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Baabuk vs. Allbirds – Difference between the 2 giants in the Wool Shoes Industries

Wool shoes may seem like a fad, but there are several reasons to go for this trend with the obvious one being warmer feet. It’s common for our hands and feet to become cold during the winter. On days such as these, wool slippers can come to our rescue.

These slippers made from sheep’s hair keep your feet comfortably warm even if they get wet. In addition to their temperature regulation, wool shoes are lightweight. This adds to the comfort of your feet. You get comfortable footwear without having to carry any extra weight.

There’s another reason to pick up wool shoes. This one will specifically appeal to the eco-conscious folks – these are made with an all-natural material. In other words, there are no harmful synthetic compounds that go into the manufacturing process. The material’s sustainability is another relevant plus point.

Not to mention, wool is a natural moisture-wicking material, and most of the sneaker varieties are machine washable, making caretaking truly effortless. Plus, the antimicrobial potential of the material means that you can wear your shoes without the need for socks.

Now that we’ve listed some important reasons why wool shoes are an incredible investment to make let’s dive into the shopping part. Except, we can’t go ahead with that unless the difference between Baabuk and Allbirds, the two wool shoe industry giants are understood.

So, here’s an in-depth look at the differences between the two wool shoe giants:

Baabuk for getting a versatile pair of sneakers is a certified b-corp with its manufacturing starting with soap, water, and wool in Nepal. The upper is then made in Portugal. Originally, a slipper-only brand, Baabuk has grown to offer a richer line of footwear including boots and sneakers as well.

Besides being socially responsible, the wool shoe giant offers a wide array of versatile styles that promise comfort. Regardless of your preferred aesthetic, you will find something by this brand that pleases your tastes.

Baabuk’s shoes are easy to put on and don’t require extensive efforts that go into shoe-tying. If you are worried about the slipper’s grip on ice, then know that the sole will help hold your position on the ice. Most of its varieties are also machine-washable, so you can throw in your shoe (provided it is machine-washable) and don’t fuss over its caretaking.

Babbuk emphasis sustainability in their shoe collections that showcase brilliant colors and wide-ranging styles. You only have to hurry to get the colors that come in the limited-edition collections because they run out pretty fast.

Allbirds for traditional wool footwear

Allbirds was born in 2004 and instantly shot to popularity in the Silicon Valley. Later on, it went to expand to the rest of the US. At the opening of this year, they introduced a new line of sneakers, which are made from Eucalyptus pulp. The collection goes by the name of Tree Collection and is comfortable as you’d expect wool shoes to be.

Allbirds standard slip-on Loungers, as well as Runners, keep your feet warm, dry, and sweat-free all day long. Plus, they are machine-washable, so you can keep your sneakers as clean as they arrive originally, making them last longer in your shoe collection.

Some other differences between Baabuk and Allbirds

If you’re looking for traditional wool shoes, you will get a reasonable pair at Allbirds. However, if you are searching for something a little more versatile, stylish, and durable, then Babbuk should be your first choice.

Babbuk is considered as a better option to Allbirds because it has the no-tie feature. This means that when you’re in a hurry to go out for a jog in the morning, you won’t need to spend time fiddling with the laces.

Another feature that sets both these brands apart is that they boast different origin points. Where Allbirds’ starting point is the Silicon Valley, Baabuk is a brainchild of Dan and Galina. It all started when Galina’s parents gave Dan a pair of Valenkis.

Originally, such wool shoes were worn by Russians to keep their feet warm in the Siberian sub-zero temperatures. Dan and Galina realized that the footwear was eco-friendly and they decided to share these to the rest of the world, which is how Baabuk came into being.

Another point of difference is their making. Baabuk boasts durability on account of its making. The shoes from this giant are seamless. This means that there isn’t a seam to tear and cause trouble. Moreover, while Babbuk uses mulesing-free sheep wool (which guarantees that they don’t harm sheep), Allbirds make no such promises.

