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Easy Learning: TOP Ingredients to Boost Your Brain!

If you try to study well, you probably should have some time for a good rest. Of course, you need some relaxation and nature landscapes around. Especially, if you have an important exam or test in a couple of days, you can even take a car for rent with your friends and go for a picnic. By the way, stop worry about your young age! Under 21 cars are available from 14Cars all over the country and abroad. You can also take the healthiest foods to eat and drink that can help you to better your health before exams. Study is important, isn’t it?

Special Diet Before Exams

If you prefer fast food to healthy diet, don’t wait boosting effects from your brain. It’s simple. Sooner or later, you feel exhausted. How to make your brain more powerful? Just feed it with healthy food. It’s like give a high-quality fuel to your car to make it go faster. There are many diets to pick one of them. Mediterranean diet is the healthiest of one. It recommends eating vegetables, different fruits and berries, fish and oils, seafood and milk products. Actually, you can find interesting diets in such cuisines as Italian, Greek, Indian or even Asian. All of them are based on Mediterranean eating recommendations.



Brain Food to Eat Before Exams

So, there is a list of specific ingredients you are recommended to include in your dieting list. Each of these ingredients has well-deserved reputations as the brain boosting food.

  1. Fish and Seeds

Why fish and nuts? It’s all because omega-3 fatty oils. You can take them from special sorts of fish like salmon, trout, sardines. They are recommended to eat for boosting your brain functions. What is going on? Of course, omega-3 is the first sign of a good and healthy diet. This substance cannot be produced by your body. You can take it from food only. If you don’t have it enough, you will have a problem with your memory and brain activity. Don’t worry if you don’t like fish! Omega-3 fats can be also taken from seeds of flax, soy and pumpkin.

  1. Fruits and Berries

When you are study hard, you often feel tired. Your mental health much depends on blueberries, strawberries, and other berries. Why? The berries are rich in antioxidants. They control your mental condition. The berries are also rich in vitamin C, which is also good for mental health. That fact that you need to study, write a course work and take care of your family stops bothers you. Don’t forget about glucose! But it doesn’t mean that you have to eat sugar by the buckets. It is better to eat fruits and natural juices. You will be easy to concentrate on your task and think fast!



  1. Dark Chocolate

Can’t you believe this? Chocolate? Really? It sounds like music for your ears! You must be think that you should go to the nearest supermarket and buy all chocolate bars and candies there. Stop it! It’s all about DARK chocolate only. Only dark chocolate can help you to reduce the blood pressure. After that, you feel like you are full of energy. Nevertheless, try to use chocolate in limits.

100% chocolate


  1. Whole Grains

What do you know about the whole grains? This is another interesting way to boost your brain activity. The whole grains are rich in complex carbohydrates and they products made of whole grains have low glycemic indexes. That’s why the food is useful and healthy. What is more, your brain is full of energy for a long time. It is enough to finish your test or paper work. You take only healthy calories and don’t worry about your weight! This is the healthiest and RIGHT food for your brain, especially if you can combine it with fruits and vegetables!

breakfast in italy


  1. Tomatoes, Broccoli, Spinach and Other Vegetables

Of course, fruits, sweets and whole grains are good for your health. But you shouldn’t forget about vegetables. There are vegetables that also can help to boost your cognitive functions, creativeness, brain health. Try to pick vegetables free from harmful nitrates. You can make a salad of tomatoes and spinach and add some avocado and basil. It sounds great! Check your grocery list and try to include broccoli, tomatoes, beets, avocado in it. You can use it not only for salads, but also for different meals and snacks.

Toasted Orzo


Students study hard. They need to work on their diet to improve their health. What does healthy diet mean for you? This is not only food that you like and feel good. This can be once or many special ingredients that help you to boost your brain, cognitive functions and activity. You shouldn’t eat this special food only before exams! You can include all of them in your everyday meal. So, what are you going to add to your course? Think about it!

What are the main benefits of working out?

Whether you choose to hit the gym or exercise from home, working out is a fabulous way to stay in shape and keep healthy. You may also be surprised to learn that the ways that it can help you are not just physical. While you may be doing it to get that beach body or lose weight for daily life, it will also help you mentally.

What is so great about working out is the sheer range of things that you can do. While some may like to swim, others can lift weights, go for a run, jump on a bike, or fit in a yoga session. There are countless ways to exercise, and you should really try to fit some into your week.

