude of trackies is a must. Now don’t go too crazy and only ever wear tracksuit bottoms, but understand that different occasions call for different bottoms. For example, it’ possible to get a couple of nice big branded tracksuits that will be good for nights out and general socialsing. But, when you’ve got a day off and you just want to chill, you may want to veer away from the designer tracksuits and get something that gives you absolute comfort. This can still be high end, with tracksuits coming in all manner of fabrics, such as cashmere.

Sliders, a few years ago were relegated to poolsides and what you would pack when you were going on that holiday in the sun. Nowadays, Mens Slydes and others have transformed sliders into a highly sought after fashionable piece of footwear. If you want to expand your casual wear don’t be afraid to make your next trainers purchase a sliders purchase instead. Today, they are acceptable in many more places than the pool, with many celebs being seen wearing them as their day to day wear.

Sportswear can separate a lot of people, in terms of teams and what people think of them as fashion pieces. An area that appeases both camps of the latter of these two rivalries, is the rise in vintage sportswear. You can get anything from high end sportswear, to vintage football shirts.  And although from time to time you can feel guilty about the lack of exercise being done in them, sportswear is super comfy while bringing something a bit different to your wardrobe.

In a more general sense, try and work out what casual wear you like to wear, and if there’s something you wear a lot, get a piece or two similar, then with the rest try and work out what area of clothing is missing in your comfort wardrobe, and see what comfort wear might be past its best and work out if you want to get something similar to or diversify into a new realm of comfort.

How to Make Streetwear your New Suit

It’s a new year and a new season of clothing, and time to work out how to balance out your smart, workwear clothing, and the more casual side of your wardrobe. Streetwear usually lands within the latter of these two categories, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Streetwear, as it becomes a much more popular genre of clothing in its own regard, is naturally becoming more nuanced, with companies such as Blood Brother offering this hybrid of streetwear sensibility with high-end fashion.

This blurring of lines between smart and casual is of course nothing new, smart-casual is a concept that has been around for decades. But what we are seeing here today is part of a much larger trend, as offices in cities throughout the world are turning their back on the suit in favour of more casual clothes. As this occurs, other clothing markets are able to fill in the gap left by suits, offering high-end quality clothing that is associated more traditionally with casual wear.

 Yet this often creates a fine line to tread. So here’s some ideas to keep your streetwear on the smart side of things. Firstly, the classic baggy look associated to streetwear can be combated by matching your baggy jumper with some well fitted jeans, this will make a nice contrast and not allow the bagginess to get out of hand.

Before you embark on this though, make sure to read the room. This trend of things becoming more casual is not completely universal. Make sure you are aware of the dress code if your workplace has one, and use your own common sense in working out what other people to seem to wear, it will be fairly easy to work out where the line is soon enough.

Make sure to not go overboard with brands. Try and limit your outfit to one obvious piece of streetwear. This will allow the rest of your outfit to neutralise the streetwear, while also allowing your streetwear to stand out and be the focal point of your outfit.

Stick to the mantra that less is more when it comes to adapting streetwear for the office. Maybe leave the brighter more out there pieces at home and go for some of your black, white and grey streetwear. Try and push the boat out slowly and see what feels like the right fit with your office. Over the days and weeks you can see what sets the right tone and what you feel comfortable in yourself. Remember that a lot of streetwear relies on understating, don’t lose this aspect when moving it to an office situation.

Latest Trends In Cosmetic Surgery

The rise of social media and powerful beauty influencers has transformed the way we view cosmetic surgery. Where once it may have been a secretive procedure, it’s now widely spoken about with many people being openly honest about the work they’ve have done. In the bid to achieve perfection, many are now choosing to go under the knife. From a facelift in New York to breast reduction Manchester, beauty treatments are on the rise. Here’s a look at the latest trends in cosmetic surgery:


Vampire Facial

Kim Kardashian is a pioneer for this skincare treatment that sounds just as gruesome as it is. Typically, celebrities are likely to undergo this treatment before a big red carpet event or awards show. Essentially, a “vampire” facial involves drawing out blood from the patients arm and then re-injecting it into their face using a dermal roller tool. Many who embark on this treatment report that it isn’t too painful. The end result is younger looking skin because it encourages cell rejuvenation and the development of collagen.


