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Top 3 Attractions For Your Trip To Singapore

Top 3 Attractions For Your Trip To Singapore

If you are planning to visit Singapore, then you should of course find which are the best places to see in this amazing city. Singapore is a city of contrast, a combo of natural and urban attractions and definitely one of the most common destinations for a bucket list. There are definitely many things to see in this city and below you will find the top 3. So, let’s check them out.


Marina Bay


Marina Bay is considered as Singapore’s tourism epicentar and is a must for first-time travelers. There are many things you can do here both during the day and night time. You will find the best places to eat in Singapore and thus try the best Singapore dishes. If you decide to go on during night time you will be treated to nightly light show put on by Marina Bay Sands that will leave you amazed. Marina Bay is the center of some of the city’s main points of interest and there are many opportunities for entertainment including the world’s largest floating stadium – The Float at Marina Bay, the ArtScience Museum etc.

Top 3 Attractions For Your Trip To Singapore

The Singapore Flyer


The Singapore Flyer is the world’s largest observation wheel and one of the must-see attractions in this city. It is 30 meters taller than the famous London Eye and offers breathtaking panorama views of city sights, at any time of the day, including the Marina Bay, Empress Place, Singapore River etc. The best views may be seen around dusk, when the sunlight gives millions of sparkling lights.


Gardens By The Bay


Another famous attraction you must-see in Singapore is Gardens by the Bay. It is located next to Marina Bay Sands and represents a colorful, futuristic park, that has been crowned World Building of the year at the world Architecture Festival 2012. This place is full of hundreds of trees and plants and it is perfect both for kids and adults. Also, there are supertree structures that provide an existing skywalk over the gardens.

Top 3 Attractions For Your Trip To Singapore

Singapore is definitely a great destination to visit, so make sure you add it to your bucket list. You will be amazed by all the things you can see there. Also, Singapore is a well-known food destination, so if you are a foodie, you will be fascinated with all the delicious Singapore dishes you can taste.


So, how about you start planning your trip to Singapore?

How to Get from Split to Zadar


Zadar is a beautiful city that is characterized by alluring Venetian remains, Roman ruins and an ancient architecture that makes it seem like a town straight out of the history books. If you’re in Split and would like to make your way to this winsome town, the following guide should steer you in the right direction.

1) To Zadar by bus


The Split-to-Zadar route basically offers two possible alternatives, the first being traversing the coastal contours in about four hours courtesy of a couple of stops along the way and the second being a 1.5-hour shorter trip that is more straightforward. The longer route affords more scenic pleasures so if you have some money and time to spare, take the first bus. If not, the second option should suffice. A single ticket will set you back about € 11, or 80 kunas in the native currency, with bus travel proving the cheapest way to travel.

Worth keeping in mind is that if you are aiming to get to Zadar from Split airport, the airport is on the periphery of the town so you’ll need to take a taxi- of which there are plenty of at the airport- to the main bus terminal which is located next to the Split Riva. This should only take you a couple of minutes since the terminal isn’t too far away.

2) Opting for a private transfer


While conventional means of transport are fairly good at getting you from one point to another, none is quite as effective as a private transfer. It affords not only a comfortable and luxurious option to bridge the distance between these two historic towns but also other bonus features namely catered accommodation, free Wi-Fi and express travel. Packages are normally cheaper with more people on board as you’ll pay about € 130 for a three-seater vehicle while an 8-seater alternative will cost you just € 145 which brings the individual charges to less than € 20.

3) Leasing a car


If you like to be more handsy with your trip and take a couple of detours along the way as you please, then rent a car in Split and take on the tarmac yourself. The road has two options as highlighted in the travel by bus option and again which route you’ll take is up to you. The E65 offers a direct path of travel but if you’d fancy an extended view of Croatian’s coastal aesthetics, then take the longer one.

4) The train is not a bad option either


Only that it is. With a journey spanning a duration upwards of 420 minutes, travelling by train is for the hardboiled traveler with loads of time to spare. Nonetheless, the train trip to Zadar is quite seamless and uneventful.

Travel by sea is not possible, that is if you are looking for commercial ferries plying the route. However, it is very much possible by renting a yacht in Split and traversing the sea in the comforts of your own vessel. While unconventional, this makeshift fifth option is a great way to get to where you’re going whilst sampling the archipelago treats that litter the Adriatic waters in between.