The good news though is that both these shoe giants follow environmentally-friendly practices when it comes to their shoe manufacturing process. Plus, they aren’t any synthetic compounds used in the making of this footwear, which is why their costs are a bit pricier than the average shoe.

Closing thoughts

Wool shoes are great ways to keep your feet warm and sweat-free without having to worry about donning socks. What’s more, the material of such footwear is durable. In contrast with cotton, wool is seven times stronger. Besides, it can be bent 30,000 times and is recyclable as well.

All these factors and more make a convincing story for including wool footwear to your shoe wardrobe. Moreover, you can always choose from a variety that Baabuk and Allbirds offer.

Summer Trends You Can Still Wear in Autumn

It’s time to put the summer behind us and dust off the jackets, jumpers and jeans you’ll be wearing in the Autumn/ Winter seasons. Autumn tends to be an expensive time of year, you’ll want to purchase layers, a new coat and we can’t forget about the festival period that everyone starts to shop for early. To avoid spending too much on new clothes, there are some summer trends that you can still wear in the Autumn, and no one will bat an eye.



Dad Trainers

Some people hate them, and others love them, dad trainers are a trend that is here to stay, and more brands are following the trend now. With so many options available, the bulky styled shoe has been a sensation with brands such as FILA, Asics and Champion and adds a slightly alternative look to the conventional streetwear style.


Pink Stays Put

Pastel pinks have been on trend all summer, and designers are continuing to push the neutral colours in jackets, t-shirts and sweaters. It’s a smart/casual style that can be matched up with the majority of clothing, in the Autumn, layering pink up with similar colours makes for an excellent tonal style that will work well with a dark pair of trousers. So, if you own a pink shirt, top or jacket, don’t put it away for the winter just yet.



The beanie whether is commencing but it isn’t cold enough yet for your ears. Trucker hats have always been a staple for streetwear styles, however, because of the dad cap trend the desire for wearing caps in a semi-smart manner is becoming more common, and the Autumn has already seen this trend in full effect.


Cropped Trousers

Frozen ankles will still be on trend in the Autumn and is likely move into the winter too. Styling cropped smart trousers with a thick knit jumper or a turtleneck sweater, and some brogues is an effortless look ready for most occasions. If you’re not one for enduring cold ankles, the style has also been seen at fashion events with patterned socks, so you might be in luck for keeping them warm.


Denim Jackets

Perfect all year round, a denim jacket in summer is a great choice of lightweight outerwear that isn’t going to make you feel warm. In the autumn, denim jackets are the ideal final layer to any casual look, pairing it with a hoody or jumper gives a solid layered look suitable for both Autumn and Winter.


Naturally, t-shirts, jeans and jackets from the summer can be kept out and unless you’re looking to completely change your style. There shouldn’t be much need for spending the autumn unless you need a new coat or some extra layers for the colder seasons. The majority of designers think that layering is essential and to do this styles from different seasons can all make an appearance.

How Long It Takes To Pack Your Households To Move?

While moving from one place to another, it gets difficult for everyone to pack all the things and shift to a wholly new place. It becomes even more difficult for those who have a transferable job and is required to change places quite often.

In this course of time, hiring a truck and packing, segregating each and every item on the house into small, medium and large cartons and then loading them all to the truck and then unloading them at the destined house or apartment, it takes up a lot of time and money.

In fact, the owner also stays rather tensed on whether the entire product would reach safe and sound or not. For this purposes, many small organisations have come up with the idea of secured packing and moving services.

There are numerous moving companies in London which helps all the residents living in or near London to move their items without creating any kind of hassle or trouble.

How are availing the moving companies London useful?

The services provided by these small movers are clean and trustworthy. However, there are certain benefits of using the services from these companies.  

