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Ideal Honeymoon: 4 Best Romantic Hotels for Loving Couples

What is the ideal romance? This is when you are full of emotions, your passion doesn’t subside, and for complete happiness, you only need the right entourage. Rentalcars24h has chosen the most beautiful hotels on the planet for the sweetest honeymoon and the greatest romantic weekend. Some of them can be an ideal place for the wedding of your dreams!

Bvlgari Resort Bali


The most stylish hotel on Bali Island is literally created for the fans of romantics. Moreover, it’s possible to organize the wedding of your dreams in the local chapel, and not some symbolic one, but a real luxurious ceremony for 90 persons! Bvlgari Resort features the personal wedding manager that can organize the holiday of your dream – from classical wedding to ceremony with observance of special religious rites.

Even more romantic option is the ceremony on the water, when the altar is decorated with flowers, and the action itself takes place on an acrylic bridge set on the mirror surface of an artificial pond.


If your goal is not the ceremony itself, but a romantic rest, then it’s also hard to find a better a place. A luxurious hotel on a cliff with a breathtaking view of the Indian Ocean is placed 150 meters above sea level, and therefore the view opening from there is fantastic! Luxury villas with a private pool will provide absolute privacy, and the virtuoso cooks from the local La Spiaggia restaurant will make your romantic dinner tasty, unforgettable and full of romance!


Jumeirah Vittaveli Maldives

Jumeirah Vittaveli Maldives pool

Jumeirah Vittaveli is a paradise for loving couples from all over the world. The hotel has its own chapel for weddings with a view of the lagoon its transparent floor reveals the unique underwater world of the Indian Ocean.

By the way, the fans of diving can arrange a solemn wedding proposal under the water or hold a full-fledged wedding ceremony surrounded by fish and a coral reef. Those who like romantic scenarios will certainly appreciate a private romantic date on a lost island in the middle of the ocean: dinner by candlelight, incredible sunset beauty and a treasured proposal on the sand or directly on the water are everything you need to be happy.

Jumeirah Vittaveli_0950

If your plans are sweet honeymoon or a romantic escape for a week, there’s no better location than secluded suites on the water. Seven stylish villas are cut off from the basic infrastructure of the island: you can get there only by a specially equipped boat. A personal butler will bring and serve breakfasts, lunches and dinners for you. With the help of the local Talise Spa specialists you can enjoy a real Maltese spa ritual right at the villa. A separate pool, Jacuzzi and personal beach are provided only for you and your beloved one!


Banyan Tree Seychelles

Colonial House at Banyan Tree

Seychelles is a classic in terms of romantic vacation. This is a favorite vacation spot of Hollywood celebrities and other famous persons. For example, Kate Middleton and Prince William chose this heavenly place for a honeymoon. Banyan Tree Seychelles is considered to be the most beautiful hotel on the islands – all its villas are located on the shore of Intendance Bay, and each of them is a sample of the right luxury: there’s a private pool, a terrace surrounded by tropical gardens and a bedroom with a stunning ocean view. The perfect harmony of colonial architecture and untouched beauty of the island’s wildlife creates a feeling of tranquility and peace.

Honeymooners in Banyan Tree Seychelles are offered a romantic picnic with champagne on the beach, walks through the tropical garden, and treatments at the local spa, which is a true wellness legend. Usually they arrange real spa days – the procedures last from morning till night, accompanying by the sound of waves of the Indian Ocean.

Poolside at night

The surrounding area of ​​the resort is an ideal place for mountain biking, snorkeling and canoeing. The hotel is very proud of its own organic garden, where you can see huge turtles. If the beauty of the hotel so drives you crazy, that you decide to get married there, then there is nothing easier – the hotel offers 3 wedding packages for the newlyweds. You can order both a symbolic ceremony and a romantic dinner with a barbecue by candlelight, and a classic celebration with a two-tier wedding cake and tropical bridal bouquets. A luxurious cocktail at sunset in La Varangue Café will be a perfect end of the major day in your life.