4 Reasons Why Bali Is The Best Place To Get Married

A wedding is a big occasion that should be anything else but ordinary – it has to be extraordinary. Do you have the intention of saying I do on an idyllic and unique place? Why not choose Bali or the “Island of the Gods” as it is commonly referred to? Do you want to create one of the memorable events for yourself and the love of your life? Look no further, buddy. Head to Bali. This destination is outright exotic, picturesque, and downright magical. What about your honeymoon? Why not head straight to either Lombok or Gili Islands for snorkeling, beaching, and quiet moments with your lover? For your wedding and subsequent honeymoon in Bali and Lombok or Gili Islands is the perfect place for you. Here are some of the reasons or advantages of such:

  1. There’s everything for you and your Guests

Do you want to exchange your vows on a sandy beach when the sun is setting far on a remote island? What about doing so in a lush jungle or atop a huge dramatic cliff while witnessing waves crashing from a distance? Bali has got all these and many more to offer. There are hundreds of options in place to make your jaw drop. There are stunning venues with a wide range of packages to choose from.

  1. Overwhelming Sites/Venues to Choose From

Bali is full of incredible locations that are easily accessible. You can have your wedding in one location such as Ayana, Ubud, Uluwatu, or Banyan Tree Ungasan and easily access honeymoon locations in completely scenic and different places such as Seminyak, Gili, or Ubud. In fact, if you desire, you can go ahead and mix different locations for your honeymoon with your soul mate. There are hundreds of stunning and breathtaking romantic venues for you and your love to enjoy as you exchange vows. As you embark on your honeymoon, you can shut the world away for a while by escaping to several resorts, spas, and villas located in the “Island of the God” that is Bali.

  1. You can save on your Budget, and so can your Guests

Have you made that final and important decision to Bali wedding and subsequently honeymoon? Have you looked up at the internet and got blown away by the breathtaking sites in Bali? Are you scared that the prices could be exorbitant? Relax and put your worries away. Bali has got everything for everyone ranging from five-star resorts to thousands of smaller, but amazing sites and accommodations that are available at affordable and incredible prices.

  1. Get to experience much about Bali

Besides exchanging your lifetime marriage vows and heading to a romantic destination with your better half, a chance to do so in Bali allows you the opportunity to experience superb Balinese service and sample their culture. Besides, you get to experience Balinese cuisines such as lawar, Ikan bakar (grilled fish), Bebek betutu (duck cooked in low heat) and many more.

So, do you want to exchange your vows in “paradise?” Book your ticket and head straight to Bali. This Island of love will offer you more than you expected. You and your soul mate will have memories that will last a lifetime is this safe, foodie, romantic, thrilling, and breathtaking Island that is Bali.

5 Activities You Can Not Afford To Miss On Your Dubai City Tour

5 Activities You Can Not Afford To Miss On Your Dubai City Tour

Dubai has become a hotspot for tourist for more than a decade now. Have you ever through why? Because it offers something for everyone. From archeological fans to party lovers, from avid shoppers to adventure loving tourists, Dubai will not disappoint anyone. If you are in Dubai for the first time and don’t know where to go and what to do then you should take Dubai city tour to explore what Dubai has in store for you.

In this article, you will learn about activities and places you can visit in Dubai.

1. See Dubai Like A Bird

Ever wondered what Dubai would like from a bird’s view? Now, you can experience that yourself. Just hop on a hot air balloon and wait for it go reach the sky. Viewing Dubai from thousands of meters above the ground is a sight to behold. The pilots of air balloons are experienced, so you are in safe hands when you jump on a hot air balloon.

2. Go on A Desert Safari

Two decades ago, Dubai was just a small sandy town surrounded by desert. The pace at which it evolved, and the urbanization took place is mind boggling. Today, it has become a global city but thankfully has not diverted from its roots. This is good news for tourists interested in taking a desert safari. Whether you want to take the adventurous ride of a quad or want to sit beside an experienced driver in a 4X4, you can enjoy a ride in the heart of the desert and make your trip memorable and exciting with desert safari Dubai.

