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How to Plan a Party for D.C Comic Lovers

What’s better than watching you favorite superheroes in action on a Sunday morning fresh out of bed? A superhero themed party!!

If your child or sibling has been obsessed with the world of superheroes, is spending all their pocket money on comic books and catching up on the animated series as well, you don’t need to scratch your head too much to plan their next party.

A DC superhero themed party could be the best surprise for your kid and help him gain the extra points among his friends so here’s how you pull it off;

The Party Favors

The Party Favors

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Giving your guests gifts and thanking them for lighting up the party is a great gesture. There are tons of ways to make superhero themed party favors;

  • You could make super hero masks. Either buy them or cut them out in cardboard and decorate with paints.
  • Superhero body bags that are filled with delicious chocolate and candies
  • Capes might seem a bit too extravagant to make. Getting a big cloth and sewing it might be a wonderful idea and may win your child the praise of every kid.
  • Medals- If there’s one thing that kids love more than candy, it’s being treated like a hero! Make medals out of construction paper or card boards and glue the initials of the superheroes to them then just before leaving, award each kid with a medal of bravery.

A Themed Sleep Over

Superheroes need to keep up their strength and rejuvenate with a fun sleep over! Set the matching batman joker socks with comfy superman Pj’s, which you can find on The League of Geeks online store, for a deathly combination. You can also divide the kids into teams for batman vs superman and have them duel it out at a game of charades or hide and seek with walkie talkies! Make sure they have ample place to set their sleeping bags and the parents are okay with their kids staying over. Don’t leave a lot of candy lying around, they might get a high sugar rush!

Divide and Conquer

To really have a fun planned day with the kids, get a few Batman T shirts and some Superman T’s for the kids and divide them into teams to look for the hidden treasure in your treasure hunt game. Make it exciting for the kids and set a time limit with a winning prize. You can even have multiple games like tug of war where kids can enjoy and run around. Water fighting seems like a pretty great idea on a hot summer day.

Smash the Piñata

With the super strength, kids are now ready to charge and smash the piñata to reveal their earned prizes inside. A joker themed piñata doesn’t seem like a bad idea at all since he’s the favorite villain DC has ever had.

Get candy from the Villain

Get candy from the Villain

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Dress up an adult as the joker who will steal the candy from the kids and run. The kids have to chase him down and capture him with the help of a hula hoop or wonder woman’s rope of justice! When the villain is caught, he gives the kids candy for his freedom.

Comic Cones

Pass around Cheetos and chips in cones made up of comic book papers. You don’t have to tear up actual comic book papers, just get them photocopied!

Bonfire Fun

If you’re planning on making it a night thing, a bonfire seems like a perfect idea. Roast mini adorable marshmallows that look like superheroes and have them share stories of their favorite superhero!

5 cars you should buy to up your lifestyle

car and lifestyle

You, just like everyone else, aim to lead a better, more comfortable lifestyle. You work hard and sweat to make that possible. Once you have all the essentials in life, it is human nature to try and acquire things that you want, but don’t necessarily need. And despite what several people say, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. You’ve earned the ability to indulge in a few guilty pleasures. If you have worked day and night to put yourself in a position to improve your quality of life, why should you not do so?

One of the things many people look up to in their lifestyle is faster and/or more luxurious cars. These man-made super machines are an adrenaline rush personified. Some like them for their standout looks, while others are attracted to their high-performance capabilities. Whatever the reason, supercars are desirable to all.  If you are looking to treat yourself to a new luxury ride, you may want to sell your old car. Webuycarstoday is one platform you might consider for this purpose.

Here are 5 of the best cars you can buy if you want to take your life up a notch.

Ford Mustang Shelby GT350:

The Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 is a pure muscle car. It costs 56,000 US dollars with its more expensive, higher performance GT350R model available for 64,000. The car houses a powerful 5.2-liter flat-plane crank V8 motor with a redline of over 8000 rpm, that generates 526 horsepower and 429 lb.-ft of torque. It is this engine that helps this car produce its iconic booming sound. It is a rear wheel drive with a Tremec 6-speed manual transmission and is equipped with a specialized exhaust and 19-inch aluminum wheels. The car is built for performance, and it delivers just that with an acceleration of 0 to 60 in under 4 seconds and a top speed of 156 mph. It comes with Recaro cloth/Miko suede seats and a fine interior that makes the comfort just as impressive as the performance. At this price point, this car is worth every penny.