“Glass Skin”

This treatment is more like an intense facial than cosmetic surgery, but it is one of the biggest trends this year. The once solely Korean sensation has now filtered out into the rest of the world. A “glass skin” revolves around a series of skincare treatments that should give your skin the appearance of porcelain or glass. The treatment involves a carbon laser peel to target pigmentation, focussing on revitalising the top layer of your skin. Once you’ve undergone treatment, it should be maintained with high-end Korean skincare products to keep your new radiant glow.


Hair Restoration

Hair loss can be a stressful time for both men and women, impacting the way they feel in social situations and damaging their confidence. For some, it may be genetics, and for others it could be stress or other conditions. For years, people have been seeking surgery to help with hair loss in the form of hair transplants. However, newer treatments see patients having their hair restored via injections, lasers and even light therapy. These treatments can reduce the appearance of hair loss and also help to thicken thinning hair.


Bone Lifts

Bone lifts is one of the newest cosmetic surgery Manchester trends around. It’s where ageing skin can be uplifted using the bone structure underneath. It’s tipped to be the future of facelift surgery because of its ability to reverse the signs of ageing without injections. Though this treatment is still relatively new, it won’t be long until it’s brought out into the mainstream for all to try.

5 Things You Can Do To Get A Better Night’s Sleep

We all sleep, but unfortunately many of us don’t do it very well. A good night’s sleep is essential for a healthy existence and protects you physically and mentally. Sleep plays a huge role in healing and repairing our bodies, so if you don’t sleep very well then you may find that you’re irritable, suffer from mood swings and eat more junk food. Luckily, there are many things that you can do to improve on your sleeping habits.


Consider Your Bedroom

If you have trouble sleeping, then one of the first things to consider is your bedroom. In order to get a good night’s sleep, you need the right setting. This means having a clean, peaceful and welcoming bedroom. A lot of us sleep in rooms that are not fit for purpose and the environment may be the reason you are having a bad night’s sleep.


Change Your Mattress

One of the foundations of having a great night’s sleep is a comfortable bed. The right mattress will make a huge difference between a restless and a restful night. An unsupportive mattress encourages you to maintain a bad sleeping posture, so if you regularly wake up with aches and pains then it may be time to change your mattress.


Your Lifestyle May Be To Blame

Our 21st-century lifestyles are fast-paced, chaotic and busy and we rely a lot on technology. As soon as we wake up to the moment we sleep, our brains are preoccupied with TV, mobile phones and checking emails. Our brains are constantly “on”, so it’s no surprise that many of us struggle to fall asleep or wake up on time. Many lifestyle blog have different suggestions of what to do to switch off, but things such as relaxing scents, comfy sleepwear and the right temperature all help our minds relax and unwind.


Make A Before-Bed Routine

Getting into a routine before you go to bed means your body will automatically assume that when it is doing these tasks, sleep is imminent. Have a warm, not hot, bath or shower, put on a womens sleepwear set for ultimate comfort and avoid using any technology. When you get into the habit of doing these things, you may well find that you fall asleep quicker or have a better quality of sleep.


Avoid A Hectic Lifestyle

A lot of us lead quite stressful lives. Long working hours, demanding jobs and taking care of our families all contribute to a hectic lifestyle and this isn’t helped by the intense media which surrounds us. These elements make it hard for us to wind down before we go to sleep, so knowing how to relax your body and mind is important. Knowing when to switch off from the typical day-to-day activities can stop your mind from overthinking and prevent you from getting worked up.

Why everyone loves Mumbai

The commercial capital of India; Mumbai is famous for its chaotic streets, impressive structures, and lively atmosphere. It is being said that one should visit the city at least once in a life. This is a place where high-profile fashion stores stand side by side with a street market. Similarly, an expensive restaurant is placed near the street food stalls. The city also has a rich history as well as cultural background. It is considered as the home for stunning shopping markets, wonderful art museums, and India’s best nightlife. One more feature of the city is it has the biggest tropical forest in the middle of the city. Some of Asia’s largest slums are also located in Mumbai. People from all over the country and globe love Mumbai for many reasons. Let’s have a look at those reasons.