How can working out benefit you?

When it comes to exercising, you will be aware of how key it is for a longer, happier life. Along with eating well, it is one way to look after yourself effectively. How can it help specifically?

  • A longer life – research from a few years ago found that regular exercise each week could help you live 3.4 years longer. This shows just what a great effect it can have on your overall health and body. We all want to live for as long as we can to enjoy life and be there for our family. Exercise is one of the best ways of doing this as it keeps your muscles strong, your mind fit and your organs healthy.
  • Boosts your immune system – in a way, this is related to the above but is great for all people, young or old. Though it is not clear just how exercise helps to boost your immune system, it certainly does. Scientists believe that it could be the way that working out flushes toxins from your body or how it helps lower stress levels that could otherwise attract illness.
  • Increased productivity at work – another key benefit of exercise is that it could help you perform better when at work. Exercise helps to improve your energy levels and concentration, which is great for getting more jobs done when at your desk. Those who exercise generally have more energy to keep working the whole day and get more done.
  • More self-confidence one key benefit of working out lies not in your physical health or looking fitter. The mental benefits of exercise include increased self-confidence and a more positive body image. It is thought that by working out, you automatically feel better about yourself and how you look, even if not much changes physically.
  • You get fitter of course, this is probably the main benefit of exercise if you work out regularly. Over a period of time, you will naturally get fitter and see your muscles tone up. You may also feel stronger as they are developed, and you may lose weight to be in better shape. The increased flexibility that it gives your body will help to avoid any falls or strains, and you will also have much better blood circulation.
  • Helps with sleep working out is great if you need any help with sleep problems. Regular exercise helps with your body’s natural circadian rhythms, which are vital for proper sleep patterns. Working out will help you sleep well at night and in turn be more awake when you need to be in the daytime. If you ever struggle through the day at your job feeling drowsy or can’t get to sleep at night, then exercise is the answer.

Compression Wear

One thing that you may worry about with working out is how to reduce wear and tear on your body. This is only natural as you can sometimes get strains or niggles after a session. One great piece of advice is to wear compression garments when exercising and afterwards. These help to support your body when working out to reduce the strain on it and also help to aid muscle recovery afterwards. By doing this and working out in a sensible manner, you should have no problems at all.

Working out has many great benefits

As you can see from the above list, there are many superb benefits that working out can bring you. Along with getting you in better physical shape, it will also help to sharpen your mind. The real beauty is that it will help in all areas of your life, from personal to work. If you haven’t already, then make the decision to start working out today.

5 Amazing Modern Furniture That Increase The Beauty of Your Home

This is the age of modern technology and the technology has a great impact on our daily lifestyle. From the morning to the night- technology is everywhere. Technology spreads almost in all sectors, including furniture. We used typical furniture from about 5-10 years ago, but now; many innovative types of furniture have taken places over that typical furniture. The new furniture is more effective, highly workable and takes less space but able to do multiple works.

That’s why they’re so popular nowadays. In this article, we are going to introduce you to some modern and innovative furniture that can increase the beauty of your home. Let’s start-

  1. The expandable Capstan Table:

This amazing table is designed by David Fletcher. This is generally a simple table that is used for typical works such as putting something on it. But as we said, it’s innovative; it contains a secret marvelous process. This small table serves you simply all the time which takes less space; but when you need a big table for any special purpose, you will find the secret of it.

The table can be expanded from a small size to a large size. You will get the same table shape with larger space. This is highly recommended for them who likes simple decoration of home and need a large table for their work.

  1. Lift-Top Coffee Table:

The coffee table is found in almost every house. But did you ever think of an innovative one?

Well, the lift-top coffee tables are a perfect example of that. These tables are generally like typical coffee tables. You can use it like the typical one, but when you want more from the table, the table is ready to serve!

We generally use lower coffee tables and feel lower while using. But while using a lift-top coffee table, you can raise the height of the table as you want. This wonderful invention lets you have a better coffee time.

  1. Multifunctional Dining Table/ Sofa:

When you have limited space in your room and you need both sofa and dining table, this multifunctional dining table/ sofa can be your perfect solution. This innovative furniture is designed by Julia Kononenko. This simple but modern furniture is adorable and appreciated by all users.