Forte Village Resort

Forte Village Resort - Hotel Castello Pool

(photo by Mason Rose)

Forte Village Resort is not just the best hotel of Sardinia, but a real small town with everything you need: there are dozens of restaurants, mini-zoo, golf club, kids’ club, tennis court, boutiques and much more. A special pride of the hotel is cascades of pools and endless white beaches against the background of the unique nature of Sardinia featuring rugged coastline, black rocks and coral caves.

The hotel is considered to be the best option for family holidays and romantic trips. Despite its impressive size, Forte Village manages to maintain the concept of a secluded rest – private villas are the key to a completely serene pastime, and even the animation is unobtrusive there. Any activity, whether it’s a booking of a yacht or even an airplane, can be arranged with the help of a concierge service. Your day can be planned so that the rest will be calm and at the same time interesting: breakfast, yoga, spa, boat trips, lunches and dinners by the ocean will make your stay at Forte Village Resort fantastic.

copyright Forte Village Resort, Cagliari, Sardinia.

(photo by Martin@FMB)

For those who wish to get married, spend a honeymoon or celebrate the anniversary in the most beautiful hotel of Italy, Forte Village has prepared a special offer. The ceremony will be held at Royal Pineta or Hotel Castello, which are an example of classic pacification in the shadow of pines and oleanders. Generally, the offer includes 5-nights’ accommodation in one of the complex’s hotels, VIP service, a romantic candlelight dinner with music, dancing and spa treatments for two.

4 Things To Consider When Building An Indoor Sports Facility

Building an indoor sports facility is a challenging project that requires planning and foresight.  However, it is also a business; therefore it must make an acceptable amount of profit to survive in the competitive market.  Designing and constructing a space for the community is a technical and complicated process.  Different factors go into making the best complex, but here are four of the most important ones:

  1. Local market needs

Indoor sports facilities should provide recreation and leisure opportunities for people of all ages.  Developing one that keeps up with the demands of the local community is an excellent way to gain a firm footing in the industry.  Your business plan should include a professional study of activities and age groups you plan to serve.  Evaluate the types of facilities that your area needs, such as fitness centers, court sports, turf sports, etc.  It will help predict the potential profit that the sports facility will make.  The goal is to create a complex with the latest design trends that will enhance functionality as well as aesthetic beauty.    This process is essential to anticipate whether the project will be financially viable.

  1. Location

Selecting a partially-developed property may be a cost-effective option when searching for an appropriate site for the sports facility.  If you start from an empty piece of land, you will need to spend more time and money on preparing the land for construction, such as clearing away trees, blasting rock, grading, etc.  This inadvertently affects the budget, leaving less money for implementing the design.

But before starting, determine the building regulations in your city.  Each area has its zoning ordinances, and so obtain permission before digging the first hole.  Local municipal planning and zoning departments can help guide and answer questions.  Plans also need to be approved before any progress is made.

When deciding on a location, make sure there is ample space for parking.  This is a crucial factor that event planners consider when selecting a venue for tournaments.  Organizers typically need 50-100 spaces per field.  It is equally essential to provide easy access for everyone, including people with disabilities, from the parking lot to the facility.

  1. Structure

The ultimate goal is to build a structure with state-of-the-art facilities but also with the smallest price tag.  Fortunately, innovative technological advancements in engineering have significantly reduced costs without compromising on quality.

Sports complexes are high-impact and high- traffic facilities.  Using cost-effective yet high-performance building material is an ideal way to increase the durability of the complex.  Using prefabricated steel not only reduces construction time, but it is a low-maintenance option.  It doesn’t have to be painted every couple of years, is fire resistant, doesn’t rust, and is more durable to different weather conditions.  Remember, creating a structure with proper ceiling height is vital for functionality- 24 feet for court sports and 20 feet for turf sports.

Similarly, proper lighting an essential feature of the complex.  Using LED lights saves on the energy bill while also reducing long-term maintenance costs.

Finally, install an HVAC system that is sufficiently able to support the sports center.