Cadillac Escalade:

When it comes to luxury cars, few if any do it better than Cadillac. The Escalade is premium quality SUV whose prices start at 75,000 dollars. It is a true giant powered by 6.2-liter V8, 420 horsepower, 460 lb.-ft torque engine. The exceptional part is that this 10-speed automatic transition four-wheel drive can reach 60 from 0 in 5.8 seconds and hit 112 mph, which is impressive given its 5800-pound (2,656 kg) weight. It has a fine leather interior complete with heated and cooled front seating and heated second-row seating that competes with its classy exterior. If a high-end SUV is what you’re looking for, you can’t go wrong with the Cadillac Escalade.


2017 Tesla Model S:

Tesla has revolutionized the electric automobile industry over the years. Their Model S is an all-wheel drive, all-electric vehicle with a 518-horsepower engine that makes this car 0-60 acceleration a mere 2.5 seconds. It can hit a top speed of 155 mph and has the longest electric range of any car on the market at 335 miles. 30 minutes of recharge gets you 170 miles worth of battery. Its aesthetic exterior envelops a spacious interior with state-of-the-art futuristic features including a 17-inch touch screen computer and autopilot capabilities. Tesla claims this is the safest car ever tested. It does all of this and more while requiring no refueling and producing zero emissions. The Tesla Model S, costing just under 100 thousand dollars, is living proof of the fact that electric cars are truly the future of the automotive industry.

Mercedes-Benz E-Class Sedan:

The Mercedes Benz E class has a grandeur of its own. It comes in sedan, coupe, and convertible forms (although here we are talking about the sedan exclusively). This E-300 starts at a price of around 62 thousand dollars, with the higher performance E-400 version coming at 70 thousand.  This 4/5-seater provides a smooth and comfortable drive with excellent ‘Air Body Control’ shock absorbance making it easy to handle- a standard for the company. The E-300 has a 2.0L inline-4 turbo engine that provides 241 horsepower and 273 lb.-ft torque while the E-400 is driven by a 329 horsepower, 354 lb.-ft torque, 3.0L V6 Biturbo engine.  As you’d expect, this German-made sedan has a plush interior highlighted by its comfortable hand-stitched leather seats and a panoramic 12.3-inch infotainment system. The E-class ‘Merc’ is truly the car for those with taste.

 Chevrolet Corvette Z06:

If you are a true adrenaline-junkie with love for high-speed sports cars, you’ll love the Corvette Z06. This car hosts a supercharged 6.2L V8 engine that produces a mighty 650 horsepower and 650 lb.-ft torque. The engine is complemented by the cars lightweight, ergonomic design. This helps it shoot from 0-60 in 2.95 seconds and reach a top speed of 200 mph. The car is equipped with a seven-speed manual transmission, but you could choose to get an upgrade to an eight-speed automatic transmission. Here’s the best part- the Z06 comes at an astonishing cost of just under 80 thousand dollars, which is unheard of for a car with such remarkable specs. The Corvette Z06 is a true beast and perfect for those looking for a traditional, high-speed supercar.

So, what are you waiting for? Invest in one of these five luxury cars and up your lifestyle instantly!

Top Tips for Holidays with your Dog

Top Tips for Holidays with your Dog

Taking your dog on a holiday with you is something that all dog lovers do. In recent times the number of propel who decide to go on a holiday with their favorite pet or animal has risen exponentially. This has prompted many lodgers and hotels to change their policy and make it more suitable for people who go on a holiday with their dogs. There are even more and more travel plans which are specifically aimed at allowing you to bring your dog. More and more items and accessories for dog travel are being sold. So based on this it is clear that the market is allowing the people with dogs to bring their favorite animal and pamper it as well. But is it really suitable to have your dog with you.

Top Tips for Holidays with your Dog

Even though there are many alleviations now present for you to bring your dog, it can still be troublesome to do that. Dogs are not really used to traveling long distance and you might also have problems with the form of transportation. Bigger and smaller dogs require different care and you will mostly have to adapt your plans and ways of vacationing to your dog. The dog will not adapt to your needs, you are the one that needs to make all of it suitable for your pet.

So dealing with this will include making compromises and doing a lot of adaptation on your part. This does not have to mean that your holiday is ruined in advance. It just means that you need to prepare well and that there are certain things that you have to know in advance. Bringing your dog on a holiday with you can make things a lot more fun, or it can make it harder for you. The question is, how you want to do it? So here are some tips that might help you make your holiday with a dog better.

Should I Bring my Dog in the First Place?