This is generally a sofa; you can use this sofa like typical sofa, but when you need a dining table to take your meal, just switch it into a dining table. This sofa can be converted into your perfect dining table with padded stools at a glance.

  1. Story:

The story is a great combination of bed, sofa, and workstation. This multipurpose furniture is designed by Fanny Adams. This is a perfect piece for your small house. You can use it as your workstation during working time, as a sofa during a relaxing time or as a bed when you need to take a sleep. Actually, this innovative stuff has been admired by all of the users and additionally, this is one of the most stylish furniture that can increase the beauty of your home.

  1. Multifunctional Sofa/ Bed:

This is another amazing invention to the bedroom/ living room. You can use this sofa while watching TV or gossiping with friends. And when you need more relax, you just need to switch it up to the bed. This sofa will be then converted into a normal bed and you will able to relax more easily. Additionally, you can use this sofa/ bed for your bedroom or outdoor too. This is a great & stylish addition to your living room.

Salwar Kameez Sets: A Sparkling Outfit for Every Celebration

wholesale Salwar Kameez catalogue

The Indian fashion culture is vivid and when it comes to women’s fashion world, you will be surprised with the variations that it offers gorgeous women.  From sari, lehenga, Chaniya choli to wholesale Salwar Kameez catalogue, everything is here to accentuate your feminine charm. It is one of those outfits that go well with the diverse climatic condition as well. In summers, one can choose pure cotton, loose Kurtis with pants or Salwar that make it easy to bear the humid and the scorching heat.

 wholesale Salwar Kameez catalogue

Salwar Kameez Is Considered As A Dress Material That Was Originated In The North West Of Asia. Salwar Kameez Is Considered As The Most Popular Dress Form Among The Females Because It Is Comfortable To Wear And Beautiful And Elegant To Look. One can even choose neck pattern, sleeve length and style that suits weather as well. Squat sleeves with broad neckline are preferred in summers whereas long sleeves with restricted neck styles are preferred in the winter season.  Young and vibrant girls prefer to mix and match Kurtis with a jacket that enhances the overall appearance.

If there is any Indian attire that can complement your style, charm and mood are, then it is Indian casual Salwar Kameez.  Explore the wide world of designer Salwar Kameez online and choose a set that suits the reason and occasion. As the Indian festival season is about to begin, it is a right time for adding latest cotton Salwar Kameez. There are online fashions stores that offer immense options in Salwar Kameez Designs explore, compare and settle for the best one.  

wholesale Salwar Kameez catalogue wholesale Salwar Kameez catalogue

The Indian Salwar Kameez is popular among all age groups and the reason is this versatility. You can make a simple cotton suit a party wear by adding a gorgeous Dupatta and funky jewellery or can tone down heavy suit by complimenting it sober accessory. In short, it gives you an open arena to try your creativity and create a fashion statement that suits you. Take a look at the latest Printed Salwar Kameez Collection and choose colours, design, pattern and fabric that excite you.

TOP 6 Colorado Motels to Stay Close to Nature

What is your favorite travel destination? Speaking about America, you should try Colorado. It is extremely popular for all natives and foreign tourists. People come here by car from all over the continent. Colorado car travel opens new horizons, and new interesting places to visit. It is not a problem to rent a car in Colorado and go to explore the city and neighborhoods. Let’s find out why?

Squaw Ridge Lava Bed Wilderness Study Area from Green Mountain Campground


Why Visit Colorado?

There are many reasons for that:

  1. Mountains

Of course, the most popular reason why people come to visit Colorado is nature, mostly mountains. You can find serious peaks here. You should visit the Rocky Mountain National Park, and never miss all nearby natural top-high attractions.

  1. Skiing

Legendary ski resorts are popular far abroad the country. Some of them are the best in the world. Remember this name: Winter Park Resort. It offers three peaks for skiing.

  1. Spas

The Spas are usually offered as additional piece of service. After a hard adventurous day you have an opportunity to enjoy the local SPAs.

The list is not full. Every tourist come to find own emotions and new impressions. But, the hot question is where to stay?



Where to Stay in Colorado?

You can find a lot of different places to stay here: hotels, hostels, apartments. You may try even couch surfing programs. The choice is huge. There are also really scaring places, like from the Stephen King’s scripts. So, let’s check them!