  1. Funding

The biggest hurdle in building a complex is securing the required financing.  Though many prefer property ownership, this is not plausible for others.  Financing this project through the bank is possible, but because constructing an indoor sports facility is considered to be a high-risk investment, the interest rates may be comparatively higher.  The best option is to secure adequate funding, either through the municipality, developmental cooperatives, private entities, nonprofit organizations, or educational institutions.  It is vital that the funds are managed properly so that the project continues to move ahead progressively.  The goal is to complete the construction as quickly as possible.

An important thing to remember is that once building materials and floor plans have been decided, it is better not to make any changes.  The more alterations you make, the more hiccups you will encounter along the way.  Not only will it cost more but it will also take longer to complete the construction.

5 Places Telemedicine Must Be Available

With technology being part of day to day lives, it has also become a significant part of healthcare. Healthcare industry has been transformed with the introduction or in fact by increased use of Telemedicine. Telemedicine allows healthcare providers in evaluating, diagnosing and subsequently treating patients without physically being present with the patients.

Telemedicine has made healthcare much more accessible and definitely, more affordable for the patients while, revenue generating for the Doctors. It has proved to have significant positive affects with respect to patients’ involvement in the process and hence, reaping beneficial results.

Various companies like that of JetBlue Airways etc. have been installing the Telemedicine facility at workplaces in forms of kiosk, bringing healthcare a step closer and undoubtedly, cheaper for its employees. With this said, we believe telemedicine should be available in various other places. Five such places are:


As mentioned before, companies have been taking healthcare for their employees seriously and so are progressively installing telemedicine kiosks for them. Healthcare at work place is imperative. With long hours of work and immense workload, employees hardly are left with time to see a doctor or even address any medical concern they might have. Telemedicine at work would help them squeeze a quick virtual visit with a professional healthcare provider.

This initiative has been proved beneficial for not just the employees but also for the company as a whole. Employees have resulted in being better at work and increase productivity was also noticed. With that said, telemedicine comes with a lower fees attached to it as opposed to visiting a healthcare center which is another plus for the employees.

  Remote Areas

United States is composed of not just developed, metropolitan cities like that of New York and Los Angeles but also has sub urban areas or country sides. People residing in such areas are bound to travel long distances to healthcare centers in case of emergencies. The hospitals in their nearby areas are understaffed which results in them not getting the right treatment and attention.

Telemedicine is a must for such areas. It will provide them the opportunity to consult the best doctors there are and get the treatment they require and most importantly, deserve. Besides getting the care they require, telemedicine will also help them with eliminating the transportation costs which they otherwise would’ve incurred.


Schools or any other educational centers must have telemedicine as well. Since elementary schools carry children below the age of six, they tend to get scratches and sudden pains here and there. In order to help relieve such problems, telemedicine is a must.

With that, it would also be a great facility for college or post grad students as well. College students tend to undergo immense pressure and stress which is why it is a necessity for them. Top Telemedicine Companies like that of CareClix uses the platform of Skype to address non-emergency medical questions and so would be a great fit for schools and colleges.


There are various professionals who are expected to travel multiple times a week. This results in them getting frequent jet legs which translate into frequent head and body aches. Having telemedicine facility on the airports would help them consult a healthcare provider between their flights or layovers. It would help them access healthcare like never before for not a hefty price.


As much as we hate it, we do spend a lot of time at the malls or shopping centers. They are used more for hanging out than for shopping. With that said, having a telemedicine facility available in malls is necessary.

Various mothers have to rush back home when their child gets a headache or falls down or scrapes his/her knees or elbows. This problem can easily be solved by having telemedicine facilities in malls. This way anyone with a little one can shop tension-free for as long as they like.

Telemedicine is the call of time. It is accessible, convenient and far less cheap than the conventional visits to the clinics. However, it requires the user to be well versed with the system in order to run and operate it. This can only be done through proper training which would only add to the expenses. Not just that, the initial installation also requires a hefty sum which would have to be borne by the installer.