  1. The main objective of these small organisations is to make sure that all the material that they pick up from the starting destination is moved to the final destination with full safety and ensuring nothing gets destroyed on the way.
  2. Hiring the packers and movers lets you reduce your own work. How? The organisations send in their staff with the proper kind of equipment like boxes and other tools which also help in packing your things in your apartment.
  3. While you’re kind of packing might be not so professional, the staff from this kind of companies use professional tools and proper ways of packing your articles making sure that nothing gets destroyed in the process.
  4. Another speciality of these services is that they provide full insurance coverage of the transit that they make which able the customer to stay safe in case any damage is caused.
  5. Using the help from the professional packers and movers speeds up the entire process of shifting items to a new place and also these kind of services are comparatively cheaper than usual.

Different packing options to choose from.

There are two things which a person can choose before moving to a new place. In order to get all the things shifted to a new place, the owner can either plan on packing each and everything on their own or then avail the services of the packers and movers.

Time is taken by the movers and packers to complete the work

Normally for the professional packers and movers, it would take around 12 hours if the room consists of 5 bedrooms. Thus, the time taken decreases with the decrease in the number of rooms in the apartment. Hence, you can expect a really speed up the process and get your things delivered to the new place in no time. Get access to the moving companies London on the internet right now!

5 Health Benefits of Regular Physical Exercise

5 Health Benefits of Regular Physical Exercise

From doctors to our parents, everyone has always stressed how important exercise is in our daily lives. However often people think that exercise is only for those who need to buff up their body or get rid of extra fat. In reality, exercise has some incredible health benefits for people. Even if people have no existing ailment, doctors still recommend them regular physical exercise to help their body be in the best possible shape. If you are still on the fence about the wonders exercise can do for you, here are five benefits of regular physical exercise.

  • It can Elevate Your Mood:

One surprising benefit of exercise that most people do not know is that it can help make your mood better. Numerous studies have shown a link between exercise and a decrease in feelings of stress, depression and anxiety. When you put your body through physical exercise, you are secreting hormones like serotonin and norepinephrine which can help you get rid of feelings of depression. It also releases endorphins in your body which help people feel happy. So the next time you are feeling down in the dumps and nothing seems to get you out of that slumber, then instead of reaching for that bottle of booze or losing yourself to Netflix, you can go out an exercise instead. It does not matter what you do, it’s the act of putting your body to a physical strain that will help lift your mood.

  • It helps in Increasing Your Energy:

Another surprising benefit of regular exercise is that it helps you in bringing up your energy levels. If you find yourself constantly feeling tired and having no energy to complete even the most menial tasks, then you need to adopt the habit of regular exercise. Exercise has been proven to boost the energy of both, healthy people and people with medical conditions. You may think that a day of running on the treadmill or doing squats may leave you tired and full of fatigue, but it actually increases the endurance and energy levels of your body. Once you get in the habit of exercising regularly, you will start to notice how you can climb more flights of stairs without breaking out in sweat or how quickly you have done your daily tasks as compared to before.

  • It can Reduce your risk of developing Chronic Diseases:

One fact that people do not know about exercise is that people who exercise can actually lower down their chances of developing common chronic diseases. Studies have shown that lack of physical activity actually leads to an increase in the chances for developing diseases such as diabetes etc. If you want to lead a happy and healthy lifestyle then regular exercise should be a part of your life. Studies have shown that exercise can not only improve insulin sensitivity but it can also play a big part in improving the cardiovascular function of your body and decrease your levels of blood pressure and blood fat. Lack of exercise coupled with unhealthy eating habits often leads to obesity which opens up the gate for numerous diseases like diabetes. Through exercise and tools such as waist trainers, you are cutting down on your chances of getting obese and hence cutting down on your risk for getting other diseases associated with obesity.