3. Take a Trip To Musandam Dibba

Have you ever seen sea and mountains in one place? If you have then, you are lucky because it is a rare occurrence. For those who are interested in seeing that sight, Musandam Dibba is an ideal choice. Book a dhow cruise and you can enjoy a day out in the sea with some great food and drink. The majestic sea with different hues of blue makes it an amazing place for water sports fans as well. Moreover, there is a wide range of marine life present in Musandam Dibba including fishes and coral reefs. If you are lucky enough, you might come across some dolphins and whale during your trip to Musandam Dibba.

4. Reach the Top of Burj Al Khalifa

Burj Al Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, stand 828 meters above ground, is high enough to give you goosebumps. Reaching a top of this building and looking down at Dubai is a feeling that can not be described in words. Remember the higher you go, the more you would have to pay but the expenses are worth bearing when you consider the view you will get from the top of the world’s tallest building. See Dubai from a special telescope and you will understand what I am talking about. Don’t forget to take the elevator that take you to 124th floor where you can find breathtaking city vistas that extends all the way to Persian Gulf.

5. Take a Sun Bath In Jumeirah Beach

Jumeirah Beach is one of the best beaches in Dubai for taking a sun bath and indulge in water sports. The calm, turquoise water of Persian Gulf offers water sports enthusiasts what they are looking for. There is also a children playground and lots of opportunities for picnic. You can also enjoy barbeque on the beach. Make sure you reach Jumeirah beach early as it will slowly get crowded very quickly as we move into afternoon. Do not forget to add some sun block for protecting your skin from harmful ultra violet rays because temperature can soar to uncomfortable levels during the afternoon. A pair of sun glasses as well as a water bottle is also a must have when you are on Jumeriah beach.


Taking a city tour and missing out on some of the activities will result in a below average experience therefore, it is important that you visit some of these places and take part in some of these activities when you are in Dubai to make the most of your Dubai tour. Which activities you undertake when you are in Dubai and why? Feel free to share your experiences with us in the comments section below. We would love to hear from you.

Sailing in Croatia: a first-timer’s guide


Croatia is blessed with more than 2000 km of artistically formed Adriatic shore and along this enthralling stretch, you’ll find an array of numerous attractions from sleek resorts within palm-fringed bays to intriguing Roman remains holding numerous stories of centuries gone by. The alluring turquoise waters are home to more than a century of islets and islands and they are littered with secluded party villages and a number of sybaritic towns. These are some of the reasons why Croatia proves a sailor’s haven and if you’d like to try out your sailing luck on the Adriatic shore, here’s a guide to help you get started.

Where to go and for how long

The southern Dalmatian islands should feature at the top of your itinerary as they are the most popular of the countless land masses. Dubrovnik and Split are good places to start off and most companies offer one-way voyages or round-trips between either town. A week or 8 days should suffice for this route.

Islands that never fail to impress include the historic Stari Grad that is blessed with a beguilingly extensive plain and the winsome Hvar town that is brought to life by vibrant restaurants and chick bars. Brač is also a charming getaway while the quiet Stomorska village on Šolta is just as appealing though it has limited moorings for only fifteen touring vessels.

The Pakleni islands offer a picture perfect exploration of its enormous forest line while Vis-the farthest flung island from the coastline- is imbued with a well preserved military heritage evidenced in its architecture.

When should you go?



The best time to tour Croatia is during the peak summer period when the weather is extremely endearing. The sailing season ends in September after kicking off in May and this is the timeframe to adhere to. Summer runs from July through August and during this period temperatures average a friendly 26-27 C that is perfect for sailing and water sports such as paddle-boarding, snorkeling and swimming.

How do you get a yacht?

Getting yourself a skippered yacht is the best way to go as you can just kick up your feet and take in all the sights while an experienced professional well-versed in the various routes can schedule your itinerary for the best attractions, swimming spots and restaurants. You might also consider getting a hostess to handle basic chores.

If you are however adept at sailing, then go for a “bareboat” charter where you do all the sailing yourself. The major requirement by most operators is documentation of full certification e.g. the International Certificate of Competence (ICC).

What to expect onboard

Naturally, yacht services vary from one experience to another depending on the company and the price of the deal. There are several options to choose from and toward the low end of the cost scale, you’ll find boats with shared bathrooms and cramped cabins that have seen better days. On the opposite end of the scale, you’ll be in top-notch catamaran category that encompasses vast deck space, en-suites and luxurious furnishings.

Should you join Yacht Week?

