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How to develop growth mindset in students

Psychologist Carol Dweck developed the concept of the growth mindset. In recent years, the schools and colleges have started teaching their students about this mindset.

According to this theory, people make self-perceptions or self-theory about themselves. Dweck has given a brief distinction between ‘fixed’ and ‘growth’ mindsets.

In a fixed mindset, people believe their essential qualities, like their intelligence or talent, are only fixed traits. They spend their time documenting intelligence or talent instead of developing them.


But, in a growth mindset, people believe that their abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work; they love learning, and they learn quickly. They love to adopt new opportunities and face all the obstacles on their way. Fixed mindset drives motivation and achievement. Growth mindset also leads to winning mindset which can not only boost efficiency and productivity but helps you cope the stress and stay happy even in most difficult circumstances.


8 Ways to develop growth mindset

Use these tactics to foster a growth mindset in your students, helping them cultivate their talents and abilities in and out of the classroom. You should see a positive attitude building new skills and taking different challenges


Keep the moral high

Always teach students to have one alternate or backup plan ready for them, and try to create new ideas every time. This can push them towards developing a growth mindset.

New teaching strategies

Make a new strategy for the students so that they learn something new out of it. Try to give projects in a group or a pair. Use videos, audio, presentations, documentary, etc. in lessons. Keep a track on every student and take a test or cross-examine them to understand their mindset. By expanding your teaching tactics, students sharpen their skills to face obstacles.


Use ‘yet’ more often

The word ‘yet’ can change a depressing or negative sentence into a positive one, promoting growth. The word works well with the sentences that include ‘can’t or won’t’ because it reverses the negative meaning. Share this trick with students to keep them motivated about their work.


Replace the word ‘failing’ with the word ‘opportunity.’

The word ‘fail or failure’ is in itself a negative or devastating. Teach your students to replace it with the word opportunity or challenge. When someone makes a mistake, they haven’t failed but has learned something new. So teach them to learn something new everytime they think they haven’t reached their goal.


Celebrate growth

Teach your students to celebrate growth and progress with others. It gives happiness and positive vibes.


Learn from others

It’s not always wise to compare yourself to others, but it is important to realize that humans share the same weaknesses.


Make a new goal

Never stop learning, once you are over with your exams doesn’t mean you stop being interested in that subject. Growth-minded people know how to create new goals and keep themselves stimulated constantly.



Praising effort is shown to have a long-lasting effect. Try to give in your best without thinking about the result. The effort pays in the end. If still, you get failure take it as a challenge to think something new and brings out a new strategy to get a positive result. Putting in effort and learning thoroughly is what people with the growth mindset do.


Bottom Line

You may not include all of the above at one point in time. Therefore, it is best to prioritize the ideas and start implementing the most important strategies. Gradually, you can include more ideas and inculcate growth mindset as a habit in your students.

Telling the Difference: Tips on How to Judge If It’s High-Quality Wood Furniture

Choosing the best quality wood furniture can give you some difficulty. For sure, many pieces in the market will deceive you by their appearance alone, only to prove that they are not of superior quality when you start to use them.

Pieces of furniture made of superior materials and done with solid construction can last longer, even decades and centuries. Thus, you need to judge better if it is an excellent piece you are buying. The question is: how to tell the difference between shoddy and high-quality wood furniture?

Here are some tips on how to tell the difference between the what is low-quality and superior wood furniture to have the best buy for your budget.

Know What Kind of Wood is the Material

Wood furniture comes from different wood materials classified as soft, hard, and engineered. Knowing what kind of wood material of your furniture is crucial because this is one of the factors that tell how your furniture will last and how it will fare as time advances.

Those furniture pieces that usually last longer is known as hardwood, but they can a bit expensive. Hardwood comes from deciduous trees like maple, mahogany, oak, walnut, teak, birch, and cherry. It is usually denser and has a more muffled sound when you tap them than other kinds of wood material.

It is also common to find furniture pieces made from engineered wood. It may not be as sturdy and durable as hardwood, but you should not dismiss it as low-quality because it still provides strength and prevents warping and breaking. Engineered wood can be sturdy and highly-attractive when applied with veneers.