This is the first question that you need to ask yourself. The first step is deciding whether your dog would enjoy and if it would be a good idea to bring it along on a trip. But bear in mind, if your dog is sick, injured, pregnant or has any kind of a physical condition that might deter it form going on a trip, it is wise to leave the dog home. You shouldn’t put any additional strain on an animal which is already not fit enough to go and better leave it to rest.

If your dogs have motion sickness, get overanxious and over-stimulated easily, it is also better to leave them home. Remember, your dog has to enjoy the trip as much as you do. They will probably not enjoy a long trip if they have these characteristics. In that case finding a sitter for your dog or simply leaving it with a friend would do. Your dog is your loveable pet and you do need to enjoy the trip together. If your dog ends up being locked in the apartment room while you are somewhere enjoying your day, better leave the dog at home in a familiar environment.

Dogs are notorious when it comes to change of environment. Some of them have routines that they do not like to be changed. If your dog does not like changing places nor doesn’t want to change some of its routines, leave it at home where it is safe.

Preparing for the Trip!

Now when you have decided that your dog is coming, it is time to do all the necessary preparations for it. The first thing that you should do is to see your vet and get the dog checked out. This is connected with the first part and you need to determine that your dog is healthy and that it will not suffer during the trip. Get all the necessary vaccinations up to date and also get some advice from your vet just in case.

Top Tips for Holidays with your Dog

Next thing are some of the legal documents that you have to have. Depending on the type of transpiration and the location that you are going to, you will need to acquire some documents for your pet. Some airline companies or ships do require that you provide them with certain information about your dog and the same thing goes when you enter a different country. You will need to ask beforehand about all the necessary things that you have to provide. You do not want to end up being turned back because of a missing document that you do not have. The best way would be to decide where you are going and how you are going to get there and then check the policy or the requirements for dog travel.

You also have to predetermine the policy that transportation companies have towards animals. The same goes with accommodations as well. Certain companies have different rules when it comes to storing the animals. For example, if you know the Tibetan Mastiff characteristics, you know it is not a small dog and it requires different conditions than a smaller dog. Bigger dogs usually have to be placed in the cargo area in specifically secured boxes. Smaller dogs can be carried with you in some cases, but you still have to put it in a special container during the trip. Hotels also have different polices in regards to animals. Some of them do not allow them and are really strict about it. But luckily since there are more and more travelers going with their pets, a lot of hotels have decided to change their policy when it comes to animals. When booking your accommodation in a hotel always check first about the rules they apply for pets, or in this case specifically dogs.

On the Road!

This may differ when it comes to forms of transportation. But if you are traveling by ship or plane, this is easier to endure and faster. But if you are going by car, there are many things that you have to think about in order to relax your dog. Some of you may think that it is easier to take your dog by car, while on the other hand it can prove to be a lot difficult.

Top Tips for Holidays with your Dog

Some things that you have think of include not feeding the dog just before the trip. It is also not advisable to feed them during the trip. If you really have to, give them small portions. They dog might get motion sick that way or will require frequent toilet stops. Also make sure to restrain and secure your dog. You can use a leash to tie your dog if it is restless during the trip. Your family members may provide you with help during this time, particularly your kids as they may play with the dog and calm it down. Never open a window or the door of the car if your dog is not properly secure. They might get away and you might end up losing it. Another thing is that you have to make your dog as comfortable as it can be. Sometimes it can get pretty hot during a trip so make a comfortable environment for the dog. Pull down the shade for the side and back windows or turn on the AC. This goes particularly for furry dogs or when you are going to a different climate. The same thing goes if it’s too cold. In that case you need to get the dog warm. Frequent stops are also necessary. Your dog will relieve itself and it will also not get to be too restless. Making a stop and taking a short walk is not only good for the dog but for the driver as well, so this is beneficial in two ways. Bring some water and ice, just in case, and carry it in containers. You never know when you are going to need it.

Dogs on a Plane

Taking a plane may be easy for you, but it is absolutely a dreadful experience for your dog. This is probably the easiest way to transport your loving pet when taking a trip, but do not expect the dog to like it. In fact, a lot of dogs are terrified of flying and it puts additional stress on them if they are put in a container. The cargo hold can be a lonesome place for any pet, particularly if it’s a long trip.

Top Tips for Holidays with your Dog

We actually advise you not to take your dog on a plane ride and do it if it’s utmost important. Dogs should be taken on a plane only when you are moving or if there is no other way. There is a lot of paperwork that needs to be done and you also need to make a lot of preparations for your dog. It makes things harder for you and your dog. Additionally, your pet might also develop certain conditions or even get ill. Some are prone to separation anxiety and it also makes it harder for them to endure this kind of a trip.