Want something local and colorful to stay? There are many houses in Colorado. But you have to spend time to get to. They are mostly situated high in the mountains or deep in the forests. You have to go miles and miles to reach the hotel. The most popular place for hiking tourists is OPUS hut, offering marvelous views and local meals. That simply means that you have to spend the most of your free time for walking and exploring places around. The service is good, including full-meal set. Of course, it is needed to pay additional money for lunch and dinner. The price for room is about $40 per person. Come here in summer!

Squaw Mountain Fire Lookout

This is a popular building located on the top of the mountain. Its unique location and facade made of old stones and glass is impressive. People come here to spend the night! You have to give about $100-150 to stay here. The second floor is made of glass. Thus, you can meet the sunset lying in the bed. There is no water communications here, so to take a bath you have to fire the water. If you feel hungry, you have a well-equipped kitchen in the house. But still, you cannot find the water. It is better to take it with you. It’s not easy as you can get here only by hiking.

Grand Canyon Lodge North Rim 0044


Carr Manor B&B

The simple but atmospheric hotel was a Cripple Creek school building many years ago. The classrooms have been rebuilt into the hotel suits. But the atmosphere is till like in the old school house. There is even a blackboard on the wall. You can take a chalk and leave your message here. The place in filled with antique furniture. There is even a big ballroom that was an old auditorium in the past life. What about the prices? The rates start from $100 and go up to $500.

Stanley Hotel

The Stanley Hotel in the most popular place to stay that all people know. It is situated in the Estes Park. Why popular? If you know about the Stephen King’s The Shining…it was writing here. Since then, the hotel is rated as a historic place, including movie history. The prices for a room start from $ 200.

Antique Piano Stanley Hotel


Best Western Movie Manor

What an interesting idea to combine a motel with the movie theater. Didn’t you expect that? Just imagine how romantic it is to stay in your room and watch movie through the room window on the big screen. This hotel is comfortable situated in the South part of Colorado. The Sand Dunes National Park is near here.



Far View Lodge

This is a unique place that is situated on the territory of National Park. Wow! You are in the center of the Colorado main attraction! It’s very comfortable for tourists who come here for exploring natural sights. What can you see from the hotel window? The most of the windows go to the state nature. The most expensive, the lodge windows go to the wild nature. The rooms don’t have TVs or WiFi connection. But there is a cozy restaurant. Hurry up! The hotel welcomes visitors in spring and summer season. The cheapest room starts from $120. The price also depends on the season when you come here.

You can find your own favorite unique place to stay in Colorado. If you are nature lover, you may simply rent a minibus and stay on the camp in one of the state parks. That’s adventurous! Remember, local hotels are not high0fashion luxury apartments. They are plain and simple, made of natural materials and located in the heart of Colorado wild life.

The Ultimate Guide For a Family Summer Road-trip.


Summer is one of the best times to go on adventures and make family memories that will last a lifetime. One such way that you can do this is by organizing and
planning a family road-trip. Thanks to, you can easily rent the car of your choice and take your family on a magical road-trip.


There are key factors that make a road trip memorable. A good road trip comes down to great planning and organization. Be sure to include everyone’s ideas so that everyone is involved from the beginning. Especially when it comes to destinations to visit, be fluid and flexible and include everyone’s dream destination for a full family road trip.


Top three destination picks that every family will enjoy on their road-trip.

  1. The Grand Canyon.

Location: Arizona.


This is a great destination to drive down to with your family. Everyone will enjoy the majestic site of the Grand Canyon. Once you are there, be sure to hike up to Yavapai Point. From this point, the view of the canyon will leave you all awe-struck. Be sure to also snap lots of pictures. You can also choose to drive to Kaibab National Forest. It is a refreshing and beautiful destination especially if you are city-dwellers, your family will truly appreciate the change of scene.

  1. Disneyland.

Location: California


This is a must-see destination especially if you are road-tripping with your children. They are sure to have a great time here. The best thing about Disneyland is that there is something for everyone. The adults will enjoy the restaurants, and rides while your children will also enjoy the rides and the numerous Disney characters there.


  1. Cave city.

Location: Kentucky.


This road-trip destination is wonderful, especially for kids. You can choose to visit Dinosaur World and see the awesome replicas and skeletons of dinosaurs that lived ages ago. A trip to Mammoth cave will have your children excited and curious. A road-trip is not truly complete without this stop.


A list of essentials that you should always bring along on your family road trip.