  • It Can Make Your Skincare Routine a Lot Easier

The lifestyle we lead has a very significant effect on our body. It often manifests itself as breakouts on our skin or ailments in our body. Another surprising effect of exercise is that it helps you in taking care of your skin. The stress you put your body through often shows up on your skin. Regular physical exercise produces natural antioxidants in your body which helps repair the damage caused to your skin. It also stimulates the flow of blood in your body and helps your cells adapt as they age, which in return helps reduce the signs of aging skin. So you can cut down your skincare routine by half and get rid of all your scheduled detoxes if you introduce regular exercise in your life.

  • It can Boost Your Brain Health

Another amazing effect that regular exercise has on our bodies is that it helps in boosting brain function. Exercise increases the heart rate of your body and promotes the flow of blood and oxygen to our brains. Secondly regularly exercising leads to the production of hormones in our body, which leads to an increase in the production of cells in our brain. Studies have shown that the size of the hippocampus increases in the brains of people who do regular moderate exercise. Hippocampus is a vital part of the brain that aids in memory and learning, so exercise helps that part of the brain grow which causes your memory and learning skills to get better.

While exercise is important for our bodies, it’s also important to not put any extra strain on your body. You should only exercise to a point where you can handle it and develop an exercise routine based on the limitations of your own body instead of blindly following regimes that might not work for you.

5 Dresses to Wear at a Fancy Party


If you are someone who has a party to attend but cannot choose what to wear, no problem, there are many options we have listed here for you. Parties are an excellent occasion to dress up, glam up and dazzle the audience. You get to meet new people and interact with them, so you need to have a good outfit on you to leave a good first impression. This article is going to enlist 5 dresses that will never go amiss for a party. So let’s take a look at them.

Black Dress

black-dressImage source

As Karl Lagerfeld once said, “One is never over-dressed or underdressed with a little black dress.” You should always have a black dress ready in your wardrobe because honestly, you never know when you are going to need it. Black dress is a symbol of beauty and elegance without trying too hard to stand out. You can wear a simple black dress and pair it with flashy accessories to make your party look. Also, you can have a shimmery black dress if accessories are not your thing. Wear this with high heels and you will end up looking fashionably chic! The length of the dress can vary according to the occasion or your mood. You will definitely catch a great amount of attention in the party!

Dressy Bottoms

black-bottomsImage source

If you want to have a little different appearance than others, dressy bottoms are your pick. You can get a legion of dressy bottoms in form of straight formal dress pants, high waist wide pants, culottes, palazzos, etc. You can wear any pair of the above mentioned pants with simple blouses as well. If your bottoms are floral or too attention-seeking, you should avoid wearing very happening shirts. In this case, simple shirts with solid colours will be your best bet. If your bottoms are too simple then you can choose a blouse with flare. Remember to keep a balance.

Short Cute Dresses

short-cute-dressImage source

If you want to keep your dressing minimal and classy, a short cute dress will be the most apt choice for you. You can go for solid coloured dresses like maroon, beige, faun, etc. or you can have printed ones or the ones with transitions. All of them will look beautiful if you wear them with a complementing set of shoes or boots and the right accessories. You can also wear long pendants with some dresses to keep your dressing a little festive. This is a good option for those who don’t feel like wearing maxi dresses to the party.


jumpsuitImage source

Jumpsuits are very popular nowadays. There are many different types of jumpsuits for everyone. They give you a tall and exquisite look which instantly creates an aura of grace around you. Let it be monochrome jumpsuits, floral or other kind, they all look very beautiful when worn to a fancy party. You can wear high heels with them and look like a walking fashion model. Moreover, in order to add a little bit more glam in your outfit, you can wear a fancy shrug over your simple jumpsuit or vice versa to stand out a bit. You can choose whether you want a sleeveless jumpsuit, off the shoulder jumpsuit or if the party is in winter, you can wear a full sleeve jumpsuit. The choice is yours!


skirtImage source

Skirts are one of the most important and most ignored item of clothing in a woman’s wardrobe usually. They should be worn at parties as they give a hint of vintage class and elegance. There are different types of skirts which can be used for a joyous occasion. You can wear any length you like and it will look great. There are different skirts like boot-cut skirts, long skirts, short skirts, etc. Wear these skirts with different small blouses and create captivating looks every time. In order to give a very unique touch, you can add a slit in the centre or at the side of the skirt. This gives you a trendy look and complements your fashion outlook.