5 Dresses to Wear at a Fancy Party


If you are someone who has a party to attend but cannot choose what to wear, no problem, there are many options we have listed here for you. Parties are an excellent occasion to dress up, glam up and dazzle the audience. You get to meet new people and interact with them, so you need to have a good outfit on you to leave a good first impression. This article is going to enlist 5 dresses that will never go amiss for a party. So let’s take a look at them.

Black Dress

black-dressImage source

As Karl Lagerfeld once said, “One is never over-dressed or underdressed with a little black dress.” You should always have a black dress ready in your wardrobe because honestly, you never know when you are going to need it. Black dress is a symbol of beauty and elegance without trying too hard to stand out. You can wear a simple black dress and pair it with flashy accessories to make your party look. Also, you can have a shimmery black dress if accessories are not your thing. Wear this with high heels and you will end up looking fashionably chic! The length of the dress can vary according to the occasion or your mood. You will definitely catch a great amount of attention in the party!

Dressy Bottoms

black-bottomsImage source

If you want to have a little different appearance than others, dressy bottoms are your pick. You can get a legion of dressy bottoms in form of straight formal dress pants, high waist wide pants, culottes, palazzos, etc. You can wear any pair of the above mentioned pants with simple blouses as well. If your bottoms are floral or too attention-seeking, you should avoid wearing very happening shirts. In this case, simple shirts with solid colours will be your best bet. If your bottoms are too simple then you can choose a blouse with flare. Remember to keep a balance.

Short Cute Dresses

short-cute-dressImage source

If you want to keep your dressing minimal and classy, a short cute dress will be the most apt choice for you. You can go for solid coloured dresses like maroon, beige, faun, etc. or you can have printed ones or the ones with transitions. All of them will look beautiful if you wear them with a complementing set of shoes or boots and the right accessories. You can also wear long pendants with some dresses to keep your dressing a little festive. This is a good option for those who don’t feel like wearing maxi dresses to the party.


jumpsuitImage source

Jumpsuits are very popular nowadays. There are many different types of jumpsuits for everyone. They give you a tall and exquisite look which instantly creates an aura of grace around you. Let it be monochrome jumpsuits, floral or other kind, they all look very beautiful when worn to a fancy party. You can wear high heels with them and look like a walking fashion model. Moreover, in order to add a little bit more glam in your outfit, you can wear a fancy shrug over your simple jumpsuit or vice versa to stand out a bit. You can choose whether you want a sleeveless jumpsuit, off the shoulder jumpsuit or if the party is in winter, you can wear a full sleeve jumpsuit. The choice is yours!


skirtImage source

Skirts are one of the most important and most ignored item of clothing in a woman’s wardrobe usually. They should be worn at parties as they give a hint of vintage class and elegance. There are different types of skirts which can be used for a joyous occasion. You can wear any length you like and it will look great. There are different skirts like boot-cut skirts, long skirts, short skirts, etc. Wear these skirts with different small blouses and create captivating looks every time. In order to give a very unique touch, you can add a slit in the centre or at the side of the skirt. This gives you a trendy look and complements your fashion outlook.

In a nutshell, parties are always going to come and you will need new outfits every time. However, you cannot buy a brand new piece of clothing every time you are invited to a party. So, you need to accentuate your style sense a bit to create new looks for your fancy occasions by pairing up different pieces in new manners. The aforementioned 5 dresses should be a must in your wardrobe so you have a diverse and classy style. Even at the last minute, any one of these will be enough to save your day. If you are suddenly invited to a party, you can always wear a black dress. It looks elegant and classy. So make sure you have a pair or two in your closet for emergencies!

Avail the Health Blogs for Weight Management

There are many people on this earth who always wish to maintain a good health. In fact, obesity is a very serious issue for every people. It is quite necessary to maintain a good health along with a proper weight. Overweight can cause a lot of problems. Proper diet and exercise are absolutely necessary.

Role of Weight-Related Blogs

It can be well said in this connection that weight loss blogs are quite important in providing information and awareness among the people. People are facing a lot of problems as a result of obesity. Thus this problem should be treated properly.