  • A basic first aid kit for any emergency that may occur during the trip.
  • Medication such as allergy pills, inhalers.
  • Comfortable and casual clothing for traveling.
  • A car repair kit- just in case.
  • Liquid cash. It is always better to travel with money at hand rather than relying on ATMs.
  • Toys and games to keep the children distracted.
  • A camera, to capture all the memories.
  • Dry food and snacks.
  • A map or a good navigation system. (the last thing you want is to get lost)
  • Bed-time essentials such as pajamas, sleeping bags, blankets.
  • Ensure you book all your hotels in advance.

Things you should avoid in order to make the road-trip more memorable.


Basically, there are only two things you should avoid before you and your family embark on this adventure.

First, avoid complaining. Everyone should try their best to enjoy this time together despite any challenges that may arise. Be cheerful and happy.

Secondly, be adventurous. Everyone should come willing to try new things and have new experiences.

The key to a good road-trip is a good and stable car. You can easily rent a car from prior to starting your trip.

Traveling To Chennai by Air

Traveling To Chennai by Air

You have just planned a week-long holiday at one of the hottest destinations around the country, Tamil Nadu. Traveling from Delhi to Chennai can be an easy task since there are a lot of flights available on this busy air route. You and your family are very excited, and look up the Delhi to Chennai flights schedule to get the best deal for the ticket price. Once you have finalized on that, you turn towards packing your luggage. This is the hard part, though. The airports charge a hefty fee if your luggage exceeds the maximum allowed luggage weight. You are in a fix, you cannot ask your wife to pack lesser, nor can you ask your kid to leave behind her favorite piece of clothing at home. You will have to carry your formals and boots. In order to avoid paying less at the airport for excess baggage, a few tips in this article will definitely come handy.

  • Be prepared to wear extra layers of clothes – In case you have to carry some jackets along with you, or extra shirts, try wearing them while entering the airport. Nobody can say anything for this, ask your children to wear all the warm clothing that is necessary. In case you are carrying both boots and slippers, wear the heavier boot so that the check-in luggage is much lighter than expected. People will be annoyed having paid so much excess fee, and they look at you with such a mind-blowing idea.
  • Try stuffing the backpack instead of the suitcase – The airport staff generally assumes that your backpack is very light and generally do not take the weight measures of that. You could keep all your heavy equipment on the backpack. Store only clothes and other lighter items in the suitcase. This is some hack that many people use.
  • Stuff your pockets! – Try and insert all the heavy wallets and cameras in your packets than in your suitcase. Your jars of food, perfumes, etc. could be a perfect fit in the pocket.
  • Buy items at your destination – Travel light, buy whatever you need at your destination. Smart people generally carry just half the stuff required and end up buying the rest at the destination. As soon as you reach Chennai, you could buy your toilet kit items and your light less expensive clothing.
  • Perhaps the best of the lot, buy yourself a luggage scale at home – This is a perfect way to ensure you can carry whatever you want under the maximum allowable luggage limit so that you need not end up paying extra. In case your luggage is already overweight, you could sit down and remove all the unnecessary items you have packed. You can leave all the useless stuff at home itself.
  • Split your luggage – In case you know your fellow travelers as friends or as relatives, and assuming they are traveling light, you could give some of your luggage to them to carry so that you do not have to end up paying a hefty fee at the airport for excess baggage.

It is advised that you look up the baggage policy of the airline you are traveling in. This will ensure you have left no stone unturned and a hassle-free experience at the airport.

Questions To Ask Yourself Before Buying A Used Car

Questions To Ask Yourself Before Buying A Used Car

Are you thinking about buying a used car over a new one? If so, will you do all the right things to drive off with the right vehicle?

Buying a used car can prove adventuresome for some individuals.

Whether the first time they do this or they don’t put research into the vehicle or owner, they can lose out.

So, what questions should you ask yourself before buying a used car?

Be a Smart Shopper When Looking for a Used Vehicle

In your quest to find the right used car, make sure you ask pertinent questions. To do otherwise is a disservice to you.

One of the first questions you’d want to ask on a used vehicle is if it has suffered any major damage in an accident.

Now, you may not have an owner who is willing to share such details with you. While you hope they’d be upfront, some vehicle owners will try and hide details about the auto they want to unload. As a result, you can end up driving off with trouble.

One way to lower the odds of such a mess occurring for you is to use a VIN lookup tool.