Yacht week might have a reputation for holding scintillating parties incomparable to none, but it is one week that doesn’t really depict what Croatian culture is all about. As a result, some local towns have branded the event “Sodom and Gomorrah at sea” and have declined offering moorings to intoxicated crowds.

4 Travel Destinations for Food Lovers

The world is filled with sprawling metropolises and sleepy towns alike that are home to some of the finest cuisine around. Made famous by travel shows and eclectic hosts, there are more than a few destinations that are ripe for exploration, cultural understanding, and most importantly—really good food.

Food lovers are often looking for an experience with their travel destination—with locations as rich with culture as they are with fine cuisine. Popular cities and countries for food lovers often specialize in presenting that experience and rewarding those who get off the beaten path.

All that being said—we’ve selected our top four favorite cities and towns any food lover needs to make a pilgrimage out to at least once in their lives. Next time you’re looking at flights, consider a ticket to these four travel destinations for food lovers.

1. Portugal

The Mediterranean has always been a popular place for food, but it is this small country on the Atlantic coast that deserves recognition for its wide array of dishes and focus on the use of locally grown products.

Due to a less than desirable location and only one neighboring country, Portugal has had centuries to cultivate a palate and taste all its own. Wine is especially prosperous in the region, with exports from the country reaching well over several million bottles per year.

Seafood is understandably a cultural touchstone for Portuguese cuisine. Seaside towns like Lagos, Sintra, and Alvor are popular places to pick up a place of fresh seabass or some king cod.

What may be a surprising dish for non-locals is their wide collection of cheeses—including Serra da Estrela cheese.

Taking its namesake from the mountain range that permeates much of the country, this soft and mild cheese can only be produced in a 1000 mile area—making it one of the rarest cheeses in the international world.

2. Las Vegas, Nevada

America alone is a hotbed for some of the most diverse and inspired dishes anywhere on earth. However, at a size of 3.7 million square miles, the region is far too large to be looked at as a singular destination. That’s why we’ve chosen to instead focus on a western city situated in the middle of a vast desert.

The first idea that comes to mind when thinking of Las Vegas probably isn’t food. This Nevada town is known for debauchery, loose laws, and gambling. However, even Sin City has to eat sometime—and when you’re hungry here, your options are limitless.

The Las Vegas bar and restaurant scene is filled with food filled with meats, cheeses, and lots of calories. The eclectic mixture of street food and gourmet stylings makes for a trip you won’t forget.

Whether you’re eating carefully crafted house-fare at a Summerlin restaurant or nachos out of a literal trash can at Guy Fieri’s Las Vegas dive, you’re going to be eating like a king anytime you head out for dinner.

3. Italy

A stark contrast from Las Vegas excess, heading to this Mediterranean country for food will provide you with scenic views, recipes passed down through generations, and weather to die for. Italy has more than earned its reputation is the de-facto premiere food destination.

Starting with the famous city on an island, foods in Venice are focused on the bounty from the sea and doused in Italy’s famous oils and herbs. You can pick up a seaside codfish, floury Risotto, or Carpaccio in this dense hub of arts and culture.

If you’re more in the mood for pasta, you’ll need to head down to Bologna, where dishes like Tortellini and Tagliatelle are soaked in the locally-made Bolognese sauce. Bolognese sauce is made from meat like ground beef and veal, with a heavy focus on celery, Italian herbs, and spices.

Finally, there is Naples—a town that may be a little rough around the edges but isn’t afraid to make some incredible dishes. Neapolitan cuisine centers around perhaps their greatest export—pizza.

Pizzerias are all around this coastal town, and each feature pizza Margherita that is world-class. A tour of this town would not be complete with without as much pizza as you can stomach.

4. Japan

Finally, we’ll be moving far away from the modern west and into the far east, where isolation and traditional culture have made some of the unique dishes on earth.

Japan is home to more than 120 million people which fit into a land mass smaller than the state of California. While Tokyo deservedly has been considered to be a top food location in the country, you’ll find that some of the best dishes lie far outside Tokyo’s borders.

A trip to Kyoto will provide many options to eat at restaurants well over 400 hundred years old. In this former capital city, you can eat fresh sushi and a plate of kaiseki-ryōri, which is a sort of sampler platter for the type of treats you can enjoy in this country.