In a nutshell, parties are always going to come and you will need new outfits every time. However, you cannot buy a brand new piece of clothing every time you are invited to a party. So, you need to accentuate your style sense a bit to create new looks for your fancy occasions by pairing up different pieces in new manners. The aforementioned 5 dresses should be a must in your wardrobe so you have a diverse and classy style. Even at the last minute, any one of these will be enough to save your day. If you are suddenly invited to a party, you can always wear a black dress. It looks elegant and classy. So make sure you have a pair or two in your closet for emergencies!

Exiting Seduction Tips: Make Him Want You

One very big mistake that most individuals make is confusing “Seduction” with “sex”. This is actually very interesting considering the fact that seduction is literally nothing like sex. Moreover, seducing a man does not necessarily mean you allowing him to have you. Many individuals associate seduction with sex. They feel the need to entertain things such as sex toys and even sex toys for men while making love. While it may work at the moment, you need to understand that the art of seduction is all about showing your true identity and letting the both of you enjoy the moment.

Either way, here are a few tips that should help you enhance and build your seduction techniques;

  • Try And Stand Out

First and foremost, you need to understand that taking the lead is your job and not the other way round.

Take boxing, for example, the boxer who stays calm at the beginning while observing and studying the opponent is the one who has a substantial chance of making an impact at the end. Observe and understand him. Take your time. Somewhere along the run, surprise him! Show him how smart and resourceful you can be. It’s your duty to surprise your man. However, ensure that you do it subtlety.

  • If Not Hanging Out With Your Spouse, Stay Busy

Seriously, no one would love to chase after a woman without any goals, ambitions and most importantly outside interests or commitments. When conversing, make sure to touch on your weekend swimming club, how you work to stay on track and other extra doses of desirability. Show him how important he is by letting him see that although you are a busy woman, you still have time for him. This stirs up desire in him and makes him want you even more.

  • You Also Need To Stay In Touch

As you probably know, times have changed. Forget the typical trick of the golden days of playing hard to get. You have grown. You have matured and started looking the world in from a much modern and simpler perspective. You need to own the relationship and give him an idea of how you keep thinking of him. Think of how amazing it feels when someone just gets in touch with you just to inform you that they miss you. However, ensure that you do not overdo it like stalking the poor guy.

  • Give Him A Goodnight Kiss As If He Is Leaving Tomorrow!

Go with what you are comfortable with. However, surprise him at times and give him your best of the unexpected. One night, while he is expecting the routine goodnight peck before sleep, give him one amazing French kiss then go to sleep. You are guaranteed that he will dream about you and keep thinking about you the next day at work. Give him other surprises too even in bed. They are very important.


Most of the tips out there on how to seduce a man may entirely require you to get out of your comfort zone. However, gradually, you will begin to realize that some of them or rather the ones not entirely based on sex are true. On analyzing yourself at that moment, you will also realize that you have become almost 100% confident in applying those tips. If you are confident and you feel sexy, you will need to prove it to him to make him want you even more.

Athleisure Classics to Make You Look and Feel Fantastic

Athleisure is the trend that simply won’t lie down. Why is it so enduring? Perhaps because it’s a grassroots movement rather than something that’s been enforced from the runway down: it started with people’s natural preference for the comfort of sportswear in other situations, which was capitalised on by designers to add a fashion flair to the previously merely functional clothing. Being able to make a fashion statement and signal that you have your finger on the pulse without

Today we’re taking a look at some classics of the Athleisure genre, to make sure you’re not missing any of the essentials in your casual wardrobe.


One of the places the athleisure trend started was the popularity of yoga pants, so picking a pair of comfortable and fashionable sportswear pants is vital to round out your wardrobe.