  1. Delicious food-

    The city has transformed from a small village to the metropolitan area over the years. At the same time, the cuisine has also undergone a great evolution. The food options in Mumbai mainly include rice, fish, vegetables, delicious curries and sweets. You will get to test a variety of options especially when you try from the street food stalls. You don’t need to dress up and go to the lavish restaurants to taste delicious food. You will find stall and vendors at every corner. The must-try dishes are the Bombay sandwich, Bhel Puri, Kebabs and Kanda Poha.

  2. Shopping markets-

    Mumbai is filled with so many captivating markets. If you want to explore the city, the best way is to roam around from market to market and do a lot of shopping. You can experience the thrill of shopping in traditional bazaars as well as modern options like shopping malls in the city. Some of the famous shopping spots are Fashion Street, Zaveri Bazaar, Chor Bazaar for antiques and many others.

  3. History and culture-

    Mumbai have many sites that showcase the historical heritage. The Gateway of India is the most iconic place in this capital of Maharashtra. It also has many museums, caves, attractive architecture. One of the most remarkable places is Elephanta Caves which has many temples, halls along with the sculptures of gods engraved in stones. The old city of Bombay is also endowed with many temples and monuments including Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Haji Ali Mosque, Gandhi house, and many others. So, have a stay in any of the best hotels in Mumbai and ride a local or taxi to visit these places when you are on a tour to Mumbai.

  4. Nightlife-

    The nightlife of the city is considered as the best nightlife in India. The streets come after the sunset with various food stalls, nightclubs, and bars. The party lovers can have the best time visiting the clubs and shaking the legs on rocking music.

  5. Bollywood-

    We all know very well that, Mumbai is the home for Hindi film industry which is known as Bollywood. Many of the visitors come to Mumbai just to visit those wonderful theaters and the studios of Film City or to have the glimpses of their favorite Bollywood stars who are residing mostly in Bandra.

These are a few reasons why everyone loves Mumbai. If you are also willing to visit the city and experience all the joys the city has to offer, plan your holiday, do online room booking and get ready to witness the glory of the city.

Art Shows of 2018

With 2018 drawing to a close, it’s a great time to look back and take stock of the year that’s passed before we turn and start to anticipate the year that’s yet to come. It’s been an exciting year in the art world, both for established names and hungry, new artists who are all about finding the cutting edge and pushing it yet further.

Art Basel

As is usual for Art Basel, 2018 was a packed year. Just their final show – the recently concluded Art Basel Miami Beach in early December – was richly stocked with both spectacle and deep consideration of the art world as well as exciting new works.

One of the highlights of the show was the celebration of Act One – the exclusive art journal – an evening event at an exclusive hotel transformed into a Garden of Eden wonderland with the help of sculptures lent by Russian art supremo Zurab Tsereteli.

With a programme of panel discussions about some of the most vital issues facing the art world today, and a stunning installation/performance piece inaugurating Art Basel’s Grand Ballroom, this was a show that finished the year on a high note for the artists, for the organisation and for contemporary art as an institution.

London Highlights

London, as a bastion of old world culture as well as innovative art and design, put on a strong showing through the year in its museums and galleries, serving the public more than collectors and buyers.

Good Grief, Charlie Brown is on in Somerset House through to March 2019, so if you’ve not had the chance to take it in already, this celebration of Charles M Schulz’ iconic comic strip can be a treat for the dark days after Christmas. Loneliness, anxiety and alienation might not sound like the perfect recipe for the funny pages but this exhibition shows how Schulz turned them into an immortal and, yes, comic exploration of the human condition.

Lasting till just after Christmas in the National Gallery is hosting an exhibition of Mantegna and Bellini’s greatest works, and there’s an odd parallel to the Peanuts strips here. While Schulz made deftly, darkly comic work of some of the most heart wrenching aspects of human nature, these Renaissance masters took on some of the brutal scenes of suffering in the bible, transforming torture and martyrdoms into works of transcendent beauty. This is a dense exhibition with lots of background information to absorb, so you’ll step out if its galleried informed, entertained and educated.