Seafood is the menu item of choice, whether you’re eating in Tokyo or Ōsaka, so you can expect squid, octopus, fresh crab, and many combinations of the three. While you’re there, you can also travel inland to the mountainous center of the county, where mountain plants called sansai are a local delicacy.

When it comes to Japan, a reverent culture and ancient history of the county makes a trip out there even more valuable then the foods you can eat.

With any of our top four travel destinations for food lovers, the meals are only half of the experience. Be sure to venture far away from the food carts and fine dining establishments and get a sense of the culture that breeds good food.

Traveling off the beaten path—be it in the Nevada desert or Apennines mountain range—will often provide experiences and foods in parts unknown that are sure to be remembered for a lifetime.

Iceland: An Overview

A unique travel experience awaits you in Iceland. The country boasts of The Northern Lights and Icelandic Glaciers during winter—but its summer season offers an equally majestic charm. Summer in Iceland is characterised by longer days and shorter nights, making pool hopping, hot spring visits and hiking perfect and all the more exciting. An array of hotels that offers sheer comfort are available for you to choose from. Transport options for hassle-free travel like Iceland geysir car rental  are also at your bidding. Conjure captivating images of candy-coloured skies and serene hot springs as we list the most beautiful places to visit in Iceland during summer.

Midnight Sun

The summer months are marked by 21 hours of daylight as the sun rises at 3 a.m. and sets at 12 a.m. Take your sweet time staring at the awesome sky with your loved one and witness a mesmerising sunset you have never seen before. Get enthralled by the hypnotising shades of pink and gold that reveal themselves more beautifully as the dusk approaches.

The Blue Lagoon

An Icelandic summer experience is not complete without a visit to natural hot springs. Book a geysir car rental and head to the Blue Lagoon, a favourite amongst locals and tourists alike. One of the most popular attractions in Iceland, the Blue Lagoon allows for a quiet time to bask in milky, blue waters. Also worth adding on your list are the Secret Lagoon, Muvatn Nature Baths and Laugarvatn Fontana.


Summer offers the best time to discover every region in Iceland on foot. Gear up and explore the mountains and volcanoes. Enjoy a light hike and stop by at flowing bodies of water for a quick rest. Meanwhile, for serious hikers, the trails in the Westfjords are calling. Never to miss are the hike to Hornstrandir, Látrabjarg Cliff, Dynjandi Waterfall.

Reykjadalur Geothermal River

Reykjadalur Geothermal River is ideal for the bravehearts. Approximately 45 minutes away from Iceland’s capital city, this hot river does not offer changing facilities and is suited for those game for open baths. Imagine socialising while soaked in a hot bath. The place, being a part of a valley, also has a number of Instagram-worthy spots.

Ring Road

Snow-covered land and daylight are not a problem during warm, summer days. Take the opportunity to drive around and explore the Ring Road for a trip around the island. This will bring you to the country’s highlights and favourites. Iceland is known for congested-free roads, so make sure to stop somewhere scenic to breath in fresh air and take photos for keeps.


Iceland’s capital city, Reykjavík, is a festival hotspot during the summer season because the Iceland National Day is celebrated around this time of the year. Immerse yourself in the local culture by partaking in parties, parades and poetry readings. Mingle and exchange stories of adventures with locals, but be prepared to bump into some tourists as well.

Iceland is magic!

Iceland in itself is spellbinding. Its everything–skies, mountains, waters, people and culture—are totally remarkable. They are enchanting; they bring experiences that may be traditional but are unique in their own way. A visit to Iceland is not a mere act of travelling. It is one of adventure and storytelling. It is one of class and ease, from choosing an accommodation, finding a geysir car rental to savouring the local cuisines.

TOP 6 Colorado Motels to Stay Close to Nature

What is your favorite travel destination? Speaking about America, you should try Colorado. It is extremely popular for all natives and foreign tourists. People come here by car from all over the continent. Colorado car travel opens new horizons, and new interesting places to visit. It is not a problem to rent a car in Colorado and go to explore the city and neighborhoods. Let’s find out why?

Squaw Ridge Lava Bed Wilderness Study Area from Green Mountain Campground


Why Visit Colorado?

There are many reasons for that:

  1. Mountains

Of course, the most popular reason why people come to visit Colorado is nature, mostly mountains. You can find serious peaks here. You should visit the Rocky Mountain National Park, and never miss all nearby natural top-high attractions.