The ones you pick depend on what you intend to be using them for. If you’re interest in athleisure is to bring some of the flair of the fashion world to the gym, then you’re going to want a harder wearing pair of pants, like Adidas’ own.

If what you’re looking for with your athleisure wardrobe is the comfort of sportswear brought into every day life, you need to look at the luxury end of the spectrum. A cashmere trackpant for example or Versace’s velvet incarnation of the garments bring some luxury to your life and some comfort to your everyday, even if they aren’t items you’d choose to wear to the gym or the athletics track.


An outfit should be built from the ground up, so it’s important to start with the right shoes. Here, fashion, comfort and health all overlap. The athleisure trend takes it cues from the world of exercise, so the trainers and sneakers it produces are often built with those principles in mind: providing both comfort and the necessary structure to support your feet where they need it. The fashion side upgrades these designs with high end materials, and flourishes like a rose-gold finish.

This is one area where there’s a huge amount to choose from, so you’ll be able to find the perfect shoes to fit both your foot and your look.

These are only two of the ways that athleisure has infiltrated wardrobes across the world, but they’re the two most important foundations of an outfit that crosses comfort with fashion for a unique and striking effect so it’s well worth taking the time to get them right!

Why Should You Invest in Custom Tracksuits?

Sportswear customizations are opening a lot of windows for sportsmen and sports clubs around the world, with the most significant being better and bigger sponsorships. Almost every sports club and team that has invested in personalized sports kits have all the good things to speak about it.

So, how can sportswear customization benefit you as a club or a team?

In multiple ways, we say. But let us first understand what a personalized sportswear is.

When we say personalized sportswear, we mean a kind of sportswear that is made to order or created to meet certain specifications. These specifications come from the club or team that is personalizing a sportswear. With the advent of technology, customizing has become extremely easy and interesting, thanks to the 3D Kit Designer – a tool that enables you to design your own sportswear online.

Some of the leading custom sportswear and sports equipment manufacturers like Zapkam offer this 3D Kit Designer online for free. You can use this kit designer to design your own sportswear in different colors and styles. Best part, apart from the fact that you can create your own sportswear in almost any color under the sky, is that you can add your team’s or club’s logo, your sponsor’s logo, and team members’ names, numbers, and initials.

Not only sportswear, but you can also customize tracksuits and coordinate the design with your game day team wear. Opting for this will fetch you many incredible benefits. Here we have mentioned some.

Team Branding

There is no doubt about the fact that personalized sports kit is great for team branding. You will not only be adding a unique edge to your team’s style, but will also be leaving a lasting impression in the minds of your fans and onlookers. This personalized team wear, therefore, will soon become your team’s identity, especially in the way that your fans would be able to spot you in a crowd easily. What’s more? They may even want to show support or simply borrow your style by wearing your team wear during matches or on other occasions. This, in turn, will bring extra income to your team or club.

More Sponsors

As we mentioned at the beginning of this blog, personalized sportswear including custom tracksuits could help you get more sponsors. Here’s how. Custom sportswear helps you add your sponsors’ logo on your team wear using the 3D Kit Designer. When prospective sponsors will see these logos on your team wear, they will feel propelled to approach. On the other hand, if you are approaching new sponsors, you can create 3D mock-ups of your team wear with the prospective sponsor’s logo. You can then add these mock-ups to your proposal/presentation which would certainly increase your chances of succeeding.

There are many more benefits of investing in a custom tracksuit. For instance, these tracksuits could easily become your team’s uniform off the field. And would, therefore, increase the visibility of your club or team outside the court or ground. To present another instance, consider a situation where you do not have to maintain a brick and mortar club shop for team wear and team merchandise. With manufacturers like Zapkam, you can set an online club shop and direct your team members and fans directly to these shops for any orders. In short, it’s a win-win.