There are many websites that publish this type of blogs on regular basis. These are very helpful in dealing with the issue of weight management. It is said in most of the blogs that a balanced diet followed by regular exercise is the only key to a healthy living. It is the perfect way to kill obesity.

The intake of fat must be reduced to some extent. This is very essential. Overweight is simply dangerous. It can bring severe health problems like heart diseases, high pressure, cholesterol, etc. All this are simply harmful to human health.

Role of Weight Management Blogs

In fact, there is a time to change the diet chart. A report on weight management has revealed the fact that 75% of the population is suffering from severe obesity problems. If it continues in this way then one -day obesity will reach every human body.

The emergence of various types of junk foods has also added fire to this issue. It is absolutely necessary to avoid this type of foods as much as possible. On the other hand, the consumption of various types of soft drinks has also increased considerably.

Today’s people rely much on having colored drinks than fresh coconut water. In fact, the lifestyle of people has drastically changed. Obesity has become a threat to human civilization. Millions of people are affected.

Complete Overview On Weight Management Blogs

It has been seen that the weight loss blogs list has been successful to some extent in creating awareness among masses. Most of these types of blogs are written by experienced and professional dieticians and health professionals.

They give appropriate information on each and every food items. In many cases, they also give correct advice to the people. This is a great initiative. There are ample such blogs that are running successfully in awakening cautiousness among the people.

Thus it can be well assumed from the above discussion that the emergence of various types of blogs has really been a great one. It is a great step towards creating a healthy and fit environment. Time is changing drastically and the inclusion of various types of chemicals on food items is really dangerous.

It can even take the life of millions of people on earth. People must be aware of their daily intake and diet. A healthy food style and physical exercise have become mandatory in this present situation. It must be made as a daily routine.

Exiting Seduction Tips: Make Him Want You

One very big mistake that most individuals make is confusing “Seduction” with “sex”. This is actually very interesting considering the fact that seduction is literally nothing like sex. Moreover, seducing a man does not necessarily mean you allowing him to have you. Many individuals associate seduction with sex. They feel the need to entertain things such as sex toys and even sex toys for men while making love. While it may work at the moment, you need to understand that the art of seduction is all about showing your true identity and letting the both of you enjoy the moment.

Either way, here are a few tips that should help you enhance and build your seduction techniques;

  • Try And Stand Out

First and foremost, you need to understand that taking the lead is your job and not the other way round.

Take boxing, for example, the boxer who stays calm at the beginning while observing and studying the opponent is the one who has a substantial chance of making an impact at the end. Observe and understand him. Take your time. Somewhere along the run, surprise him! Show him how smart and resourceful you can be. It’s your duty to surprise your man. However, ensure that you do it subtlety.

  • If Not Hanging Out With Your Spouse, Stay Busy

Seriously, no one would love to chase after a woman without any goals, ambitions and most importantly outside interests or commitments. When conversing, make sure to touch on your weekend swimming club, how you work to stay on track and other extra doses of desirability. Show him how important he is by letting him see that although you are a busy woman, you still have time for him. This stirs up desire in him and makes him want you even more.

  • You Also Need To Stay In Touch

As you probably know, times have changed. Forget the typical trick of the golden days of playing hard to get. You have grown. You have matured and started looking the world in from a much modern and simpler perspective. You need to own the relationship and give him an idea of how you keep thinking of him. Think of how amazing it feels when someone just gets in touch with you just to inform you that they miss you. However, ensure that you do not overdo it like stalking the poor guy.

  • Give Him A Goodnight Kiss As If He Is Leaving Tomorrow!

Go with what you are comfortable with. However, surprise him at times and give him your best of the unexpected. One night, while he is expecting the routine goodnight peck before sleep, give him one amazing French kiss then go to sleep. You are guaranteed that he will dream about you and keep thinking about you the next day at work. Give him other surprises too even in bed. They are very important.