Determine How It is Made

Of course, to determine whether a piece of furniture is superior or not is to know the whole process that the material goes through. Most furniture pieces nowadays are assembled using veneer.

A veneer is a flimsy wood with ⅛ inch thickness layered to the surface of the furniture piece. You can get veneer by either peeling the tree trunk or by slicing rectangular blocks of flitches.

High-quality furniture pieces have at least 1-inch thick of veneer applied on it. Of course, this will make the furniture piece lasts much longer.

Check the Furniture Construction

The Construction of a furniture piece will define the piece’s aesthetic, how long it will serve you, and how it will function. Check on those essential attributes of a high-quality of furniture for you to have the best buy.

In general, an excellent way to tell the quality of construction is to look for the joinery of the furniture piece. Good furniture pieces have screwed joints. But the best furniture pieces have dovetailed joints, or linked with a mortise and tenon. They also have a reinforcement block attached at an angle on every corner.

Low-quality furniture pieces, on the other hand, is simpler to determine. Poor quality furniture pieces have joints that are stapled, nailed, or glued. The problem with poor quality pieces is that they easily come apart and might endanger the safety of the user. You can find an excellently constructed wooden furniture in furniture sites like Black Mango.

Superior Wood Furniture Has Good Finishing Touches

The finishing on a wood furniture can make or break the overall quality of the piece. The finishing process should include three things: the sanding, staining, and the final finishing.

An excellent furniture piece should be resistant to scratch because if it is vulnerable to scrape and scratch it will not be good to display in your home. You can test the furniture piece if it easily dents on the surface by running your fingernails over the surface. Also, check the furniture piece at different angles for blotch and scratches.

Modern wood furniture finishes range from high-gloss to matte. A superior wood finish is satiny smooth and does not have rough patches, bubbles, and dust specks. Check for the depth and richness of the wood finish, which comes from great coats of finish between sanding.

Check for Warranty

When you buy something, it is essential to check if you get a warranty for it, especially when it comes to buying furniture. Even though the furniture piece you buy is a strong and durable one, a sale warranty will help you on maintenance in case of future damage. So be sure to check for a warranty.


A wood furniture is an excellent material for a home furnishing because of its several advantages. Wooden furniture pieces will suit almost any room due to its warmth, richness, comfort, and finesse. Before you buy one, however, it is essential to tell the difference between low-quality and superior wood furniture.

Traveling to the Fullest: Tips for Selecting a Bag For Your Planned Vacation

If you have got your sights anchored on a thrilling backpacking vacation, got your flights scheduled, and sorted out accommodation, then all you need to do is choose the ideal backpack to secure your gear for your travel.

But, how should you begin? When picking a pack, the primary point you must consider is the capacity you will need.

Carrying a bag that is bigger than you want implies you will be carrying additional weight. Ideally, your bag must be adequate to fit all of your belongings inside except for the pieces you intentionally prefer to attach outside the pack.

What type of vacation are you planning to take?

Some journeys involve riding from the plane to bus to the hostel of your choice. You may travel on foot through a subway station, across some dusty streets, along beaches, and up uncountable stairs. So it is best to think about if you will need wheels or backpack.

Being knowledgeable about these kinds of situation will help you determine a bag that adapts to your environment and situation without hassle.

Opt for adaptability

A journey pack is an excellent option to conventional suitcases and luggage, and you may notice that it gives adaptability that several other bags do not.

Travel bags are one piece suitcase and one portion backpack. In a travel bag, the suspension bands zip into a sufficiently enclosed compartment so you can comfortably get your pack through the security without the worry of getting snagged.

Secure some additional space

Traveling help expose us to plenty of fresh adventures. It is what makes traveling so fantastic and how we are entirely vulnerable to the extremes of travel.

However, every adventure come to an end. On the bright side, to help preserve the wonderful memories of the journey in a new place, purchasing local items is an effective way to remember our experiences and this is where additional space provide its purpose.

Whether you purchase outfits in the local shops or any simple home decoration, do not forget to prepare for the luxury of additional space in your pack.