You Finally Arrived!

Now when you are there, there are more rules that you have to oblige. First of all, dogs are creatures of habit. They have their routines that they do not like changing. So do not force change on them and make sure that you provide them with similar conditions that they have at home. The closer they feel like at home the easier is it going to be for them.

What you need to do is to introduce them to the room or the place that the dog is going to stay first and also take them out for a walk around the neighborhood. Try to make all of their routine walks like back home and also make sure that they eat the same food. Playing with them is important and do not dare leave them cooped up in their rooms during the whole trip. Try to make them a part of the holiday as much as you can.

Also, it is important to note that you have to behave like a responsible owner. Try to see what the general rules are and follow leash laws or anything that your landlords or the place that you are staying in are going to tell you. It will make things easier for you and you will also not have any problems with the people there.

How to Pick Appropriate Travel Clothing for your Dog

Planning your first ever trip with your canine friend? Day in day out, your furry friend can greatly benefit from the protection of clothing, just as much as you do. While sportswear and costumes add fun to events and holidays, good travel clothing is all about helping your dog better adjust to climatic changes and enjoy more time outdoors. Therefore, you must know how to pick appropriate travel clothing for your dog. We thought it is better to ask the professionals, so we had a conversation with Martine Funari, CEO at Fluffy’s Pet Shop. Here are some of the most important tips that she mentioned:

Appropriate Dog’s Clothing for Cold Destinations

When exposed to the cold, it may only take a couple of minutes for your adorable dog to become dangerously chilled. Unless your dog is a breed that naturally adapts to cold weather, your pet will most probably need something to keep it warm. Like humans, dog breeds with short hair are more susceptible to the cold. It’s therefore prudent to choose a winter coat to keep your pet warm. Sweaters, sweatshirts, and jackets can also work effectively to conserve your best friend’s body heat.

Appropriate Dog’s Clothing for Tropical Climate

Under extremely hot climate, your dog can suffer heatstroke. Therefore, it’s smart to invest in protective clothing.  For dogs with white skin and those with excessive fur loss, they need maximum protection against harmful UV rays as they are more susceptible to skin cancer. You can also add light protective clothing such as a cotton jersey or light t-shirt. This type of clothing can help prevent sunburn, as well as keep your dog cool by reflecting the sun’s hot rays.

Appropriate Dog’s Clothing for Rainy Weather

Nobody enjoys being drenched, over-chilled, or just plain filthy. Pets don’t either, so it’s only right that you buy clothing that will keep your dog dry and comfortable. Investing in a rain coat and a heavier sweater will be thoughtful.

Additional Tips for Other Items to Buy

  • Boots: If you’ll be walking on rocky paths, across hot sand at the beach, through snow, or on sizzling summer sidewalks, boots should be on your priority list. They will provide your dog’s paws with excellent protection against these extremes and other hazards.
  • Pyjamas: It is not usually easy for pets to keep a blanket over them throughout those chilly nights. It’s therefore advisable for you to include pyjamas in your dog’s travel bag.
  • Personalized reflective gear: This is an important addition if you’re planning to walk around with your dog in the evening to enjoy the local nightlife in a foreign town or city. It will come in handy in the event your dog gets off leash, as it helps with night-time visibility.
  • Emotional support bandana: If you are battling an emotional and mental condition, you can travel with your dog for emotional support. You can buy an emotional support bandana for your dog. This will also make it easy for other people to know why you are travelling with your dog.

While most dogs readily accept and appreciate being clothed, some may take a while before getting used to the idea of getting dressed. If yours is in the latter category, you shouldn’t give up on it. With a little patience and practice, your canine friend might come around. You can try to offer treats to encourage cooperation.

Remember that there’s no harm in clothing your dog, whether it’s for function or fashion. What’s of essence is for your dog to wear clothes that are appropriate for the destination you’re both visiting. Be sure to properly measure our dog before ordering its clothes to ensure that they will be comfortable in them.

Best Types of Weddings in Bali

In Bali, there are many types of weddings you can choose from. Each type offers something special. Of course, it would depend on what you prefer. After all, some couples may prefer a simple intimate wedding while others would go for a giant beach wedding. This is one time when you must be patient since it’s an event that doesn’t happen very often. Here are the types to choose from:

Villa Wedding

Exchanging vows in your own private villa will be an unforgettable experience. Alongside your own private pool and nice paintings, it’s a ceremony that you thought would only exist in dreams.