Most of the tips out there on how to seduce a man may entirely require you to get out of your comfort zone. However, gradually, you will begin to realize that some of them or rather the ones not entirely based on sex are true. On analyzing yourself at that moment, you will also realize that you have become almost 100% confident in applying those tips. If you are confident and you feel sexy, you will need to prove it to him to make him want you even more.

Increase Intake of Natural Supplements

In case you take exercise on a regular basis to shape and tone your body look it masculine, you would want to ensure you, will be getting more for it with the help of supplements. One prime advantage of work out is building muscle mass and strength. Having a good density of muscle lets you do the better at the time of work out and day to day life.

Three key factors should be fulfilled for maximum muscle building like consuming extra calories than using, ingesting extra protein than your body breaks down plus a workout programme demanding to the muscles.

Since it is very probable to fulfill all these factors without consuming dietary supplements, several supplements are useful to fulfill your aims. Below are given some best bodybuilding supplements for mass gain to build muscle density together with your training sessions.


Creatine constitutes a molecule that is generated naturally in a person’s body. It is the source of energy for the muscles as well as many more tissues. Nevertheless, consuming it in the form of a dietary supplement may increase the quantity of muscle creatine by forty percent more than its normal levels. This directly affects the muscle cells and workout performance, enhancing muscle mass. In actuality, a lot of research work bring forth that creatine promotes muscle strength.

This will be good to know in case you are on the way to building muscle mass. More strength permits you to do better at the time of workout, giving a boost to more muscle mass in due course of time.

Creatine may enhance the content of water within the muscles. It will cause the muscle cells to enlarge a bit and create signs of muscle growth. Moreover, creatine will boost hormone levels associated with the growth of muscles like IGF-1. Furthermore, several studies reveal that this supplement is capable of minimizing the breakdown regarding proteins within the muscles.

On the whole, a lot of studies have revealed that supplement of creatine and workout, creatine is helpful to build muscle mass. It is also very safe and can be considered among the best natural bodybuilding supplements for muscle gains.

 Protein Supplements

Taking sufficient protein is essential for building muscle. Particularly, to build muscle, you require ingesting extra protein than it is broken down by the body via a natural process. As it is likely to obtain the entire requirement of protein content through protein-enriched foods, several people strive hard to achieve it. If it is the case with you, you better think over taking a quality protein supplement.

You will find a lot of various supplements of protein in the market, but several well-accepted are soy, whey, and casein protein. Other supplements of protein enclose protein taken from chicken, eggs, beef or some other sources.

Research reveals that taking more protein through different supplements brings about a little extra muscle mass in people who do workouts than taking more carbohydrates. Nevertheless, the impact can be likely more on people who do not get sufficient protein in daily meals.

How to Spice Up the Flavour of Instant Noodles

Being a college student is a bit challenging task for you because you no longer can enjoy the tasty dishes made at home. You need to stay away from your home cooked food for months, need to be on budget and the taste of hostel food does sync well with your taste buds. But now you have the best and affordable option to stop your hunger cravings.

The tasty noodles can be a perfect substitute to go for. The Ramen noodles are tasty yet cheap in prices. It is never going to disappoint you. All you need warm noodles which get cooked in two minutes and can put an end to your cravings.

Now you can easily learn how to spice up the flavor of your instant noodles. As you know, the Ramyun Noodle is a Japanese dish that includes wheat broth, noodles and different additives like seaweed to quality pork and some tasty green onions. It comes with an endless number of possibilities.

When you will get this packet of cup noodle, you will get all the basic information as to how to make it. This can act as a delicious and authentic meal and at the same time, it is healthy and safe for all. The different ways as for how you can make it tastier and better are,

  1. Add your favorite vegetables: yes, the addition of fresh veggies can really make it more delicious and tastier in less time. As per your taste you can add broccoli, carrots, peas, tomato, onion, and others for getting some additional nutrients.  
  2. Soya sauce: If you are the type of a person who likes to eat more salt, the addition of soy sauce can do this job better. It will change the color of your noodles and can enhance the taste in the easiest way.
  3. Seasoning packet: Although it comes with one small pack of seasoning, you must not use the full packet. You can mix it with some of your sauces like mayonnaise, tomato sauce, red chili and others. Adding a bit of vinegar can also help.