Keep in mind that if you need to sit on your pack just to have it closed, then you are not likely going to fit anything else that you will want to buy during your journey. So make certain you go for a travel bag that can offer lots of room to provide you with the opportunity and freedom to revel in new treasures.

Making use of a travel pack for an outdoor adventure

For this journey, you are less inclined to require the versatility of attributes and more willing to want something built primarily for hiking. A pack designed with function in mind can comfortably hold your necessities but is also durable enough to endure the factors.

Obtaining the appropriate gear indicates getting something explicitly designed with your demands in mind. Different from a relaxing trip, hiking likely requires unpacking your pack only when you arrive at the campsite.

An excellent travel bag will possess lightweight, water-resistant materials as well as a suspension structure to keep the load equally distributed to prevent any undesirable strain.

When you carry everything that you demand to survive wherever you may go, bringing the ideal bag in Luggage Online can certainly make all the difference.

Detachable packs allow you drop unneeded weight

Some travel bags have a detachable waist pack or daypack. This design provides you the option to leave the heavy stuff behind without the need to sacrifice each of your storage.

Remember that you can simply take the tinier bag out through the day and still have everything you want.

However, when you are touring in bustling urban towns, it is best not to have anything essential in these removable bags. It is all too simple for a petty thief to zip the whole thing off and run away with your items.


Traveling can sometimes become overwhelming to talk about, and most of the time, it can lead to unsound decisions particularly on basic things like the travel bags. Selecting the appropriate for your travel can certainly save you time and effort during your travel which can truly help you experience your journey to the fullest.

The Smart Gardener: 7 Brilliant Gardening Ideas for Small Spaces

Photo of Woman Smelling Flowers

Do not let your small and narrow outdoor space or yard to keep you from putting your green thumb into practice. Just because you have a limited outdoor space, it does not automatically mean that you cannot have a garden of your own.

The key to maximizing a small garden is by having brilliant gardening design ideas. There are tons of ways for which you can easily transform your small-space garden into a large one, with little work and without breaking the bank.

For a little help, listed below are some of the best gardening ideas for small spaces. Check them out!

Go Vertical

One of the best ways to maximize your small garden is by making use of the bare fences or blank walls, a Vertical Garden. It is a gardening approach where you grow and nurture plants on walls or even your vacant balcony.

For example, a clay pot vertical garden. If you are on the search for improving your home’s balcony, then the clay pot vertical garden is the best way to incorporate some plants into your home without consuming a lot of space.

Another brilliant way is through a pallet garden. As the name suggests, you grow plants on the piece of wood itself. The wood pallet serves as the frame or structure for a garden. Furthermore, you can also create a vertical garden through stacked crates. Just make sure to support the crates with sturdy wooden planks.

Raise Beds

For outdoor spaces with poor or without soil, consider adding raised beds in your garden. It is one of the most effective and efficient ways to garden, most especially for small space gardens.

With raised beds, rest assured that you will have an abundant harvest. But be sure that you have the proper drainage and the right soil. One of the best and simplest examples of a raised bed is a milk crate or soda crate garden.

Potted Plants

Person Holding Green Cactus On Pot

Indeed, potted plants require less work and maintenance than a yard. With potted plants, you can enrich your creativity and develop your green thumb, without all the weeding. Indulge in your garden of paradise by filling your small garden with potted plants with abundant fragrant herbs and flowers.

Make Use of your Old Furniture

By refurbishing your old furniture like dressers, you can create a pleasing and alluring garden space. Just simply place some potted plants in the drawers. As such, you can have your garden while saving space. But if you do not have any old pieces of furniture, try visiting any yard sale to search for one with just a few dollars.

Soda Bottles

Another great way to garden in your small space is through soda bottles. If you have many soda bottles in your home, instead of throwing them out, recycle them and make them as the base or container for your plants.

Soda bottles are not just some trash and garbage in the environment because they can also help you create a vertical garden. Just simply fill soil in the soda bottles and then hung them. That simple, you can create a beautiful garden without using too much space.

Window Boxes

Red Pink Flower Hang on the Windows

No outdoor space for gardening? No problem because anyone who has a sunny patio, windowsill, or balcony can grow plants or edibles. Making use of your window boxes is one of the best ways to maximize space, most especially if you choose plants that are edible and delicious.