  1. Skiing

Legendary ski resorts are popular far abroad the country. Some of them are the best in the world. Remember this name: Winter Park Resort. It offers three peaks for skiing.

  1. Spas

The Spas are usually offered as additional piece of service. After a hard adventurous day you have an opportunity to enjoy the local SPAs.

The list is not full. Every tourist come to find own emotions and new impressions. But, the hot question is where to stay?



Where to Stay in Colorado?

You can find a lot of different places to stay here: hotels, hostels, apartments. You may try even couch surfing programs. The choice is huge. There are also really scaring places, like from the Stephen King’s scripts. So, let’s check them!


Want something local and colorful to stay? There are many houses in Colorado. But you have to spend time to get to. They are mostly situated high in the mountains or deep in the forests. You have to go miles and miles to reach the hotel. The most popular place for hiking tourists is OPUS hut, offering marvelous views and local meals. That simply means that you have to spend the most of your free time for walking and exploring places around. The service is good, including full-meal set. Of course, it is needed to pay additional money for lunch and dinner. The price for room is about $40 per person. Come here in summer!

Squaw Mountain Fire Lookout

This is a popular building located on the top of the mountain. Its unique location and facade made of old stones and glass is impressive. People come here to spend the night! You have to give about $100-150 to stay here. The second floor is made of glass. Thus, you can meet the sunset lying in the bed. There is no water communications here, so to take a bath you have to fire the water. If you feel hungry, you have a well-equipped kitchen in the house. But still, you cannot find the water. It is better to take it with you. It’s not easy as you can get here only by hiking.

Grand Canyon Lodge North Rim 0044


Carr Manor B&B

The simple but atmospheric hotel was a Cripple Creek school building many years ago. The classrooms have been rebuilt into the hotel suits. But the atmosphere is till like in the old school house. There is even a blackboard on the wall. You can take a chalk and leave your message here. The place in filled with antique furniture. There is even a big ballroom that was an old auditorium in the past life. What about the prices? The rates start from $100 and go up to $500.

Stanley Hotel

The Stanley Hotel in the most popular place to stay that all people know. It is situated in the Estes Park. Why popular? If you know about the Stephen King’s The Shining…it was writing here. Since then, the hotel is rated as a historic place, including movie history. The prices for a room start from $ 200.

Antique Piano Stanley Hotel


Best Western Movie Manor

What an interesting idea to combine a motel with the movie theater. Didn’t you expect that? Just imagine how romantic it is to stay in your room and watch movie through the room window on the big screen. This hotel is comfortable situated in the South part of Colorado. The Sand Dunes National Park is near here.



Far View Lodge

This is a unique place that is situated on the territory of National Park. Wow! You are in the center of the Colorado main attraction! It’s very comfortable for tourists who come here for exploring natural sights. What can you see from the hotel window? The most of the windows go to the state nature. The most expensive, the lodge windows go to the wild nature. The rooms don’t have TVs or WiFi connection. But there is a cozy restaurant. Hurry up! The hotel welcomes visitors in spring and summer season. The cheapest room starts from $120. The price also depends on the season when you come here.

You can find your own favorite unique place to stay in Colorado. If you are nature lover, you may simply rent a minibus and stay on the camp in one of the state parks. That’s adventurous! Remember, local hotels are not high0fashion luxury apartments. They are plain and simple, made of natural materials and located in the heart of Colorado wild life.

The Ultimate Guide For a Family Summer Road-trip.


Summer is one of the best times to go on adventures and make family memories that will last a lifetime. One such way that you can do this is by organizing and
planning a family road-trip. Thanks to, you can easily rent the car of your choice and take your family on a magical road-trip.


There are key factors that make a road trip memorable. A good road trip comes down to great planning and organization. Be sure to include everyone’s ideas so that everyone is involved from the beginning. Especially when it comes to destinations to visit, be fluid and flexible and include everyone’s dream destination for a full family road trip.


Top three destination picks that every family will enjoy on their road-trip.

  1. The Grand Canyon.

Location: Arizona.