  1. Adding greens: The green vegetables act as a healthy meal plan and adding them in your noodles can offer you the best nutrition and can change its color. You must chop them beforehand and fry them on low flame. Once they are cooked, start cooking your noodles and add them in between to cook with noodles.
  2. Crack an egg: Eggs have a better taste. You can either hard boil them or can crack them in the noodles while cooking them. Make sure you mix them properly so that it doesn’t get stick to your pan. This can also add on creaminess to your ramen noodles.
  3. Butter: You can add a tablespoon of melted butter on your noodles, once it gets cooked properly. This will surely melt in your mouth and you will get a different taste.

So, whenever you crave next for a delicious food, try out these instant noodle ramen recipes and select any of the methods to enhance its taste.  

Five tips to positively increase the airG reviews of your app

Mobile apps are constantly changing the way we live our lives today. From a local coffee shop to the grocery store around the corner, we have an app for everything. There are over 3 million apps in Google Play and App Store altogether. In such densely crowded space, it is essential for developers to use the best means possible to set out from the rest in the market. Scoring maximum positive ratings and reviews will help your app make it to the top charts. Studies reveal that online reviews play a paramount role in ranking applications.

On a general note, the opinion of others plays a major role in purchasing decisions made by most people. Virtual world also follows a similar mindset. Users prefer seeing ratings when deciding which app to download. Around 85% of the consumers trust online reviews as much as the personal recommendations. In short, positive reviews will quite definitely enhance discoverability of your app and amplify the download numbers.

As far as review forums are concerned, a multitude of platforms exists online allowing people to communicate and share their views over various topics. Among these, AirG Buzz and AirG Lifestyle Chat are well-known for their easy interface plus meaningful discussions. Essentially a mobile software industry with a huge variety of mobile applications, AirG has built up a reputation of being exceptionally diverse. These forums discuss a variety of topics varying from celebrity lifestyles to the efficacy of different mobile applications. In addition to that, the products and services of AirG serve over 100 million consumers globally which makes it integral for the app developers to ensure positive AirG reviews for their application.

Here are five ways to help your mobile app get more positive AirG reviews as well as other platforms:

Plug-in feature for App Review

The easiest way to get reviews and positive ratings for your app is to prompt your users. Numerous turn-key plugins are available for iOS and Android making the whole process of leaving reviews quite simple. For instance, you can go for embedding a feedback function within the application or incorporate pop-ups that appear at fixed intervals. An important aspect to note of is that you must be careful of timing these pop-ups because there’s a very thin line between being annoying and being helpful. If you do not take care of that, you might end up with poor reviews and disappointed users.

Invest in a good user interface

One thing that is a constant for all kinds of the app is that it should be user-friendly. Regardless of the function, you are providing to the target market; it is important that each app should be usable. This means focusing on display items such as background, icons, and font as well as ensuring the content you provide is meaningful. If none of these are viable for your consumers, there are high chances that they will turn to others in the market leaving disappointed remarks across notable review forums. A good user-interface does not compel people to surf through and struggle to find what they need, but it tends to solve problems even before the user thinks about it. Hence, the whole layout of an app matters as much as the content.

Exceptional Customer Service

Customers only prefer businesses that are responsive and efficient. The high degree of responsiveness plays a key role in ensuring that users return satisfied. The mobile apps that are slow in responding can get a user frustrated, and eventually, he/she deletes the app. So, it is essential that you provide an excellent interactive environment to your users. There are various options of web-based dashboards that are integrated to have a live, two-way instant messaging window within the app. Such systems allow you to go way beyond a pre-populated mail form and provide an optimized customer support experience.