Grouped Potted Plants

Having limited garden space sometimes correlates to a scarcity of storage. A good solution is by incorporating solid and durable containers that need little to no maintenance. For example, group three different sizes of stackable planters that are all weather-wicker and can hold all sorts of vegetables or plants.

Some plants like tomatoes might need some stacking. You can opt for bamboo which is an inexpensive but attractive option. Just remember to keep them upright to lessen the risk of them getting a disease while maximizing your garden space.


If you have a limited garden space, worry not. There are many ways for you to take advantage of this space and create a beautiful garden. Do not let the idea of having a small garden to keep you from gardening. Follow the above ideas to help you out.

Real Men Wear Pink: 5 Reasons Why Men should wear Pink

Most of us see pink as an all too-feminine shade. From the time that we are born, girls wear pink and boys wear blue. However, regardless of gender, we can surely come together and proudly say that pink can also represent masculinity. Men who fear pink are long gone and part of a history that we all should forget.

There is nothing to be ashamed of when wearing pink. Here are five reasons why men should embrace pink.

You’re a Man

Wear pink-colored shirts with confidence, as a presentation of being a gentleman. Being a man doesn’t need to have a gender label when it comes to color. You’re a man, and nothing can change that fact.

Now consider looking yourself in front of the mirror. You probably have a chiseled jaw, a manly beard or goatee, and a massive chest with broad shoulders. Imagine these masculine features highlighted by a bright colored pink shirt. Your silhouette and build will merely show off, and the world will see your masculinity.

You’re Already Grown Up

Gone are the days that “boys” call each other soft when wearing something pink. This prank or gimmick might be the case when you’re still in elementary school, but the fact is that you’re all grown up. You are mature enough to be confident in your choices. Wearing pink isn’t a crime, so make the most of it, and look dashing.

History Can Tell

History tells us that pink wasn’t always a representation of feminism. Men in the past even wear clothes and outfits with pink floral embroideries and silk materials. Those suits were symbols of masculinity at those times.

That fashion trend and way of thinking for most men changed as the society developed new learnings. In the early 1900s, the first pink-colored shirt became a hit. Though it was intended for female students, it caught more attention from men in college. Nowadays, trends are always changing and breaking stereotypes when it comes to fashion.

Women Love Pink

Another reason why men should wear pink is that it represents a more gentle and subtle feel. We all know that women love the shade of pink for that reason. A lot of women find that men who wear pink are attractive and confident with themselves.

Women are attracted to confident men because they are the most likely to carry a healthy relationship with them. Women also feel secure with a confident man that can sweep them off of their feet. Be confident by wearing pink which will entice women into thinking that you’re their Knight in shining armor.

Pink Fits with Any Colors

Pink is a soft color. You can match it with any complexion. If you are dark-skinned,  you will look good in hues of cherry blossom, lavender or carnation pink. Pink also looks good for Asian guys because pink can highlight their features. Men of Indian descent, also get a boost in their looks because the color compliments their skin tones.

As a bonus, here are some ideas how to wear pink for men.

  • Pinks complements well with just about every color. Khaki, black, cream or even white clothing will match. Pink also looks best when paired with blue, gray or charcoal.
  • The simplest way to wear something with solid pink shades is through a button-down long sleeve. Also, pink polo shirts are great options for those who want to look good in office work or on formal occasions.
  • An easy option for adding some fun and personality to formal attire is to wear a tie in pink shades. You can buy these preppy ties on different online stores such as French Connection. Whether for wedding or work, pair the tie with a white or complementary colored shirt to create a clean and formal look.
  • Try wearing pink t-shirts underneath dark blue or gray colored hoodies to have a more stylistic and athletic look when going outside for an early morning jog.


A lot of men think that pink is for princesses. However, a lot of fashion trends nowadays say otherwise. Pink is a flexible color that can mean balance, equity, and confidence. Men who wear pink aren’t committing any fashion crime.

Pink can highlight all the masculine features that men want to show off. Always remember, ladies, don’t have a monopoly on Pink. Wear it with confidence and say to the world, Real Men Wear Pink.