How to be Beautiful in a Very Natural Way.

Do you want to look beautiful in a natural way? Then you need to use the natural products. There are many good natural products available and you can make use of them for your delicate skin. There are many products available like creams, face wash, mask etc.

You need to make use of cream for your body and face. The cream must be made up of all natural ingredients that will keep the skin soft and nourished. You need to see a variety of such products and then decide which one can be the best for you. You can check them online and also order them online. They are available at the most affordable rates.

Natural products are good for your skin always. If you are looking for a good cream for your face then you can get the best all natural face cream.  This will help you to have a natural glow on your face. They are best for all types of skin. They are made up of natural and vegan ingredients. This is an easy way in which you can look good. You may find many brands in the market and you need to choose the best one for you.

There are different types of natural products that can be used for your skin. There are some of the green brands those are made from leaves extract. You can have a search online and see which of the products suits you the most. If you order them online then that will save your time and money as well. You can avail many discounts for ordering the products online. There are many good products and you can select the best one for you.

If your skin is delicate then you can also get a customized product. You can tell them what ingredients you want to have and they will make that for you. They will use the nice combination that will make your skin glow. There are also some makeup kits that you can order for your skin. These products are made up using only some natural raw material and no synthetic colors or cosmetics are used in this. There are different types of creams and you can buy natural organic face cream for you.

They will tell you about the main ingredients of the products and this will help you to select the best one for you. They will tell you what ingredients can best match you. You need to see what all things are available and order them online. You need to first see if the product suits your skin type or not. If you have a delicate and sensitive skin then you need to be very careful while you pick a product for you. Your skin will glow, grow and will be healthy as well. Get the perfect brand for your skin and have a healthy skin type. There are many actors who make use of these natural skin products to make their skin glow. Make your skin look great with these great products.

Why Include Rummy in Wedding Parties?

Weddings are big events in India. Our nation spends a lot on a wedding. These occasions may last anywhere between an hour to ten days. All relatives and friends get together for a wedding party. Keeping such a vast crowd entertained can be quite a challenging task. That is why rummy card game is an ideal addition to wedding parties and events.

Most People Know the Game

In India, most people know how to play rummy. That is why if you include this game in a wedding party, most people attending will be able to participate in the game. It is vital that you choose a game that most people are familiar with to keep the guests interested in the party. It is easy to arrange tables and provide a few decks of cards so that people have a fun time.

Easy to Teach the Game

In case you end up with a couple of people at the party who are not aware of rummy game, it is still ok. This is because the game can easily be grasped and the rules of the game are not tough to understand. This makes the game simple and interesting to most people.

Flexibility in Number of Players

Most of the popular card games restrict the number of players to either 2 or 4. In rummy, there is a flexibility in the number of players. This allows you to easily arrange tables among guests for a wedding and coax them to play rummy. This is another reason why rummy is a great choice for wedding parties.

People of all Ages Can Play the Game

Another beauty of classic rummy game is that it can be played by people of different age groups. It does not matter whether the player is a youngster or an old man, all can play and enjoy the game equally. In a wedding, people of different age groups meet at one place. If there is no one common factor to bind them, the gathering can be disorderly. That is why a round of rummy is most welcome in such parties. It helps to organise the gathered crowd. It also helps them interact with each other on a rummy table.

Easy Way to Keep People Engaged

People often get bored during long marriage parties. The game is the best way to keep the people gathered engaged and busy. People need to be kept busy in order to avoid chaos. It is not always possible to manage the crowd during occasions unless there is an organised way to entertain them. Rummy is a great way for sure.

Some Additional Tips

When you decide to include rummy as a part of entertainment in the wedding, you need to make arrangements for the same. Make sure you have tables arranged where people can take time to relax and play cards with others. You also need to arrange for refreshments at regular intervals at these tables. Make sure there is good lighting and ventilation so that the guests are all made comfortable. Organise some rummy tournament to encourage participation in the game.