This tool helps you with learning more details about the vehicle in question.

For instance, what if the auto was in a serious accident where damage has led to later problems with the vehicle? The owner may have passed off the accident as not being that big of a deal, but it could be. Even with some repairs, the car is not operating like it did before the accident. Now, you still interested in buying it?

Doing research on an auto can also help you discover if there are any current recalls happening.

Recalls involving engine issues and other pertinent matters should not go unnoticed. You could end up buying a vehicle that is in essence damaged goods.

In looking for the right used vehicle for your needs, doing your homework is well worth your time.

Take Care of the Vehicle Once You Own It

After deciding which used vehicle is best suited for your needs, it is important you take care of what you buy.

This starts and ends with the following:

  • Maintenance – Take the vehicle in for regular maintenance to a trusted mechanic. Checked the owner’s manual to see what recommendations there are as far as regular oil changes and more.
  • Tires – Items such as the tires are things you can check on your own. If the tires do not have the proper inflation, they could blow out while driving. If this happens, you could be in a serious accident. Also look for any unusual wear-and-tear on the tires. This can also lead to a potential accident.
  • Garage – If you have a garage at home or can rent one close to where you live, put your car in it when not in use. This will help keep it from the elements. Tough winter weather and even the summer sun can wear on a vehicle’s paint and more over time.

In deciding if a used car is for you, be sure to ask the right questions of the current owner.

When you do, there is less of a chance of being stuck with another person’s problem.

Best Collection Of Handmade Rugs by Rugs and Beyond

Best Collection Of Handmade Rugs by Rugs and Beyond

Rugs and beyond is the best E-commerce online website for the handmade carpets, rugs, and durries. They have a great and big collection of handmade carpets. They used the finest material for weaving carpets and durries. Rugs and beyond have “One of a kind” products. It means you will never find the same carpets worldwide. You can easily find your carpet according to the design, material and color combination.

New Collection of durries by Rugs and beyond: – They have uploaded new product on their website which is cheap area rug and most of the people can buy it. Yes, they are added new dhurries which follow the new concept of the material combination. These durries are made in cotton chindi with jute yarn. It means warp in natural jute and weft in a recycling of cotton cloths. These durries have modern look and ideal for the modern home decor.  These are very suitable for the summer season and available only on These are very less expensive as compared to handmade cotton durries and handmade carpets. These change durries are in vibrant color which can transform your room into a stylish room.

The new collection of handmade carpets by Rugsandbeyond: –

  They also added some more products in silk and woolen categories which have an amazing color combination with a beautiful design pattern. If you bored with old theme of your home then you can give a new look to your room by adding these beautiful carpets. Rugs and beyond always provide the best quality of handmade rug at reasonable rate with free shipping delivery worldwide. Find some of them here-

Best Collection Of Handmade Rugs by Rugs and Beyond

This is a large handmade wool carpet and woven in hand-knotted technique. Weavers used pure New Zealand wool as the weft and cotton as the warp. It contains Kashan design pattern which has been originated in the 17th century from Persia. Wet dying process has been used for giving the beautiful vibrant colors. This is 100% hand-washable carpet. It has beautiful shades on the ground of carpet.

Best Collection Of Handmade Rugs by Rugs and Beyond

Perfect carpet for the modern home décor. This is also woven in pure New Zealand wool and cotton material. It contains a perfect color combination of ivory, gold and blue. It will look awesome with light color furniture. Place minimum furniture if you want to decorate your home in contemporary interior designs. The design of this carpet in Erased and has inspired with paint on the wall. So give a magnificent look to your space and find the compliments regarding your décor.

Best Collection Of Handmade Rugs by Rugs and Beyond

Are you waiting for a rug for your coffee table or for a round dining table then buy this beautiful round handmade wool area rug. This is woven in pure New Zealand wool and super quality of the cotton material. It contains dark color so you can use it for high traffic area also. It has a beautiful floral pattern which looks amazing with white furniture. This is also 100% hand washable and highly durable carpet.

So select your carpet from Rugs and Beyond and find it at a very reasonable price. This is the last chance to get this beautiful rug with huge discounts.

Author Bio: Shivani is a professional interior decorator who likes to blog about latest home decorating trends. She believes that it is very important to have a comfortable and well styled personal space in each house as it’s crucial to living a happy and healthy life. You can read her latest posts on Rugs and Beyond.