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The Italian Dream: 5 Spots to Eat Pizza in New York

What things do you associate with New York? Many people will say that this is the Statue of Liberty, the yellow taxi or the Brooklyn Bridge. Well, and what about pizza? New York pizza is known all over the world. New Yorkers even insist that it’s thinner and tastier than pizza cooked in Italy. In New York, this traditional Italian dish is prepared in the form of a huge pie, which is served either in slices or wholly.

Today, New York features more than 400 pizzerias, not counting all the restaurants that have pizza in the menu. However, not all of them deserve your attention. Let’s get acquainted with the best pizzerias in New York. According to the residents of the city, you should definitely pick up Alamo car rental in New York and visit at least one of the following restaurants…


As reported by the owners of this restaurant, the skill of cooking pizza on coals is a fading art. This is the skill that Grimaldi’s chefs are proud of. Its pizza has a light smoked flavor and the finest crust, which is simply impossible to achieve by baking the dough in a gas or electric oven. This high quality-product is achieved through the use of coal from Pennsylvania, which features the highest quality on the planet.


About 150 kg of coal are burned in the restaurant every day, which makes it possible to heat the oven up to 650°С. The result is satisfied smiles on the face and great guests’ reviews. Not surprisingly, the queues at the restaurant begin to form long before the opening!

Address: 1 Front St, Brooklyn, NY


Di Fara

According to Zagat rating, Di Fara for the past eight years is among the best establishments in the list of New York pizzerias. The restaurant owner comes from an Italian family of bakers and pizza-makers, and he even won the title of “rock star” among local fans. He cooks pizza for visitors of the restaurant, and on those rare days when he leaves pizzeria for business needs, the establishment is simply closed.

Di Fara Pizza

(photo by John Penny)

All restaurant recipes are based on family traditions that are passed down from generation to generation and are kept in the strictest secrecy. The ingredients are imported from Italy itself, which provides a unique authentic taste of the finished product.

When ordering a whole pizza at Di Fara, you will be given the choice between a round and square shape, which is $4 more expensive. Remember that there’s no menu in the restaurant. All pizza is automatically served as plain – a combination of cheese and tomato sauce. If you want something more interesting, then you have to choose the desired filling for a fee.

Address: 1424 Avenue J, Brooklyn, NY


Joe and Pat’s

Cheese pizza ($13.50)

(photo by Adam Goldberg)

This is another establishment in New York, which for more than half a century never ceases to please connoisseurs of good pizza. The decor of the restaurant is made in the Mediterranean style and sets the visitors in a positive mood, as if transferring them to the cozy towns of the Italian coast. The owners and workers of the pizzeria are from the same family and are always happy to support the conversation in both English and Italian. A special feature of Joe and Pat’s is the heart-shaped pizza. This fact emphasizes the chef’s love for this dish. As in Grimaldi’s, in this restaurant you cannot order a single slice – when visiting Joe and Pat’s, get ready to eat the whole pizza. In addition to the delicious pizza menu, the restaurant is rich in traditional salads and hot dishes, giving guests the opportunity to taste other delicacies of Italian cuisine.

Address: 1758 Victory Blvd, Staten Island, NY



artichoke pie

(photo by Howard Walfish)

This relatively new pizzeria was opened in 2008 in Manhattan. A menu full of improvisation will surprise you with a juicy broccoli and pecorino cheese sandwich, as well as a culinary intrigue of the restaurant – artichokes stuffed with cheese. This delicacy is also served in combination with spinach. Or maybe you prefer the crab stuffing or pizza with meatballs and parmesan? In any case, get prepared for long queues, as the place is very popular. This is probably the only drawback of the restaurant. Well, if you don’t want to spend time in the queue, come there at 3 o’clock in the morning or order home delivery – the restaurant works and delivers 24 hours a day!

Address: 114 10th Ave, New York, NY



Lucali, Take-Out

(photo by Adam Kuban)

The history of the creation of this pizzeria has a romantic touch. Its owner and chef, Mark Yokano, wanted to save his favorite childhood pastry shop from chain restaurants. Therefore, he decided to buy the room by opening an independent restaurant in it. Mark had to spend days and nights without a break, mastering the skill of cooking the finest dough in a traditional wood-burning stove. However, his efforts paid off. Lucali instantly won the hearts of the locals and became famous for its extraordinary pizza for the whole of New York. In the interior of the pizzeria the central place is occupied by the chef’s desk, on which this cherished dish is prepared.

When visiting Lucali for lunch or dinner, you can taste either the traditional pie, or calzone. You won’t find any other types of pizza or dishes there. In addition, all fillings are offered separately.