Chapel Wedding

Religious people will be happy to know that there are many chapels in Bali to hold your wedding. If you want a traditional wedding, this is your best option. We’re not talking about ordinary chapels. The interiors were magnificently designed by experts.

Cliff Wedding

Imagine the amazing views while getting married by the cliff. All pictures taken by the official photographer will be a work of art. Your guests will certainly want to get their pictures taken as it will be something they’d want to keep. Hence, your wedding will live in their memories for the rest of their lives. Your guest will definitely experience one of the best sunsets in Bali. There’s even an option to arrive on your wedding day aboard a private helicopter. Now, that’s riding in style.

Beach Wedding

If it’s one thing Bali is famous for, it’s the white sand beaches. Therefore, you’re definitely going to think of having your wedding held at one of them. Good thing, that’s a possibility as a lot of people have already done it. There’s no doubt it’s one of the most ideal settings to exchange vows.

Jungle Wedding

For those who love to explore, the jungle is a nice place to hold your wedding. Of course, you need to hire people to make sure the wildlife doesn’t interfere with the ceremonies. After all, Bali Jungle is a place where a lot of tourists go to explore the waterfalls and the animals that call the place their home. The theme would be wonderful and guests would come in their most creative jungle attire.

Whichever type you choose, it would be a great idea to book a package at You can give them your budget and they’ll give you a package you’ve always dreamed of. They also have connections with several of the city’s top professionals including makeup artists, photographers, and performers. Hence, you don’t need to worry about where you can find those people. They will all make sure your wedding will be a memorable once in a lifetime event. They’ll even design the backdrop that will be put in the background of the stage of your wedding in Bali.

BaliWedding has partnerships with a large number of venues. Therefore, you’ll have so many to choose from and all of them are great options. You can certainly sit down with them to talk about what’s good regarding each venue. Still not impressed? Take a look at their Instagram account and see how they’ve impressed more than 200 couples who chose to have their wedding in Bali. There’s no doubt they have a lot of experience booking weddings for couples. They’ll listen to your preferences and give you the best options that nobody else can. No matter how big or small your wedding is, they’ll be more than happy to arrange everything for you. The only thing you’ll need to worry about is looking good for your big day.

10 Colors You Can Wear at Your Wedding Instead of White

keep it breezy with florals

Gone are the days when wearing anything other than white to your own wedding made you chattel for gossip and the target of snickers from the wedding crowd. Though white remains synonymous with weddings that does not mean that you cannot rock any one of these other colors to your wedding and still look like a vision.

1- Go Bold with Red

go bold with red

Though red is the staple color for Asian weddings, you too can join the bandwagon by ditching the traditional white for a smashing red dress. Designers like Vera Wang have included red dresses in their collection which has given rise to the popularity of some gorgeous wedding gowns in this color. You can even draw inspiration from Kat Von D who wore a Victorian style red dress for her wedding.

2-Go Gothic with Black

 go gothic with black

There’s no reason you can’t wear your favorite color on your wedding day too. Though going for a black wedding gown is an unconventional choice, if you have the perfect accessories to pull it off, then you can make it work. From Sarah Jessica Parker to Avril Lavigne, numerous celebrities have rocked this color on their nuptials and there is no reason that you can’t do the same. You might worry about your friends (especially the bridesmaids) to have chic black dresses to match with your beautiful black theme, and they should easily be able to find pretty lace dresses at a cute online boutique.

3-Channel Royalty with Purple

channel royalty with purple

What girl does not want to feel like a princess on her wedding day? And what better way to channel that than by wearing a color that has long been attributed to royalty. If you need any inspiration for this gorgeous hue, look no further than fashion icon Victoria Beckham who rocked this color to her wedding ceremony.

4-Shine bright with Gold

 shine bright with gold

What better occasion to channel your love for all things gold than your own wedding. While wearing a gold dress for everyday events might be a bit much, it might be the perfect choice for your wedding. Just look at Jessica Simpson who wore a gorgeous gold speckled gown to her wedding with Eric Johnson. Or, you could even take inspiration from the South Indian Tradition of wearing white and gold saarees at weddings.

5-Keep it cute with Pink

keep it cute with pink

You can never go wrong with a pink colored dress for your wedding. This color has been creeping into wedding dresses and also has been touted to replace white as the staple wedding dress color. From Jessica Biel to Anne Hathaway, numerous celebrities have chosen this color for their wedding gowns.