Offer incentives for app reviews

People often choose to ignore app review requests. If you are willing to juice up your app review numbers, you need to go an extra mile. Incentivizing reviews is a good option. A powerful incentive on virtual grounds might be an in-app currency or additional points. It is advisable to use incentives that are ethical and not forceful. For instance, compelling users to watch videos and in turn, making them earn access to exclusive features. Quite obviously, these measures will not bring honest feedback, and your app might score negative reviews on other platforms.

Avoid resemblance

Unique outlook and features are crucial components to secure a distinct identification in the market. If you are offering an app that is more or less similar to others in the stores, it is probable you may never make it up the charts. App monetization is indeed a fundamental feature to consider if you are willing for maximized positive reviews. Whatsapp versus IMO is a good example of app monetization. To cut it short, very few people will come across and download your app if you are offering similar features as others.

In light of these ideas, it is quite clear that if you are willing to get positive AirG reviews, the first and foremost step is to increase traffic on your mobile application. You need to begin with flawless strategies to make your mark in the industry using distinguished features and offering unique services to your users.  Give them a reason to rate and review. Your whole focus should be on developing an exceptional application and delivering the best services. If a user returns satisfied, they are surely going to rave about your app.

So, work hard on improvising, optimizing and progressing. Positive reviews are surely coming your way if you follow all these basics of app development.

5 Scenic Places to Camp in the US

camping in USA

Camping is one of the all-time great ‘uniquely American’ activities out there. This is thanks not just to our pioneering spirit but also because of the incredible wildlife, wide prairie ranges, open spaces and of course the medley of diverse climates. In short, there is something to suit everyone, especially when it comes to absolutely gorgeous vistas that can literally take your breath away with their sheer beauty.

Many Americans simply love to ‘turn off the grid’ so that they can also commune with Momma nature.  Let us look at some of the most eye-catching campsites in the good ol’ U.S. of A.


Should you be camping with your family and friends that have distinctly eclectic tastes, opt for places where it would be possible to vary your experience daily! This is the part where the Ludington State Park in Michigan comes into the picture. Why? Quite simply because it can keep everyone entertained easily enough. Prepare your lightweight campers and put your outdoor gear in order before heading out to this magical destination.

For starters, there is the possibility to take a dip and go swimming in Lake Michigan. However, if getting all wet and bothered is not your style, then there are kayak rentals, jet skiing, sand dunes, beach walks, and of course, taking long rambles through the forests simply made for nature hikes. This is an ideal place to pitch your tent and get on with your trip.


This place is an ecological marvel. There’s so much to explore than exceptional trees and hiking trails. The destination has three different ecosystems, all in the same park. From hills to forests, it has it all. Here, you can not only take your evening constitution on a hill, but you can also easily watch the great whales on their annual migrating to their summer or winter feeding grounds as well.

o   White Mountain National Forest, New Hampshire

If you are the hardy and pioneering sort and want to emulate the trailblazers of yesteryears, then a rugged hike on raw mountainous terrain is just the thing for you.  In fact, there is no need to look further than the White Mountain National Forest, New Hampshire. This park is located in the northernmost part of the Appalachian Valley.  The best season to camp here would be in mid-fall. The sights are particularly magical at the time when the leaves are in free fall. Apart from that, this place is absolutely huge.  As a matter of fact, this forest park has no less than four drive-in campgrounds and all combined, they boast of at least 800 campsites in total.

o   The Shenandoah National Park, Virginia

The Shenandoah National Park is merely a short drive from Washington D.C with an estimated 500 miles of trails all along its pathways. However, the highlight of this scenic park is the Old Rag Mountain hike. The scenery from the top is absolutely gorgeous. It’s open in all the seasons, barring winter. But make sure that you have the right tent with you in case, there is a tropical downpour. The last thing you want is to worry about wet clothes!

o   Assateague Island Campgrounds, Maryland

The Assateague Island Campgrounds are located only a scarce nine miles or so south of Ocean City. These camping grounds mean miles of sandy beaches for swimming, kayaking, camping, surfing, crabbing biking, and horse riding.

o   Conclusion

These are but only a few of the great camping spots in the USA and there are plenty more other equally scenic sights, should you be interested in looking for them. So which one would you choose first?