Address: 575 Henry St, Brooklyn, NY

Essential Tips to Speed Up Your Android Phone

Every smartphone starts with running smoothly and instantly responds to every tap on the screen. But it is obvious that over a period of time, even some of the fasted smartphones can start to slow down. But don’t get too worked up by this. It is definitely an issue that can be fixed easily.

Let’s run through a guide to speed up your Android phone, and you will be surprised to know how quick the results are.

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Traveling for Pleasure: 5 MUST VISIT Exotic Places in the USA You Can Easily Find Out

Today, people are fond of traveling. They have many different opportunities for that! Technological progress, free internet access, sales, and cheap flights. Even if you are a student, your traveling opportunities are unlimited. You can solve any of your college problems with the help of the internet. The same is about traveling! You can pack your bag and go traveling right now! Just take the car! Which  one? The best vehicle for exploring different exotic places is convertible from USA car rental.

Why convertible?

Renting a cabriolet car gives you a good driving experience and even more. First of all, this kind of car looks stylish, attractive, and brighter than hard-roof cars. Secondly, you have more chances to taste beautiful landscapes around in the open-roof car. Again, you look really cool in it! By the way, you don’t need to go far. Your country is full of exotic places you didn’t see yet.

Return to Paradise Beach II


Florida and more

What first comes to your mind when you think of the USA nature? Of course, you think of never-ending American plains, high mountains, heavy snowfalls, and Southern beaches. You should know that American territory is full of exotic places with the rain forests, hot tropical climate, crystal clear water, and romantic beaches. These are places, where you can meet exotic nature and unique culture. If you like passive leisure more than climbing mountains, just drive your car and enjoy your trip! Remember, not only Florida is worth your attention!

Puerto Rico (Vega Baja)


Eastern Samoa

The list starts from the Eastern America – Samoa. This part of the USA is washed by the Pacific Ocean. The territory of Samoa is about 200 square kilometers. More than 50 thousand people live in this area. It consists of many big and small islands. The biggest of them is called Tutuila. This is the most interesting place and you should stay there at least for a day. The nature is amazing! You can see volcanic islands, rain forests, high mountains, and a coral reef. The climate is warm and pleasant the year around.

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is rather popular place for visiting. This unique territory lies in the Caribbean Sea. It can boast its rich history, amazing nature, beaches, lakes and rivers, pleasant climate, and well-developed infrastructure. Locals speak English and it will be easy to find a way or ask something. Also, this is a place where you can learn American history.


This exotic island is situated in the Pacific Ocean, its Eastern part. The life here started about 3 000 years ago. The territory is not big, but nature us various and rich. Of course, tourism is well developed here. Why not? The warm climate and natural sights attract people from different continents, especially from the next-door Japan. Also, you cannot find crowds of tourists here, so, your rest must be comfortable and pleasant. You can easily join the statistics and become a new visitor. Welcome to Guam!



Palmyra Atoll

This exotic place can be special for you. It is very beautiful and atmospheric. Actually, Palmyra is a small territory in the Pacific Ocean which is surrounded with a Coral Reef. This island occupies a territory of 7-8 square kilometers and 2 meters high. The nature here is exotic and various. You can find a lot of interesting plants and trees that you can hardly find on a continent. It’s because people don’t live here, they just come here by boats or planes to take pictures and take some rest far from civilization. Just remember, no one lives on the island, so, you can find just minimum you need and expect from the civilized world. If you need some water, food or medicines, it is better to take with you. That’s why visiting shop before the trip is recommended.

Palmyra Atoll wildlife (DSC00662)



Probably, this area is not a new place for you. If you haven’t visited it yet, you should go. Hawaii is situated in the Pacific Ocean. Actually, the territory consists of numerous islands. This is not a lonely place as the most of the tourists know a lot about this exotic country. People come here to enjoy Hawaiian infrastructure, comfortable and clean beaches, rich nature, and warm climate the whole year. You’ll be exited to visit old volcanoes, coral reef, waterfalls, and other amazing places. It’s like a paradise for all tourists. That’s why Hawaii takes the leading position among the most popular exotic places in America. It is able to meet all touristic needs and requirements, even the craziest.

So, your list of MUST VISIT exotic places has begun! You have at least 5 of them to travel to. Be sure, you are on the right way. Traveling across the country every time you have some free time is more interesting and enjoyable than go shopping or spending time at home watching TV. Just make you’re your valise is ready and properly packed. Want to know how? We’ll talk about in the next article!