6-Make it pop with Yellow

 make it pop with yellow

If you truly want to make heads turn at your wedding, then choose a yellow dress. Not only will it make you look bright and sunny but you can rest assured that none of your friends might have a similar dress at your wedding. Just take style cues from Amber Tamblyn who rocked a short yellow dress on her special day.

7-Keep it breezy with florals

 keep it breezy with florals

Florals are one fashion trend that never goes out of style, so why not make it a part of your wedding? Floral wedding dresses make sure make you look ethereal by cloaking you in numerous colors instead of just one monotone. Just sneak a peek at how gorgeous Poppy Delevingne looked at her wedding while wearing a floral number.

8-Channel sophistication in Green

 channel sophistication in green

Make people go green with envy as you ditch convention and wear a green dress to your wedding. You can look completely smashing in green like Cynthia Nixon who chose this unconventional hue for her wedding.

9-Go unconventional with metallics

go unconventional with metallics

Metallics are no longer relegated to just clubs anymore. Gunmetal gowns are making a splash on runaways and you can easily find a spectacular dress for yourself in this trend. Just see how Cynthia Bailey rocked a gunmetal gown and you too might just forego the traditional white for this unique color.

-10-Go crazy with colors

go crazy with colors

There is no rule that states a list of colors that you can and cannot wear to your wedding. You want to wear a two-piece in lilac or a fitted number brown, the choice is totally yours. Nothing looks better on a bride on her wedding than happiness and if your happiness lies in a gown with all colors of the wind, then go for it.

Live Out Your Ink: 7 Life Inspiring Tattoo Designs

Live Out Your Ink: 7 Life Inspiring Tattoo Designs

A lot of pressing matters are evident in our generation as of this era. Moreover, hardships and distress are so widespread that depression and hopelessness are already prevalent. Tattoos which are a lasting trend in our society today is a mode of self-expression and motivation.  Through symbols, a person can remind oneself of the light in this world.

The Phoenix

The phoenix tattoo represents the beginning of a new life. A Phoenix rising from the ashes symbolizes the prevalence of the person against all the odds. The tattoo means that the person has risen from flames as a winner, beating all life challenges and defeating the hard times.

Hakuna Matata

Hakuna Matata is a Swahili phrase which roughly means “No problems.” Its meaning is akin to “don’t worry, be happy.” The Hakuna Matata is the perfect tattoo design to remind a person that everything will work out in the end. It serves as proper motivation in times of stress.

The Caim

The Caim is a Gaelic symbol that represents a circle of protection which is drawn to remind a person that he or she is safe and loved even in the darkest times.  The Caim symbol is a suitable tattoo design for those who want to be reminded of hope, love, and safety in times of great distress and hardships.

Minimal Semicolon

The semicolon tattoo states that rather than ending a sentence like an abrupt period, it indicates only a pause and still chooses to continue.  A semicolon tattoo design represents the situation wherein it would seem like development or time had stopped. However, in the end, the person chooses to move forward.

The Lotus

The Lotus flower grows on muddy waters which constitutes to its meaning of rising and blooming above the murk to achieve enlightenment. The Lotus symbol is a powerful and ancient image which symbolizes harmony, prosperity, rebirth, spiritual awakening, beauty, purity and unlimited potential.


The greek symbol of Inguz is a fitting tattoo design for those who want a minimal feel but still retain a deep meaning. It represents the phrase “where there’s a will, there’s a way.” Inguz signals the integration of the four selves: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. It is the drive toward completion and acts as the catalyst for movement toward wholeness.

The Lion

A lion tattoo design symbolizes the courage, strength, excellence, and resilience of a King. The tattoo promotes bravery and facing every challenge that comes your way. Moreover, the lion is a ferociously important symbol which conveys courage, strength, pride, and royalty among many other traits.


The tattoos you get will always be with you for life. Consequently, it will always become a reminder for your experiences and principles in life. This article will help the readers gain ideas on tattoo designs that will help and inspire them to get through life with their head held high.

Top 10 Fashion Tips For Men

Top 10 Fashion Tips For Men

The struggle of getting up in the morning and dressing up for work is as real for men as it is for women. However, the problem arises when your wardrobe doesn’t have many options, and you don’t know how to make do with the little choices you have. If you’re one of those who comes across this problem almost on a daily basis, this article is just for you!

Here are some fashion tips for men, check them out!

  1. Look sharp!

Do you enjoy wearing baggy pants and loose shirts? We know they’re comfortable, but they don’t make for a good fashion statement. Keep these clothes for home, so you can lounge and relax in them. As for public appearance, keep your outfit sharp by wearing clothes that fit! It should be your primary concern in the fashion pyramid before fabric, function or style of clothes.