This is a great destination to drive down to with your family. Everyone will enjoy the majestic site of the Grand Canyon. Once you are there, be sure to hike up to Yavapai Point. From this point, the view of the canyon will leave you all awe-struck. Be sure to also snap lots of pictures. You can also choose to drive to Kaibab National Forest. It is a refreshing and beautiful destination especially if you are city-dwellers, your family will truly appreciate the change of scene.

  1. Disneyland.

Location: California


This is a must-see destination especially if you are road-tripping with your children. They are sure to have a great time here. The best thing about Disneyland is that there is something for everyone. The adults will enjoy the restaurants, and rides while your children will also enjoy the rides and the numerous Disney characters there.


  1. Cave city.

Location: Kentucky.


This road-trip destination is wonderful, especially for kids. You can choose to visit Dinosaur World and see the awesome replicas and skeletons of dinosaurs that lived ages ago. A trip to Mammoth cave will have your children excited and curious. A road-trip is not truly complete without this stop.


A list of essentials that you should always bring along on your family road trip.


  • A basic first aid kit for any emergency that may occur during the trip.
  • Medication such as allergy pills, inhalers.
  • Comfortable and casual clothing for traveling.
  • A car repair kit- just in case.
  • Liquid cash. It is always better to travel with money at hand rather than relying on ATMs.
  • Toys and games to keep the children distracted.
  • A camera, to capture all the memories.
  • Dry food and snacks.
  • A map or a good navigation system. (the last thing you want is to get lost)
  • Bed-time essentials such as pajamas, sleeping bags, blankets.
  • Ensure you book all your hotels in advance.

Things you should avoid in order to make the road-trip more memorable.


Basically, there are only two things you should avoid before you and your family embark on this adventure.

First, avoid complaining. Everyone should try their best to enjoy this time together despite any challenges that may arise. Be cheerful and happy.

Secondly, be adventurous. Everyone should come willing to try new things and have new experiences.

The key to a good road-trip is a good and stable car. You can easily rent a car from prior to starting your trip.

Traveling To Chennai by Air

Traveling To Chennai by Air

You have just planned a week-long holiday at one of the hottest destinations around the country, Tamil Nadu. Traveling from Delhi to Chennai can be an easy task since there are a lot of flights available on this busy air route. You and your family are very excited, and look up the Delhi to Chennai flights schedule to get the best deal for the ticket price. Once you have finalized on that, you turn towards packing your luggage. This is the hard part, though. The airports charge a hefty fee if your luggage exceeds the maximum allowed luggage weight. You are in a fix, you cannot ask your wife to pack lesser, nor can you ask your kid to leave behind her favorite piece of clothing at home. You will have to carry your formals and boots. In order to avoid paying less at the airport for excess baggage, a few tips in this article will definitely come handy.

  • Be prepared to wear extra layers of clothes – In case you have to carry some jackets along with you, or extra shirts, try wearing them while entering the airport. Nobody can say anything for this, ask your children to wear all the warm clothing that is necessary. In case you are carrying both boots and slippers, wear the heavier boot so that the check-in luggage is much lighter than expected. People will be annoyed having paid so much excess fee, and they look at you with such a mind-blowing idea.
  • Try stuffing the backpack instead of the suitcase – The airport staff generally assumes that your backpack is very light and generally do not take the weight measures of that. You could keep all your heavy equipment on the backpack. Store only clothes and other lighter items in the suitcase. This is some hack that many people use.
  • Stuff your pockets! – Try and insert all the heavy wallets and cameras in your packets than in your suitcase. Your jars of food, perfumes, etc. could be a perfect fit in the pocket.
  • Buy items at your destination – Travel light, buy whatever you need at your destination. Smart people generally carry just half the stuff required and end up buying the rest at the destination. As soon as you reach Chennai, you could buy your toilet kit items and your light less expensive clothing.
  • Perhaps the best of the lot, buy yourself a luggage scale at home – This is a perfect way to ensure you can carry whatever you want under the maximum allowable luggage limit so that you need not end up paying extra. In case your luggage is already overweight, you could sit down and remove all the unnecessary items you have packed. You can leave all the useless stuff at home itself.
  • Split your luggage – In case you know your fellow travelers as friends or as relatives, and assuming they are traveling light, you could give some of your luggage to them to carry so that you do not have to end up paying a hefty fee at the airport for excess baggage.

It is advised that you look up the baggage policy of the airline you are traveling in. This will ensure you have left no stone unturned and a hassle-free experience at the airport.