When purchasing clothes, remember this rule of thumb – if it doesn’t fit or can’t be modified to fit, let it go! It’s not meant for you.

  1. Make quality a priority

Is your wardrobe filled with clothes that neither make you feel good nor match with your other clothing items? Then you need to add some quality items to your wardrobe.

To create a versatile and functional wardrobe, add the following items to your closet:

  • Dark, shaded ties – preferably black, blue, and red.
  • Dress shirts – a combination of them in white, black, and
  • Leatherskinshop shoes and trousers with patterns and colors that complement your dress shirts.

With this wardrobe, you’ll be able to create unique combinations after every few days.

When considering quality, remember one more thing: don’t always go for the cheapest item. Investing in a few expensive but high-quality clothes are better than acquiring tons of cheap clothing items.

  1. Class up your footwear

Dirty and worn out sneakers are a big NO in fashion! Substitute them for a classic pair of footwear or handmade leather boots, because guys, ladies note these minor details! Plus, they can make your outfit pop out.

Replace your everyday sneakers with a sharp-looking pair of brown and black leather shoes. They will work with your most outfits and give you a clean look. To complement your shoes with casual attire, go with desert boots. They hit just the right spot! They are as comfortable as sneakers and not as fancy as leather shoes.

  1. Say NO to big pleats

No doubt pleats offer flexibility and comfort, but they also compromise your overall look. If they are too big, they will gather up around your waist and make you appear short. However, if you decide to add pleats to your dress pants, make sure they are small.

  1. Avoid logos, wild prints, and multi-colored graphics

If you want to look classy and mature, avoid every type of clothing that has large gold-colored logos, safari prints, or multi-colored graphics. Wearing these types of clothes makes you look a tad bit immature. On the contrary, solid colors give off a sober and elegant vibe.

  1. Layer up

We’ve been talking a lot about adding solid colors and dark shades to the wardrobe, but it doesn’t have to be boring. Adding layers can transform a dull outfit into an interesting one.

Now layering can be a bit intimidating because it requires consideration in selecting clothing items can complement each other. Let us simplify the layering theory for you! Picture a guy wearing black jeans with a grey sweater. It’s not bad, but it doesn’t make you turn back and look again. Add a plain white t-shirt underneath the sweater in that equation, and the outfit instantly pops out.

It’s simple and doesn’t require much effort.

  1. Perk up a casual look with a leather jacket

Nothing speaks elegance and style louder than a leatherskinshop jackets. No matter if its day or night, the leather jacket will work at all times and give your casual outfit a dressed-up look. This smart casual look will kick your casual outfit up a notch. Make sure that the jacket you are getting is well-fitted, and doesn’t hang loose on you.

This look is ideal for business-casual men; as it’s neither too formal to overwhelm nor too casual to not make an impression. No other outfit accentuates a man’s frame like a leather jacket! Plus, it’s an easy way to make a simple outfit interesting.

  1. Don’t follow the fashion shows

Even though this article is all about fashion, we advise you not to follow the fashion shows that you see on TV. Why?

  • Those fashion looks aren’t for everyday wear; they are for special events.
  • Focusing too much on fashion-forward looks will disrupt your budget. Plus, you will end up with pieces that will only last a few months. Once they go out of fashion, they will be useless.
  • If you’re a regular guy trying to dress better, these looks will be a nuisance for you.

Therefore, find outfits that complement your taste, style, and look. They will not only spruce up your look but will also give you an exclusive edge.

  1. Accessorize, but carefully

A watch, a pocket square or a simple bracelet make for an excellent accessory. An old, worn out watch, a pocket rose, or a gold bracelet do not! If you’re not comfortable wearing jewelry, go for simple sunglasses, a watch, cuff links, and belts. But make sure to take out time to select the ones that suit your style, are comfortable, and fit you.

  1. Keep it simple, silly!

Its okay to want to be a good dresser, but trying too hard might end up making you look tacky instead of trendy. So, select clothes and accessories that are modest and subtle. They will make you stand out from the crowd and turn heads.

The bottom line

The key to making a fashion statement is realizing what looks good on you and carrying it confidently. The tips mentioned above will help you do that and carry off a look that makes people stop in their track and admire you.

Financial and Emotional Advice on How to Take Care of Your Ageing Parents

Financial and Emotional Advice on How to Take Care of Your Ageing Parents

If we are fortunate enough, we are able to say that our elderly parents or relatives are still with us. Thanks to advances in medicine and technology, we are able to provide the elderly with better care so that they get to live longer than their own parents and grandparents did. On the other hand, old age brings many challenges for the elderly as well as for their family members, and financial troubles aren’t rare. If you’re looking for sound advice on how to take financial and emotional care of your ageing parents, you’ve come to the right place.

Financial and Emotional Advice on How to Take Care of Your Ageing Parents

Be present

If you ask the elderly what it is that they miss the most in life, they’ll probably tell you that they miss the company of others. It’s sad that senior citizens have very few chances for socializing, and if their children and grandchildren live far away, they miss the rest of their family too. You can try to be present more and to include your parents in the life of your family. Try to have meals together more often, schedule a board game night with your siblings and your children, and if that’s not an option, schedule a Skype talk with them every few days.

Keep an open mind

When you start taking care of your ageing parents, sooner or later you’ll realize that this is pretty much a full-time commitment. People who have jobs and families of their own find it difficult to balance everything and soon start feeling the pressure. This is the reason why you should think about nearby retirement homes and discuss this possibility with the rest of your family. Not only will your parents be able to live there, but they’ll also get specialized and professional care, and be able to socialize with other senior citizens.

Be patient

Taking care of the elderly is challenging, especially if you’re family because they still feel like they should be the one in charge. Elderly parents have a hard time handing over control to their own children, and this can be a source of frustration on your part. What is more, when they have serious health issues (diabetes,dementia etc),can get even more difficult. During these times, you should simply remind yourself of all those times your parents had the patience for you, your concerns, your fears and your stories, and try to return the favour.

Financial and Emotional Advice on How to Take Care of Your Ageing Parents

Take care of legal Documentation

Time waits for no one, and your parents are going to face the fact that the older they get, the less capable they’ll be to take care of themselves. This also means that important tasks won’t be taken care of, finances included, which is why you should take care of these things. You should be legally allowed to make big and important decisions in their stead, especially those concerning their finances as well as their health. When talking to your parents, see if they can create a document which will authorize you to act on the behalf of your parents.

When things get tough, and they probably will at some point, you just have to remind yourself that your ageing parents have been very patient with you when you were growing up, and now it’s time to return the favour. You get to be the provider at this point – providing emotional and financial support so they can spend their golden years in peace.

Students In The Summertime

Students In The Summertime

Some love the spring time, as life finally returns, and the plants wake up after a long winter. Some love winter itself, with the cold an excuse for comfy jumpers and comfort food, while others prefer the mists and mellow fruitfulness of the autumn.

Most students, though, live for the summer. There’s a tension that builds up across university campuses as deadlines loom, exams bear down, and when that tension breaks, everyone celebrates! It might be long barbecues through the heat of the afternoon or parties that go on till dawn, spontaneous trips to the beach or paddling pools in the back garden, whether you’re in the student accommodation Bolton has to offer or the medieval halls of Cambridge, summer is the best time of year!

Today we’re giving students a guide to the summer to make sure you get the best out of the best season of the them all.


If your first reaction at a glimpse of sun is to get the barbecue going a case of beer in the fridge, you’re in a for a great summer. Just bear a few tips in mind to make sure your good time doesn’t come to an unceremonious end:

  • Be aware of the neighbours

Whether they’re students who still have exams or civilians with jobs or children (or both!), your parties not going to go far if an irate neighbour calls the police. Try to be sensitive to the people around you, keep the noise down after an agreed time and only go really wild if you know you’re not going to be creating enemies.

  • Drink carefully

You need to be more drink aware than usual in the hot weather. Alcohol is a diuretic, and if you’re in the middle of a heatwave, a few pints of beer won’t hydrate you as much as you might think, even as it masks the mental fog of oncoming heatstroke. Drink water between pints and if you wake up feeling groggy, knock back a sports drink to replace the electrolytes you’ve lost.

  • Cook carefully

Everyone loves a barbecue, but nobody loves food poisoning. If you’re cooking al fresco, cut things in half to check they’re done through, and eat them right away. Leaving plates of sausages in the sun is an invitation to bacteria that you will regret extending.

Fun in the Sun

If you’re spending a lot of time outdoors you need to do a bit more than slap on some factor 30 before you leave the house. Good suntan lotion will protect you from skin cancer and burning as long as you reapply it regularly, but it can’t stop you getting overheated and heat exhaustion is no fun at all.

Make suncream a part of your reaction to the good weather: not your whole plan. Cover up except when you’re consciously working on your tan, andseek out shade if you’re outdoors. This means you can enjoy the summer without it getting the better of you.